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20th Anniversary Surprise

I'm lying in bed waiting. Waiting for my wife to come home from fucking another man - with my consent. I'm impatient and restless and incredibly horny. My mind is filled with wondering about where she is, who he is, what they are doing. Is she having fun? Is he more handsome than me, more charming? Is his cock bigger than mine? Does he know how to turn her on in ways that I don't? Sleep is out of the question so I toss and turn under the cool sheet, our dark bedroom dimly lit by the light from the kitchen that I left on for her.

We agreed that today would be the big day - we've known about it for weeks. Hell we put it on our calendars. Mine just says, "Kathy - out" - an innocent description for an event that is anything but. When I got home from work she was already gone, just a note on the kitchen counter saying, "Leftovers in fridge - have a good night. Don't wait up!" That last bit is of course sarcasm - she well knows that I won't be able to sleep or do much of anything for that matter that requires concentration. Did I even eat dinner? It's all a blur - my thoughts are so washed in fog that I can scarcely remember the hours leading up until this moment. But I do remember how this all started.


Kathy and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary - a pretty significant achievement these days. We have two wonderful children who are both away at college. As our responsibilities as parents gradually waned, we began to rediscover our younger selves both as individuals and as a couple. We married right out of college and started a family just a few years later. I had had my share of sexual exploits in college but Kathy was always the good girl who studied hard and stayed out of trouble. By no means was she a virgin but until me she had never had a long-term lover. No one whom she loved and trusted enough to let her hair down and explore the rich and diverse banquet of sexual expression. So she was something of a blank slate when we met. Over the years we've openly shared interests and curiousities but her sexual perspective has been highly influenced by my proclivities and persuasions.

With the kids out of the house the frequency and variety of our lovemaking increased dramatically. No longer did we have to be quiet for fear of being heard. We went shopping for sex toys together and enjoyed the freedom of keeping them in a bedside drawer since we didn't have to worry about them being discovered. After 20 years we were still very deeply in love and thoroughly enjoyed each others' bodies.

Still, as happens with most couples, we started to get restless. Familiarity and trust made sex safe and comfortable but we missed the thrill of our early dating days when we were discovering each other anew. Many men are jealous of their wifes former lovers and want to hear nothing of them. However I felt the opposite. Kathy's lack of sexual experience also meant that she had few mysteries I had not plumbed. I sensed she had new frontiers to discover but our sexual rut kept them locked away. We needed a push in a new direction.

One night we were having a drink at a nearby pub. It was fairly crowded and when we finally got seats at the bar we were next to two Irish guys about our age. Kathy was closest to them and over the course of the night we struck up a conversation. I could barely make out most what they were saying so I was left to grin at what appeared to be the right moments. Kathy on the other hand seemed to be very much enjoying herself as did her newfound friends. After a few drinks it became obvious that there was some pretty serious flirting going on. Not that she was ignoring me - she frequently turned to touch me or have a bit of conversation. But the Irish guys obviously found her attractive and she was innocently enjoying their attention. I was glad for her.

During the drive home her hands were all over me and by the time we got in our driveway she was stroking my dick which she somehow managed to get out of my pants without unbuckling either of our seatbelts. Once the car was off she quickly unbuckled and practically dived into my lap. Considering her relative lack of sexual experience it's amazing how well Kathy knows how to suck cock. Sometimes the way she rubs the head all over her face and lips between long sucks and bobbing strokes makes me wonder which of us is enjoying it more.

Finally I gently pushed her away and convinced her to go someplace more comfortable. We were both naked by the time we got to bed, having shed our clothes between the garage and the bedroom. I jumped on the bed expecting her to assume her favorite position - head down and ass up and ready to take me any way I pleased. Instead she pushed me down on my back, staddled me and plunged her pussy down on my cock in a single stroke - she was sopping wet. She proceded to fuck me like a wild animal with her head down and her long hair tickling my chest. She was lost in sexual ecstasy like I had rarely seen her before. Usually she is a very considerate lover - almost to a fault. Tonite it was clear that her own pleasure was her top priority and I was just along for the ride. Needless to say it was an incredible turn on to see her like this.

