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A Beautiful Wife

This is an original story but the story premise is one I've read before. I can't remember where though. I've searched and searched for it so many times, but have given up looking and written my own version of the theme instead.

Hope you enjoy.


To tell a little bit about myself, I'm Phil, a regular guy with a regular job with a regular salary and I live in a regular house with a regular mortgage. The only irregular thing about my life is my wife. She is the most beautiful woman I've laid my eyes on. And it's not just me that says so. There wouldn't be a person I know that hasn't at some stage commented on how the hell did she end up with me?

They're not being cruel. I'm a nice guy. Saying that isn't putting me down, it's pulling her up. She could be a model, a pop-star, an actor, or at the very least on the arm of one of those. But she met me at work and from the start we were friends, then lovers, then partners. She is happy with her life and every day that goes by I am grateful.

To tell a little about her, Maya is Japanese American who grew up in the States. She's 27 and we have been married just over a year. Maya still has some family connections over the Pacific but she's never lived there. The only thing about her that is more Japanese than American is the face she gives outside home is not always the real Maya. By that I mean no-one could believe how much Maya loves sex. It's completely hidden. She never discusses her sex-life with her friends, and she forbids me to talk to my friends or family about anything we do.

It was like that from the start. If my roommates joined us for dinner at my place she would be charming and asexual. But if I had her over for a private dinner there were no inhibitions, nervousness or reservations. She had a sparkle in her eye back then when she took off her clothes, the same as she does now. She's never gotten sick of sex. My theory is she compartmentalizes it. When the moment is right, Maya is fully on. When the moment isn't right, she is fully off. She doesn't think about it or talk about it in the down times.

It's difficult to keep it a complete secret to my buddies that my wife is dynamite in bed (and everywhere else away from the eyes of anyone we know.) Given I don't say anything ever about how things are going at home, my friends assume our sex life must be non-existent. Only guys that don't get sex don't talk about it, right? It's an interesting paradox I find myself in.

But there could be worse things happen in life.

The brilliance of Maya's sexuality with me is the constant evolution. Rarely are we standing still. The first few times we got naked it was 'normal' sex but only because we were new to each other. After that, it's been a steady train of change. I must say though, I still remember the first time she got undressed. We were on the sofa in her family's sitting room, the house to ourselves. I'd never seen breasts like it. Admittedly she was the first Asian body I'd been with, but I never expected the shape and texture of her breasts would be so classic. Her nipples were in the right spot to point up at me, small and constantly hard. I could hardly squash her flesh it was so tight, and the skin, wow, she was (and is) flawless. When her dress fell away and her panties came off I thought I had stolen a catwalk model. Maya has a silky smooth nakedness to her that flows from top to bottom. Even the tuft on her mound is small and inviting, the gap between her thighs dreamy. I'm just as excited to see it now as I was then.

We didn't go all the way that first day. Maya wasn't on the pill and I had no condoms, I thought I was coming over to meet her family not to have sex. She was dripping wet, right in the middle of her cycle and neither of us wanted a pregnancy before we'd even started as a couple properly. In the back of my mind I've always wanted to ask how she so naturally got naked, sucked cock and swallowed semen, right from the start, like it was the most normal thing in the world for a girl to do. But I never have, I've always respected her past is hers to keep.

The first time we went the whole way was in my bed after a movie. It was a straightforward beginning. Lots of kissing, I-love-you-baby and tender stroking between frantic slam-fucking. Her body was and is fantastic to hold as I fuck it. She fits in my arms and my hands so perfectly. She is light but strong, soft and smooth yet tight. Her pussy fairly growls as it takes sperm into it. And Maya always thanks me for giving her semen, whichever end it goes in. I've certainly never seen or heard of anyone quite like her.

In the three years we've been having sex, the last 14 months married, we've slowly moved through stages of experiments and fetishes. Some of them stuck, some of them didn't. Quite early on we shaved her pussy and that stayed with us, which I'm thankful for. I love that she is hairless, though I know she gets sick of the waxing. I love how it looks and feels, and I love the reaction she gets if other guys get a glimpse of it. There are other things that have stuck as well. For a long time Maya was reluctant to go out without panties whenever she wore a dress or skirt, but now she goes bare underneath all the time (unless it is end of the month, or too cold). Almost all of her bras are shelf-bras after I bought her a racy red one for fun once. She likes the feel of the dress or shirt material on her bare breasts and the shelf-bra still gives some support.

We went to a nude beach when on holiday once, just to try, neither of us had ever been to one. Now we plan our holiday destinations around beaches we've read about online. It turns out Maya quite likes being checked out by guys - but they have to be strangers and she has to feel safe they won't touch her. It turns out I quite like guys checking her out, too. Especially now she's shaved. You should see their reaction, guys literally get hard as we pass.

We sleep just in t-shirts with no pants on, we have sex in the car in a dark place once a month and we take turns in picking out porno movies to fuck to. We use temporary tattoos on all parts of her, we shower together every time we can and occasionally we post naked pictures of her onto the internet under a pseudonym.

There are plenty of things we tried that didn't stick, too. We tried tying Maya up, but she was frustrated she couldn't touch. We tried whipping her and pouring candle wax on her to spice it up but it only happened a few times. We gave up after her boss at work asked about the welts on the back of her legs. We've gone on and off fucking Maya in the ass over the years, but I think that one is off forever now, I didn't really like it as much as she did. It smells so bad. She had me go to work in female underwear once. Once. I did it to say I'd done it, but never again.

For a while we would go to the supermarket to pick out vegetables to fuck her with but she got a yeast infection. We moved to proper sex-toys but all Maya would do is laugh at the constant buzzing from the vibrator up her pussy. We went through a stage of risky sex, doing it behind curtains at the library or in a quiet corner of a bar or at the back of a public bus. We kind of had to stop that one, we were 'warned' by the police at the back of a beach near home who had spotted us through binoculars from the promenade. They were amused to find we were a married couple, not a business transaction, but it was suggested we don't do it again.

But the one that keeps coming around, the one we couldn't agree on is her being touched by another man. I don't know what it was, it became an obsession. I won't say an unhealthy obsession because we talked openly and calmly about it; why I liked it, why she didn't. For Maya it was crossing a line. She doesn't even really like when people watch us have sex at some of the more libertine nude beaches. I myself didn't want to see a guy being intimate with her as such, just enamored by her. I imagined a guy slipping his hand into her shirt to feel her breasts, or running his hand up the back of her leg only to find out she had no panties covering her ass, or her pussy. I imagined him dabbing his fingers at her wetness but Maya slapping him away at the moment he pushed inside her.

"It's too fine a line," she would warn me. "You want me to tease him to the point of sex, but not have sex."

"I guess."

Eventually I brought her around though. Maya conceded that watching your wife with another guy was a legitimate fantasy, and there hadn't been anything we hadn't at least tried once if one of us had interest. Me wearing bra and panties to work being a point in case.

"There has to be rules, though," she said and I agreed. "I don't want to get carried away. I don't want it to go further than we want."

We went backward and forward over Skype messaging while we were at work to make a list.


Touching Maya on the outside everywhere but pussy

Kissing face and neck

Kissing mouth

Hand inside the bra, undo some buttons, not all

Touch him on the outside everywhere

Touch under his clothes on top

Not ok:

No undressing anything for anyone

Bra not undone

No touching pussy at all

No taking his cock out, no hand inside his pants

The toughest one for me was kissing on the mouth. I really didn't want it but Maya said if she doesn't kiss him, none of the rest would happen and eventually I agreed.

"Hey, I don't care if we don't do any of it," she reminded me.

Working out the parameters of the challenge was the easy part. More difficult was how, when and where. It took weeks of scheming to work out the plan. Maya thought it was too contrived and wouldn't be natural but we agreed to try.

Across town is an adult nightclub. By that I mean it's kind of a singles bar for thirty-plus people. It's not a written rule, it's just kind of turned out that way. On Friday nights it gets busy early, on Saturday nights it gets busy late. I won't go into detail about how I know that, other than to say that back in the day for a sex-starved 18 year old it can be easy picking grounds. In traffic it's a long way from where we live now, but after-hours you can get home in twenty minutes.

The skeleton of the plan was simple. We find some half-decent guy to come back for innocent drinks and DVD after the club, then I pretend to pass out on the single sofa, giving them the chance to make out on the long lounge. I would peer through sleeping eyes to watch the action, then when it's about to go too far I grunt and snort and slowly shake my head until I blink my eyes and wake up, apologizing. Those two would have plenty of time to straighten up.

"How are you going to get some stranger to come back here with us?" Maya frowned, thinking we were making way too much effort for such a brief flirtation. And it's too contrived, she repeated.

"I don't know. We'll make it up as we go along."

That didn't go very well. Everyone single guy we approached was clearly freaked out by how friendly this stranger couple - the woman gorgeously stunning - were to them. It was too, I hate to say it, contrived. We couldn't catch a single fish. The only ones that would come near us would give up once they realized they couldn't get Maya to themselves. We went home empty-handed.

It took me some time to convince Maya to have a second try. But we needed to make some changes.

"Don't try so hard," Maya moaned.

"And we need you to look less sexy. Don't wear the see through top this time. And you better wear a normal bra, not the shelf-bra."