I held back as long as I could but there's only so much you do to postpone the inevitable and I came deep inside her with a loud grunt. She continued riding me for a few strokes and when she finally stopped she whispered, "Do you want to clean me up?" I could hear the gentleness in her voice. She knew how I felt about this subject. A few times I confessed my secret desire to lick her clean after she has had sex and is full of come. The only problem is that this is a fantasy I have while I'm still horny. As soon as I come the desire fades completely. So it's a bit frustrating for both of us. She likes the idea of it but knows that my motivation is ungrounded and I frequently fantasize about licking her come-filled pussy but can never find the willpower to live out the fantasy. "Not tonite," I reluctantly whispered back.

The thrill and excitement of that night lingered with us for days. The following week we were sharing some wine, feeling a little tipsy, and the conversation turned to the events of that evening. When I asked her what was so special about that night that got her so turned on she answered thoughtfully as if she had spent some time contemplating it herself. "I liked the idea of being attractive to other men. It was obvious they both wanted to have sex with me but I never felt threatened because we all knew nothing could happen."

"Why could nothing happen," I asked.

"Duh - because I'm married! Besides you were right there!" she said.

"So if I wasn't there something might have happened?" I teased.

"No - I would never cheat on you. Besides I have no reason to."

"But it wouldn't be cheating if you had my permission. And considering how turned on you got that night I'd say you have plenty of reason to."

"What are you saying?" she said suspiciously.

"I'm just thinking crazy now... but sometimes the idea of you having sex with another man turns me on. I'm not talking about a relationship, just sex. A chance for you to explore a little outside of your safe zone. Just thinking about you coming home and telling me about your adventure has me hard as a rock." She looked down and noticed the tent in the sheet over my groin.

I was having a hard time reading her expression and frankly I was worried. How is she reacting to this latest perverted idea of mine? Is she freaking out? Is she even the slightest bit curious?

"I'm not talking about swinging or a threesome or anything like that. Just - if you wanted to, under the right circumstances and within certain agreed-upon boundaries - maybe you could have a one-time fling. You know - sow the wild oats maybe you never got a chance to."

"With who?" she asked cautiously.

"I don't know - I'm kind of making this up as I go along. But it would have to be someone who neither of us currently knows and will never run into again - it HAS to be a one time thing."

"I couldn't pick up some guy in a bar," she said skeptically.

"It doesn't work that way anymore. There are plenty of online services oriented towards connecting people who have similar interests. Now granted ours is an odd situation but I'm sure we could find someone you would like to fuck and I guarantee there would be no shortage of people who would like to fuck you." She blushed.

"I don't know - there's a lot of weirdos out there."

"Agreed. On the other hand there are a lot of regular, lonely guys who want sex but might not want a relationship for whatever reason - recently divorced, widowers, unloveable mutants from other planets..."

"Hey that's not funny," she laughed smacking me on the arm.

"I could be like Clara Barton - helping a man in need," she giggled.

"Does that mean you aren't totally repulsed by the idea and plan on filing for divorce in the morning?" I asked.

"Well, it is a pretty zany idea to even consider. But it does turn me on a little. I'm not ready to talk about it right now though," she confessed.

This was a good sign. Kathy has her own way of considering big, radical ideas. She says she has to "let it steep for a while." The process can take hours, days, or even weeks but somehow she comes out of it with a confident conclusion without ever having thought about the issue directly.

The only drawback to Kathy's unorthodox approach is that during the period of indirect contemplation I have no way of knowing which way she is leaning - indeed neither does she. It has been three weeks since the conversation and neither of us has mentioned it once. Needless to say it has been on my mind ever since and I've done a little research into how it might work logistically in anticipation of any question she might ask.

I thought she had forgotten about the idea entirely when one saturday night, without looking up from the book she was reading she said, "Aren't you worried I'd get an STD?"

It was so non-sequitur it took me a minute to gain my bearings. Finally I turned to her and noticed she was on the same page she started on an hour ago - she was obviously thinking about how to restart this conversation.

"I think there are ways to deal with that nowadays. You can each get blood tests with the certified results going to the other person. There's a whole industry built up around this and it's totally confidential and safe."