"I don't even have any anymore."

"Not even an old one tucked away somewhere? Try wearing shorts and that sleeveless shirt this time, go the farm girl look instead of pop-star."

Maya sighed.

We went a bit earlier the second trip and we took our time. We moved slowly around the room and I made it a point to go by myself to the bar to order some drinks to break up the pattern a little bit. The guy we ended up with I didn't even think of as a target at the beginning. He was an older guy leaning on the far end of the bar; he couldn't sit, there were no stools. He actually came up and started talking to me. I didn't even think of him as a possibility, I guess because of his age, late-forties maybe and a little bit chubby. But after a while talking I realized we might have found what we were looking for.

"That's a nice girl you have over there," were his first words.

"Yeah, thanks."

"You two married?"

"Yes, sorry," I grinned.

"That's okay," he smiled, patting me on the back. "Good for you."

"You look like someone. Did you ever play ball?"

"Ah. Not since college. Not properly."

"You look a bit like that guy...Atlanta. What's his name, second base was he? Played a bit-part in one of those baseball movies."

The guy shook his head. "Well, whoever he is, he ain't me."

We talked on for a while. He was Doug, he was married but stuck in this town on an audit. He wouldn't say where, there was suspicion of fraud. I got the impression it was one of the big hotel groups because he was staying in a B&B which he said was a first for him.

"You going to take that drink back to her?" he asked eventually. I turned around to where Doug was looking. A guy dressed in disco-white was hitting onto Maya. "I wouldn't leave a girl like that alone for too long if I were you?"

"You think that guy's a chance, do you?"

"Well. Maybe not," Doug laughed.

"Come on. You want to meet her?"

So for the first time we had a genuine prospect. At the beginning Maya didn't look too keen, but the more the conversation went on the warmer it became. Doug was an easy talker and had a natural charm to him. I could tell he had the serious hots for Maya but was trying his hardest to be polite. I sensed we were closing in on our plan when I said I shouldn't drink anymore because I have to drive, but Doug insisted he had cab vouchers from his company so he could take us home, even across town.

It was actually an enjoyable evening, there were times I even forget our purpose. It was only when Doug asked Maya to dance that my excitement rose. She was doing a good job of disarming his subtle attempts to feel his way close to her, and he was doing a good job to keep trying. I couldn't remember seeing Maya dance with anyone other than her father before. Even if the night was a bust, the sight of Doug with his hands on Maya's hips and the look of sheer lust in his eye was enough to dizzy me.

All of us were well tipsy by the time we poured ourselves into the taxi, three across the back with Maya in the middle. I started my sleepy routine on the trip home, laying my head on Maya's shoulder and half closing my eyes to see what might happen. Doug kept looking my way, checking me out. He looked like he was thinking of trying something, but hesitant. As we got close to home I 'woke up' and started talking with them again. If Maya had doubts about our ability to get a guy to end-game she needn't have worried. Doug marched straight into our trap.

"I still think you look like that guy from the baseball movie," I slurred.

"Which movie is it?"

"I don't know. I can't remember the name. I've got it somewhere."

"Let's have a look then."

"You want to come in? You want to see it? You're okay, no need to get up early tomorrow?"

"Don't force Doug to watch one of your stupid baseball movies. Poor guy," Maya chirped in.

"It's ok, it's ok. You're ok, right Doug?" I said.

"I'm ok," Doug confirmed.

"Are you sure?" Maya asked. "Phil never gets through a whole film after he's been drinking."

"I'm ok," he said again.

Of course he was, I smiled to myself. Wow.

We got home, went in the front door straight to the TV room. I threw my jacket on the single sofa and Maya led Doug to one end of the four-seater.

"Drinks?" I said more than asked. I took half a glass of water from the kitchen than came back to a place Doug could see me and threw it back like it was a massive shot. "You okay with Vodka?"

Doug nodded and Maya shook her head.

"Don't worry. She'll have one," I winked at Doug.

I went back to the kitchen and brought us three actual half-filled glasses of ice-cold Stoli straight from the freezer.

"That will keep us for a while," I said, handing them theirs. Maya was still standing, uncertain of sitting down near Doug. "Maya, show Doug where the bathroom is in case he needs it now or later. I'll dig out the movie."

The single sofa sat at about 45% to the long lounge, the TV square to it. I found an old baseball film - it really didn't matter which one - and sat in the single chair. Maya came back into the room first, having left Doug to the toilet. We didn't say anything, just looked at each other. Her eyes said 'are you sure?' to me. Mine glistened in expectation. Maya shook her head, grinned and sat at the far end of the long lounge.

When Doug came back the movie was running though the opening credits. Doug's drink was on the table by the other end of the long lounge from Maya so he sat himself there. For a while we talked and drank and forgot about looking for a baseball-playing actor that looked like Doug. I pretended to drink more than I did and eventually I closed my eyes 'just for a moment'. My head rested on the side of the sofa, mostly in their direction.

For what seemed the longest time nothing happened. When your eyes are closed, time goes super, super slow. The movie was all I could hear. Eventually something moved and I could hear voices behind the dialogue of the movie.

"He's gone?" Maya asked.

"Maybe," Doug whispered.

"He's hopeless."

"He does this a lot?"

"He can't get through any movie after drinking," she explained. "I told you. Watch this."

Maya took the remote and boomed the sound up to the highest level. I didn't budge. If anything I gave a little snore. Maya brought the sound down quietly again.


"That's some sleeper you've got," Doug laughed. "Can't handle his drink, huh?"

"It's officially his party trick, to fall asleep on sofas whenever there is company."

"You don't take him to bed?"

"I can't lift him. You want to try? He'd be well surprised being carried across the threshold by you."

There was small laughter.

"Let me fill you up," Maya said. I cracked my eyes open slightly to see her move into the kitchen and pour two more drinks. She turned the kitchen light off afterward to take the brightness from my eyes, leaving us just with the dull yellow lamp light of the sitting room and the light from the TV. Maya came and shook me and asked if I wanted to go to bed and I just grunted.

"He's gone til morning," she said, going out and coming back with a blanket to put over me. "I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay." Doug assured her.

Maya sat closer to Doug than before. They were talking about her work and where she was from. He had been to Tokyo before, so they talked about that for a while.

The touching started as a conversation about Asian massages, which led to Maya putting her feet on his lap for a foot massage. Doug kept looking around to check out if I was still asleep. He was clearly nervous and excited. We hadn't planned the blanket thing, Maya had just thought cover me with it, but for me it was a godsend. I privately gripped my hard-on through my pants under cover. It was the most excited I had been in a long time.

Maya had her head laid back on the arm of the sofa, moaning slightly. Doug was nervously looking at me more than he was looking at her, but the foot massage soon became a calf massage. Maya did nothing to discourage him. She ran her hands through her hair as he handled her lower legs.

"You are good," she said.

Doug was like a tennis spectator, his head going back and forth looking at me and her, then me and her.

"He's asleep," Maya assured him. "An earthquake won't wake him now."
I was almost having my own little earthquake. With my face in dim light I could leave my eyes open wide enough to see well. As Doug's massage skirted up the back of her knee I almost came in my pants, I had to concentrate to keep my sperm in check. I knew what he was thinking. I knew what he was daring. I almost wished I was him at that moment, to experience the thrill he must be having. Maya is so beautiful.

When his hand moved up her inside thigh, Maya parted her legs. It wasn't what I expected, I had to blink to keep from wetting my pants. She was getting into this, I could tell. She was gripping her own hair as he moved further up the inside of her bare leg. The whole thing seemed to be going so slowly, yet quickly. My heart was racing.

Doug turned toward her to use both hands on the insides of her thighs. He was moving down and up, but the ups were getting slightly more up each time. When he got right to the top Maya literally groaned out loud. Her eyes were closed, and I knew what that meant. She was on her way.

Because he favored his right hand, I couldn't quite see exactly where his fingers had gone. They were up inside her shorts leg, but how far? I couldn't tell. Maya's hips started rocking with his hands. Was he touching her pussy? Surely he wasn't touching her pussy? We'd set the rules, no touching her there, even on the outside. Doug was wiggling his fingers strangely and her hips were definitely flicking. I was about to start my waking-up procedure when Maya suddenly sat, pulling his hand from between her legs.

"Oh. Please. Not there. You can't. Here is ok," she panted, putting his hand on her breast instead. I calmed down. Fuck. Had he really been rubbing her pussy? I had to breathe deeply and slowly to keep from cumming.

Doug pulled her toward him and they got into a massive, passionate kiss. I'd never seen Maya like that. I couldn't help it any more, my Maya was being french-kissed and felt up by a stranger on our sofa, my cum fairly ripped its way through my underwear, soaking my jeans. I had to hold the blanket up and away to keep it from getting wet. I saw stars for what seemed like a minute. Wow. I had never ever cum that hard. And the show was still running.

Doug had his hand inside her shirt, squeezing her bra as they kissed. I couldn't see exactly but it looked like Maya's hand was in his crotch. How could Doug keep his own sperm in check when I'd lost mine just watching them? His hand came out and down to her ass, pushing up inside the back of her shorts from below. Maya kind of straightened her leg to let him in easier. I couldn't tell if he was holding her ass above or under her panties. She broke the kiss and groaned again, I know she loves having her ass held.