"What about condoms?"

"What about them?"

"Well, would he have to wear one?"

That question surprised me - I'm not sure why I hadn't thought about this but judging from the twitch in my pants I instantly knew my preference. "Well, it's entirely up to you but I think it would be sexy for you to come home... full... so to speak."

She didn't respond immediately but I noticed a subtle intake of breath and saw a slight blush arise on her cheek.

"I know you said it would have to be a one-time thing but I couldn't just go have sex with someone I've never met. I'd need to get to know them online and meet them at least one or two times to make sure I feel safe and they aren't creeps. I'll probably have a high reject rate."

I repeated her last sentence, "'I'll probably have a high reject rate.' Does that mean you want to try this?"

"Maybe. Let's just say I'm willing to take the next step and explore this a little more. I still might chicken out. Do you have any boundaries I should know about."

"Hmmm... not really. I trust you implicitly. I guess I would only ask that you not exchange any personal information beyond first names - even nice guys can turn into stalkers."

I wrote down the names of some websites I had researched that I thought she might find useful for meeting and evaluating potential partners. She folded the paper and slipped it into her book and no more was said about it that night.

For the following three weeks Kathy was more secretive than usual. She spent many nights curled up on the couch with her laptop. I didn't pry but she was careful to hide her online activities from my wandering eyes. Finally on a Tuesday night as we were cuddling in bed right before sleep she said softly, "I think I'm ready to do this if you still want me to."

Suddenly it was so real - not just a fantasy or one of our games. Frankly it was a little scary. I said, "How do you feel about it?"

"Well at first it was pretty intimidating but the more I thought about it and started interviewing guys the less crazy it seemed. I think I can do this. You haven't said if you are still ok with this."

I took a long time to respond. "Honestly it's a little overwhelming especially since all your planning has been such a mystery - the not knowing is driving me crazy. And that's exactly what makes it so exciting. If you are absolutely sure about this then I trust you."

"Ok. It will happen two weeks from Friday. I'll be gone before you get home from work and I'll be home before dawn. I'll leave the rest to your imagination."


The telltale sound of the garage door opening brings me back to reality. I look at the clock - 1:30am. I hear Kathy lock the door and turn off the lights as if it could be any other night. I hear her slip through the door and stop.

She whispers, "You awake?"

"What do you think? How was your night?"

"It was good. Do you want to hear about it?"

"Yes... but take it slow. I'm not sure I want to know all the details just yet."

"Oh I'll take it slow all right. But I have some rules."

This was unexpected, "ok..."

"Push the sheets off and use our handcuffs to tie your hands to the headboard so you are laying on your back." We've toyed with bondage-light from time to time to mix things up and we had a pair of fur-lined leather handcuffs in the bedside table. I quickly put them on and managed to snap the carabiner into the metal loop I had installed discretely into the headboard behind some books.

"Ok - I'm ready."

I had left a dim light on in the bathroom so I could see her silhouette. She slipped her black dress up over her head and I could see that she was wearing no bra. She left her panties on which I thought was a bit odd. She laid down on the bed beside me, her head leaning on one hand, her other hand gently tracing lines on my chest.

An overwhelming bouquet of smells overtook me and a surprised "Oh" escaped my lips. What an incredible sense smell is - it can diferentiate so many subtle distinct flavors - a light smokey smell; like she had been in a bar. The effervescent hint of alcohol - maybe scotch or tequila. Overpowering all of this was the bold smell of sweat - some feminine and familiar, but also a darker masculine scent that was foreign. An under all of this the unmistakable smell of sex. There was no doubt in my mind that she had had sex tonite.

"So what do you want to know?"

"Do you still love me?"

"Of course. More than ever. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. We agreed not to contact each other. I never gave out my phone number and the email address I used has already been deleted. Everything is fine." She leaned over and gently kissed me.

"What was his name?"

"Which one?"

"WHICH ONE! How many were there?!?"

"Two. Paul and his brother Ben."

"Wow! Wasn't expecting that. You want to explain a little?"