Maya was squeezing hard on the outside of his pants, she would have a good idea of how big he was. Doug's mouth went from her lips to her face to her neck, then her shoulder blade. He took his hand from her pants to her top button but struggled to get it undone. Maya pushed him back and did it herself. Doug looked anxiously around to make sure I was still sleeping, but Maya stayed concentrated on the man with his arm around her. She undid all of her buttons, to the bottom. That was more than the plan but I let it slide to see what would happen.

The bra Maya had on was old and awful, it really didn't do her justice; however it was enough to bring my hard-on back, inside my clammy pants. Having cum I could relax and enjoy the show more than before, the edge had been taken off.

Not Doug's though, his edge was still well and truly on. He looked over at me less and less, squeezing and kissing her neck before finally daring to unsnap the bra at back. That wasn't meant to happen either but it didn't seem enough to stop the show.

When he lifted the bra, his first reaction to seeing her breasts was no less than mine had been three years ago. He was overwhelmingly impressed. His mouth fell to them and Maya lifted to make it easier. I was beginning to hold onto the wet patch on my jeans again. Doug pulled at her shirt and bra, getting her completely topless. Maya was left in nothing but her shorts. She looked spectacularly sexy. It was borderline time to stop; I was getting spins from watching him hold and suck so hard on her naked breasts.

I paused for a moment to appreciate the evening. It was beyond my dreams. When you plan for something, rarely does it go as you imagine, or as well as you hope. Tonight was a spectacular success. Watching my topless Maya make out with a complete stranger, I couldn't imagine I would be so thrilled again.

As he was kissing her breasts Maya dropped to the sofa, him shifting so he came and lay on her with his mouth at the level of her chest. They stayed like that for the longest time, Maya running her hands through his hair as he pawed and sucked her front.

After a time he came up to kiss her neck and mouth. Maya reached between them and felt his hard-on in his pants.

"You're so stiff," she smiled.

"Oh, baby, you have no idea."

Doug dropped his pelvis to hers, pushing his hard-on to her mound.

"Oh my god," Maya moaned.

Doug kissed and dry-humped my wife on the sofa. Her legs were spread wide and he humped relentlessly at her near-naked body until he gave a stifled groan and his hips shook. He dropped to her afterward and they kissed.

I heard Maya say, "Thank you," as she always did when I came.

They were done for a while. Doug sat back up and watched down on my topless wife, her hands covering her breasts.

"Ummm...I need the bathroom," Doug whispered. Maya nodded and he left the room.

She took the chance to dash over to me.

"Are you still awake?"

"Of course," I almost yelled.

"Are you okay?" she whispered.

I lifted the blanket to show her my wet patch.

"Oh my god," she laughed. "That's unbelievable. You really did like it."

"I'm going to wake up soon, though," I told her. I had a new hard-on that needed to see the insides of my wife's pussy as soon as possible.


Maya jumped back onto the sofa, on her back with her hands covering her breasts again. When Doug came back he knelt on the floor next to her, moving her hands and looking down at her naked chest.

"Spectacular," he said.

"Thank you."

"He's still asleep?" he asked. "Incredible."

Maya shrugged. Doug leaned down to slowly suck on her breasts again. His hand went down between her legs. Maya naturally opened them for him as he pushed her clothes against her clitoris. She gasped her approval, arching her back and tossing her head. Doug tried to bring his hand into the top of her shorts, but the waist was too tight. He stopped sucking her nipple and looked at her as he held the button on her shorts.

When Maya nodded to him I almost came in my pants again. When he undid the button and pulled the zip down my panic buttons went off. Just as he snaked his hand in under her panties I groaned like I was uncomfortable. At first the two of them froze, Doug's fingers just inside her underwear. You could tell he didn't want to lose his prize.

At my second groan Maya 'panicked', pulling his hand out and redoing her zip and button as fast as she could.

"Cover me," she whispered as she shrunk behind him to put on her shirt and shove her bra into his pants pocket. Lucky it was a big pocket.

I was moving and waking by now, looking at the TV asking, "Did we miss it?" as those two did their best to sit up straight. Doug was a quick thinker, he stood up and came over to pick up my unfinished vodka and give me.

"Do you want a colder one?" he asked.

"Oh my, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"It's okay," Doug assured me.

"Did you watch the film?"

"Yeah. And we talked," he said casually.

Wow. He's smooth, I thought.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, let me drive you home," I slurred.

"Hey, your car's still at the bar, remember?"

"Is it? Okay. Can I call you a cab?"

"Sure," Doug conceded, disappointed but realizing his fun was over.

Maya saw him off at the front door while I cleaned up the mess in my trousers.

"At least I got rid of that old bra," she teased me, coming into our bedroom.

I didn't say anything. We didn't talk about Doug or the sofa or her bra until morning. All we did was fuck. A long, slamming, spectacular cunt-pumping fuck. I had cum already, I was strong. Maya was wet and ready. The neighbors would have heard that fuck; it was long and it was loud.


It was 10am before we sat at the kitchen table with cereal. Maya was in her swimming briefs, topless.

"Wow, you've actually got hickeys on them."

"I know," she said, holding one breast and looking. "If you really were asleep I'd have some explaining to do."

"You know...I do thank you know, all that. I know you didn't really want to."

"You're welcome," she smiled.

"Did you like it? Even a little bit?"

"I don't know. It was weird. He kisses different, you know, his touch feels kinda awkward. If you weren't there, if I didn't know it's what you wanted, I don't think I would feel very good right now."

"But you're okay?"

"I'm okay," she smiled.

"Because...we went a little bit further, you know. What we wrote down."

"I know. I wasn't sure if I was meant to stop it, or you were meant to stop it."

"Both of us, I guess. Did he touch your pussy, I couldn't tell."

"A little bit," she said going red. I hid my instant hard-on. "That's when I wasn't sure who was doing it, stopping it, you know."

"Next time we better be better planned."

"Next time, huh?" Maya grinned at me.

"If there is a next time...," I corrected.

"If there is a next time..." Maya repeated.

We sat in silence for a while. It was a dangerous path, I knew. But the reward was tremendous. It was an outstanding sexual moment. I must have been fourteen the last time I actually came in my pants. I snorted at the thought of Doug doing the same. What a woman Maya was.

"You didn't mind...we went past the rules a bit?" I asked.

Maya shrugged. "It wasn't too far. What do you think?"

"I don't know. Things happen, but at least we have boundaries, going past a little bit like that is okay, I guess. Obviously I don't want some guy to fuck you."

Maya laughed. "Can you imagine?"

"Yes," I said honestly. "But I don't think I would handle it very well."

"Oh," Maya teased, standing and going to the sink, "I thought you could handle anything!"

I chased her round the kitchen and gave her my own hickeys on her chest, hard at the thought that another man had done the same to her just hours earlier.


I tried to hold off asking for seconds as long as I could. I knew Maya wasn't as keen as I was, she would happily put this one in the done-and-finished box. But I still had energy for another turn. Doing it once only increased my need for it again.

I waited a month though, partly so there was no chance of running into Doug again. My fear was he went to that bar every night of his stay hoping to see us again. I was surprised he hadn't turned up at our house again, though we rushed him out so quickly he may not have thought to take notice of the address. Or he did say he was married, maybe that kept him away.

"Shelf bra this time maybe?" I suggested.

"You want the pop-star look?" Maya said with eyebrows raised.

"No, we need to stay normal still, like last time. T-shirt, skirt maybe?"

"Okay. want panties? Or not?"

"Better have. I don't want someone touching your pussy."

"Well, having panties won't hardly stop that," she said.

"True." There was no hiding my hard-on again as she left her underwear in the draw

"You want me to fix this before we go?" Maya asked, reaching out to hold it.

"Leave it," I smiled.

"Okay. But you better wear thick underwear this time."

Ha ha.

We kept to the same plan as before, going early and relaxing into the evening. It took much longer to find someone though. We had a few hooks in guys that I thought might be ok but Maya didn't click with them. It wasn't until near 11 that we found someone that looked like it would work.

The guy was Benny. He lived in the same city, but didn't seem to have any connections with anyone we knew. Like Doug he was older, but we had to expect it in a place like that. Benny was much, much fitter though, he clearly worked out and talked a lot about cycling tracks. He only drank vodka and diet coke and so I told him about my vodka collection in our freezer. He laughed that we should go see it.

We took turns in dancing with Maya. Her t-shirt and skirt were simple but I think he figured out there was something interesting about her underwear. He actually asked me whether she was wearing a thong, but I laughed him off.

"Come on then," I said around 2am, "Who's up for some of my vodka collection?"

None of us had driven this time so we shared a cab to our place. Benny sat in the front, though he talked with us all the way home. He was freshly-divorced with kids to think about. Money wasn't an issue, but he hadn't exactly sorted out his living arrangements yet. He was staying in a friend's spare room still.

"Well, you can stay with us tonight," Maya offered.

I looked at her. Was she drunk? I'm not sure I wanted the guy overnight, only long enough to watch him feel her up then take my turn to finish it. Not that it really mattered, I guess. But still, it was a bit weird.