"Well, I won't tell you about the many losers I had to interview before I met Paul. He's nice. A carpenter - he builds cabinets. His wife recently left him for another man so he's lonely but not interested in a relationship; just some tenderness and of course sex. We chatted a lot online and I got to trust him so we met for coffee a few times and finally for dinner. I was completely honest about what I was looking for and my relationship with you and he was very understanding.

"At some point he mentioned that his brother was injured in Iraq and was a parapalegic - two brothers desperate for sex with few prospects. He meant it as a joke but it got me thinking. So I asked him if he thought he could handle a threesome with his brother - if he could get over the whole homophobia thing. I explained that I wasn't asking them to have sex with each other but they would have to see each other naked and deal with the fact that they might end up touching.

"It took him a while to finally give me an answer but apparently he talked about it with Ben and they agreed that they could handle it and were in fact really excited about the idea."

"For my part I was turned on by the idea of having two guys worship me at the same time and the fact that one of them was immobile somehow made me feel safer. Plus it contributed to the feeling that I was helping out a couple of guys in need, not just satisfying my own wanton lust."

"So... what happened?"

"Well, we met for a nice dinner and retired to the bar afterwards for a couple of drinks. Knowing that we would end up having sex before the night was over actually defused the sexual tension. No one felt the need to pose or flirt. It was like hanging out with good friends. Eventually we went up to a suite in the hotel above the restaurant."

I exhaled, only then realizing how tense I was. 'Now for the interesting part,' I thought to myself. Kathy leaned over and kissed me firmly, teasing my mouth open with her tongue. She tasted different - saltier than usual. Oh god - did I just get a taste of another man's come?!?

"Paul lit some candles and turned on some music then excused himself to the bathroom so I took the initiative to heat things up with Ben. I sat on his lap in the wheelchair and kissed him. It wasn't long before he had his hand in my dress, twisting my nipples. I was quickly getting very turned on and I unbuttoned his shirt. I climbed off his lap and helped him take off his shirt at which point he suggested that we help him move to the bed. I didn't notice that Paul had come out of the bathroom and had been silently watching us. He had a very obvious bulge in his pants. It was kind of an awkward moment until Ben blurted out, 'Wanna give me a lift?' So we each grabbed one of Ben's thighs and he put his arms around us while we lifted him onto the bed. Ben said, 'I don't mean to sound presumptious but it might be less distruptive later if we take my pants off now, seeing as it can be such a production.'

"That really cut right through the tension and we all laughed and lifted him enough to yank off his pants. It was pretty funny really, and the three of us ended up collapsing together on the bed in a laughing heap.

"Somewhere along the way my dress had come off and all I had on was my bra and panties. So I said to Paul, 'It looks like you've got some catching up to do. Why not give us a little show?' He blushed but quickly got into the spirit of the moment and did the dorkiest strip-tease I've ever seen - it was almost embarassing to watch. Ben and I just laughed and whistled - it was hillarious. It's a good thing they were brothers or I think it would have all fallen apart right then.

"I was feeling a little bad for Paul who now stood before us in just his boxers with his boner making a tent out of his shorts. So I sexily slid off the bed, walked up to him, and kissed him. His hands roamed all over my back and gradually made their way to my ass at which point I started rubbing my tits all over his chest and grinding my pelvis against his raging boner. Paul undid my bra and had slid his hands inside my panties. I stole a glance at Ben and discovered he had freed his cock and was stroking it while watching us.

"Things were heating up quickly and I wanted to slow the pace a little so I told Paul to sit on the bed next to Ben and told each of them to sit on their own hands. I told them my tits needed some attention and straddled Ben's chest teasing him by rubbing my tits on his face and lips. Every so often I would slide back enough for the tip of his cock to rub against my panties which, by now, were soaking wet.
"Then I climbed onto Pauls lap and did the same thing except whereas Ben got the gentle teasing treatment, Paul got it rough. I mashed my tits into his face and ground my pussy on his chest. We were both really turned on and I couldn't wait any longer. I crouched between his legs and pulled down his underwear - I couldn't even wait to take them off properly - I just had to suck on his cock!