We stayed on plan otherwise. It was later than the first time, but I wasn't tired, I was too excited. We did the movie routine again, this time with the original Star Wars. Once I was 'asleep' Maya gave me a blanket again, thank goodness, I got hard pretty quick. Before Maya had even had the chance to sit back down Benny pulled her to the spot in front of where he was sitting.

"I've been dying to know what you are wearing under this skirt," he whispered, slurring. We had all had a lot of vodkas.

I was astounded at how quickly it was game-on, so was Maya. Benny looked into her eyes, checking for permission as he slid his hands up the back of her legs. He was surprised she didn't stop him, but even more surprised when he felt nothing but bare ass.

"Holy shit," he said out loud. I had to force myself not to grin at how stunned he was.

Benny brought his hands around front and lifted the skirt. If he was stunned before, he was stupefied now. He couldn't even talk. He looked up to Maya's face as if to ask why was there no hair on her pussy? His hand naturally reached up to cup her bare mound, to feel it, to experience it. A finger pushed into her flaps. It was too much but I would have been mortified to have to stop the show so soon.

Fortunately Maya fixed the problem. She did the most protective thing she could, she came down to sit on his lap, facing him. With her pussy sat on his crotch he could lift her skirt but she'd blocked his access point. Benny's hands went to her bare ass instead.

"Can we go somewhere else?" he asked.


"Somewhere private."

"We can't," Maya told him. "We'll get caught if he wakes up and we're not here."

"We'll get more caught if he wakes up and we are here!"

Maya shook her head.

"Are you sure he's asleep?" Benny fretted.

Maya got up and walked over to get the remote from near my chair. She turned the volume up full and purposely lifted her skirt up around her waist, giving a spin, showing both of us her bare ass and pussy.

"He's asleep," she confirmed, turning the volume back down.

Benny shook his head. "Wow, the drink really knocks your Phil about."

Maya sighed. "Yes."

Benny gestured her to come close. Maya stood back from him.

"I'm a little bit drunk," she said.

"Just another look, I promise," he grinned at her.

"You have eyes on your hands?" she frowned.

"Come," he pleaded.

Maya stepped up to him. Benny looked at my squinted eyes, checking me out before lifting his hands up and into her skirt again from behind. He learned that he could touch her ass okay, but whenever he brought a finger underneath into her slit she jumped away. She let him lift the skirt and look, but not touch. He went to undo the side button and Maya shook her head.

She looked at me then him and said, "Don't take it off."

Benny instead pulled her down to his lap, facing him like she had before. His hands went on her ass. He wasn't sure if he could kiss her, it took him a long time to try but when he did Maya kissed back with passion. I was super hard again. Maya tonguing a guy is the sexiest thing, once again I found myself fighting ejaculation.

Benny hooked her skirt up around the waist at the back giving me a clear view of him squeezing her backside. For a brief moment I closed my eyes properly and took a deep breath to keep control. I heard Benny whisper something and Maya nod. He moved his hands up into the front of her t-shirt. Again he had a surprised look on his face. He lifted the material to see bare breast held up by the shelf bra.

"Fucking hell," he couldn't help but say. "You are the hottest..."

Maya reached down and lifted her t-shirt over her head, leaving herself in just her skirt and the shelf-bra. Benny leaned forward to suck. Maya writhed at the touch of his lips. Her hand moved between them, squashing his cock through his pants like she had done with Doug.

After a time Benny tipped them sideways so they were laying side-by-side on the sofa, Maya on the outside. They kissed each other and Maya kept pulling on him through his trousers. He brought her leg over his body, giving me an outrageously sexy view of her pussy. He didn't touch it, he only held her by the ass.

It didn't take much longer until the shelf bra came off. He lay Maya on her back, opening her up to hold and kiss her breasts. Maya had nothing on but her loose skirt.

Breath calmly, I told myself.

I became worried when I saw a flash of skin down toward his crotch. His hard-on had come out, Maya was pulling directly on the skin of his cock. Shit, this was getting too much. I didn't want to stop but I was terrified to let it continue. Benny's bare cock was inches from Maya's bare pussy.

Perhaps sensing the danger, Maya sat up and slid to the floor, moving her cunt a safe distance from his cock. She sat facing him, away from me. I could see plainly that she was pulling on his naked erection. His pants button and zip were open. He asked her to shuffle closer so he could touch her breasts and she did. He pushed her knee to one side to stare at her pussy.

What I couldn't tell was whether his hand was playing with her breasts, or was it actually down between her legs. Was he fingering her? Should I stop now, was this enough?