"Well - you know how I am once I get going with cock. I completely lost myself - I was rubbing him all over my face, hair, in my mouth, and all of a sudden I feel him coming. It caught both of us by surprise, it was so quick and powerful. I managed to swallow the first shot and stroked him by hand for the rest - the come was flying everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if it hit the ceiling! After things calmed down a little Ben shouted out, 'Thar she blows!' and we all laughed.

"I was just getting started so I left Paul to clean himself up and climbed on Ben and planted my cunt on his mouth. We were both really turned on so there wasn't a lot of subtle technique - I just rubbed my pussy all over his face and mouth and he fought to probe his tongue deep inside me. When I finally slid off his face was covered with my juices.

"I put my nose against his and said with as slutty a voice as I could muster, 'Soldier - I'm going to fuck you now.' He was surprised at my boldness and managed to squeak out an "Ok" before I slid down his body until I felt the tip of his cock rub up against my ass. I had spent so much time paying attention to Pauls cock that I hadn't noticed Bens. As I slid further back and let it slide up the crack of my ass I was shocked to find out how big it was!"

She paused and breathed gently into my ear, "If this bothers you I don't have to tell you this part."

I swallowed hard and said, "No, it's ok. Go on."

"Well - I've only handled a few cocks in my time but this was definitely the biggest. It reached all the way up past the crack of my ass to the bottom of my back. I reached back to investigate further and my hand could barely fit around it. I looked at Ben and said, 'Jesus Ben - you could have warned me.' He said, 'Yeah - I've gotten my share of comments over the years. I guess I didn't want to scare you off or sound boastful.'"

"I said, 'Scare me off?!? Are you kidding? I take this as a challenge.' I went to my bag and got out some lube and put it on the bedside table. Ben said,'I'm don't think you are going to need that - you are really wet.' I said, "I know but I want to have it handy just in case.

"I positioned myself over his cock and rubbed the head all over my pussy getting him good and wet. Then slowly I lowered myself onto him. It was really slow going - I haven't felt that stretched since childbirth. After what seemed like forever I felt his pubic hair touch my pussy and he was all the way in. It was an incredible sensation - I felt totally stuffed. I gradually started moving up and down as my pussy got used to this massive intruder. Ben was really breathing hard and seemed frustrated that he couldn't do any thrusting himself. I didn't want him to some too soon so I slowed down a little and lay on his bare chest.

"That's when I remembered Paul. I looked over to see him standing next to the bed stroking his semi-erect cock. I said, 'Did you know about this monstrosity between Ben's legs?'" He said, 'Well, yeah. I heard rumors from girls in high school.' He looked down at his half-hardness and laughed, 'I guess you won't be needing much of this anymore tonite after Ben stretches you out.'

"I laughed and said, 'Aw - that doesn't seem fair does it?' Then I got an inspiration and said, 'I've had a fantasy for a long time that I never thought I'd fulfill but somehow this seems like the perfect opportunity - if you guys are game, that is.' They cast each other a cautious glance wondering what I had in mind. I leaned over Ben and grabbed the lube off the nighstand and held it out for Paul. 'Can you think of something useful to do with this?' I felt Ben's cock spasm inside me as he put two and two together. Paul took it from my hand with a smile and I returned my attention to Ben with shallow strokes. I rose a little on my knees so just the head was inside me and I felt Pauls finger, cold with lube, gently slide down the crack of my ass. I kept up the slow shallow strokes on Ben's cock as Paul gradually worked his slick finger into my ass. Wow - what a feeling! I was definitely ready so I told Paul, 'Quit fooling around back there and give a girl what she wants.'

"Paul repositioned himself and I heard him apply some lube to his cock. Finally I felt him pressing at the entrance to my ass - gently at first then more insistently, and I panicked. 'Wait!', I said and everything stopped. What was I thinking - I've got the biggest cock I've ever seen in my pussy and I choose now to fulfill this fantasy? Maybe starting with two normal sized guys would be smarter. But then I thought, when will this opportunity ever arise again? Oh hell - in for a penny, in for a pound. I said, 'Don't move, let me do it.'

"Slowly very slowly I curved my back so that Ben's cock stayed at about the same depth but I was able to gradually inch myself onto Paul's. Finally he got past my sphincter with a pop which elicited a simultaneous surprised 'oh' from each of us. We were all connected - any movement by one of us would be felt by each of the others. I'm not entirely clear on what happened next - the feeling of fullness completely enveloped me. I remember expermenting with different motions and angles as I got used to having two cocks inside me at the same time. Paul and Ben were really patient - letting me experiment with sensations and listening to me moan. Finally I told Paul, 'Move with me,' as I sat down on my haunches and fully engulfed Ben. Paul slowly buried himself to the hilt and we all just stayed like that for a minute. As erotic as it was it was also very tender. Ben and I were cheek to cheek and Paul was curved over my back in a three-way hug. I could feel Ben's cock pulsing in time with his heartbeat inside me and wondered if Paul could feel it through the thin layer of skin that separated their cocks.

"The physical and sexual heat of the moment soon took over and Paul and I began moving together. I got into a good rhythm with long strokes on Ben's cock. Once Paul caught onto the rhythm he started sliding in and out of my ass. The synchronization wasn't perfect so sometimes I'd find myself fully impaled on Ben with Paul mostly withdrawn. Occasionally our rhythms would line up and I'd find myself bottoming out on Ben's cock at the same time Paul was fully penetrating my tightly stretched ass.

"I had had several small orgasms since climbing on Ben but now I could feel the crest of a really big wave rolling over me. It started as a tightening in my belly and I lost all control. I was moaning loudly and Ben seemed to be feeling the same. Suddenly I felt him swell even more and I knew he was coming deep inside me. I swear I could feel each spurt as he slammed into my cervix and filled my pussy with his come. A few seconds later Paul grunted and deposited his load deep in my bowels.

"We were an exhausted, sweaty, sticky mess and it was a long time before we found the energy to untangle ourselves. We all lay back on the bed and listened to each others breathing slowly return to normal. I laid there for a few minutes while we chatted and said our goodbyes. Then I got dressed and drove home. And here I am."

"And here you are. Wow - that's an amazing story."

"Are you ok with everything?"

"Yes - it's not what I expected but... I guess I don't know what I expected." I wanted to reach out and embrace her but my hands were still tied above my head and, frankly, my arms were getting a little tired. "What's with the handcuffs?"

"Ah - that's for my last surprise." With that she stood up and slipped off her panties and immediately I knew what was coming. She climbed on the bed, straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my waiting lips. She just sat there for a while and let me probe her swollen and soaking cunt with my tongue and lips. She was so slippery and full of what I knew had to be Ben's come. It dribbled out of her and into my mouth and I lapped at it like a newborn puppy. She seemed to be enjoying my ministrations because she started rubbing herself all over my face, pushing her clit against my nose and chin. My face was covered with the mixture of her own juices and that of her lovers and the salty, spunky smell was overpowering. Occasionally my view was sufficiently unobstructed for me to see her tits in her hands as she alternated between squeezing them hard and pinching her nipples.

Suddenly she slid off my face and plunged her cunt down onto my raging hard-on. What a sensation! Hot and wet and indescribably slick. She was stretched pretty wide open and I could barely feel any friction but that didn't seem to make much difference since we were both so turned on. We were moaning loudly and I could feel her juices running down the inside of my thighs. My orgasm caught me totally by surprise as I shot stream after stream of hot come into her. I'm not sure she could even feel it because she kept thrusting until her wave finally peaked and she slowly came to rest on my chest, her sweat-soaked hair tickling both of our faces.


Over the following days Kathy and I were on tiptoes around one another, each being careful to look for signs of disapproval or lingering regret. We didn't talk about that night directly but referred to it occasionally as "the other night." As promised Kathy did not contact either Paul or Ben and our lives gradually returned to normal.

I often think back on that night and the many days leading up to it and instantly my pulse rate increases and my blood pressure rises. I think the memory of the anticipation is more powerful than the memory of the event itself. Would I do it again? Maybe. Considering all the things that could have gone wrong I think I should count my blessings and be happy with our once-in-a-lifetime adventure. On the other hand I'm reminded of the Chinese proverb, "Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think."

20th   surprise   anniversary  

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