Once again Maya changed things up just as I was about to start my waking-up process. She stopped tugging him and stood up. Benny wiped his hands on the sofa material. Shit. Maya walked out into the kitchen and took a box of tissues. She looked gorgeous walking around in just her skirt. She stood in front of Benny, lifted her hem and wiped the wetness away from between her legs, then took his hand, carefully wiping his middle finger and index finger. Shit.

She took a number of new tissues and knelt at his midriff. This time I could see him reaching out to hold one of her breasts.

Maya whispered something and Benny undid and took off his shirt then lay back down, again reaching out for her breast. Maya held his cock upright and tugged. He tried to push her head to it but she wouldn't go down. She pulled him vigorously with her hand, the other reaching down to his balls.

He tried to hold off, I could see him fighting to stay in control but he couldn't. Benny lost it. As soon as she felt it coming Maya took all the tissues and held them around him. She caught almost all of his semen safely.

Benny cumming didn't send me over the edge, what made me lose it in my pants again was Maya opening up the tissue afterward and sucking the wet sperm from it. I'd never ever seen her do such a thing. If Benny hadn't groaned at the same time, I think he would have heard me lose my sperm into my underpants.
Holy shit, Maya, how did you get so fucking hot?

Benny was beaming in satisfaction, amazed at how his evening had gone. He wasn't keen on finishing either, lifting himself to pull Maya onto him on the sofa. With his penis deflated she let him, squashing her breasts to his bare chest as they kissed slowly for a long time. I screwed up my face at the thought of kissing my own sperm, Maya was always graceful enough not to make me do that.

Benny had her skirt hiked up again, rubbing her bare ass as she lay on him. I could see clearly when he reached around and started fingering her from behind. Maya didn't stop him, if anything she was getting into it the longer it went. She was wet, the slopping sound was loud enough to hear over the TV. I wanted some of it myself. It was time for me to step in, they'd had a long enough session.

I grunted and groaned and twisted in my chair, causing a chaotic movement of the couple on the other side of the room. Maya was quick to sit back up and slip on her t-shirt but Benny's shirt had buttons to be done up. He dashed out into the kitchen to finish up.

When he came back in, it was with a glass of vodka.

"Sorry, Phil, I helped myself, you fell asleep for a while there."

Both of them were so disheveled and flustered it was funny. But I was just 'waking up', right, so I made sure not to notice.

"Sorry, man. Sorry. Too tired. Let me get a cab for you."

"Phil, I promised him a bed, remember. Just for tonight."

"Right, okay. Sorry, forgive me," I frowned at her. "Let me show you."

I took Benny down the room furthest from ours left him as quickly as I could politely. I then took my wife into our room and gave her the same size serving as last time. It didn't matter that I put Benny in the far room, he would have heard all of it play-by-play. I could smell him on her, I could still sense his touch on her; we had amazing and deafeningly loud cunt-pounding sex.


The next morning in our fog we actually forgot we had a guest in the back bedroom, that Benny had stayed. Maya was yawning in her bikini bottoms making coffee when Benny came into the kitchen. The weird thing was she forgot to be embarrassed at him seeing her undressed. We all knew Benny and Maya had done more than just look at her naked breasts, but Benny didn't know that we all knew that, if that makes sense?

"Benny, I apologize for Maya," I said quickly. "We completely forgot. Saturday morning is kind of our dress down time. I hope you aren't offended. We didn't mean to...sorry. Maya, you better go and get..."

"Hey, hey," he said, holding his arms up. "I'm the guest here, please don't change for me. I'm sorry to intrude. I'll get my things and call a cab."

"Have breakfast first. Please," Maya told him.

So for another 45 minutes our new friend Benny was trying to check out my topless Maya without being obvious. I wouldn't leave them alone though, I didn't trust he wouldn't try and physically reconnect.

After he left we sat back down to talk about it.

"You shouldn't have made him stay overnight," I said.

"I know. I was just trying to be polite...silly. I'm sorry."

"It went past the boundaries again," I added. "Are you okay?"

"I really don't remember that well. But I thought you would stop it earlier."

"Really?" I asked, worried.

"When he undid his pants. That was a bit scary."

"I was going to stop it...but then you moved down the floor, I thought that meant you were getting to a safer place."

"No. Not at all. I was moving down so you could see it. I worried you couldn't see his penis was out. I thought when I got out the way and I showed you, you would stop it then."

"Oh. Well. I don't know. You didn't seem like there was a problem."

"This is getting a bit much," Maya sighed.

"Hey, you drank his sperm out of that tissue. No one asked you to do that."

"Eh. It smelled good, I just wanted to try..."

We talked on about it. I told her how hard it made me to see her kissed and felt up like that. Maya understood but asked for a break. We'd done it twice, she wanted to get some balance back before thinking about a next time, she was feeling a bit shaky from being so intimate with guys she didn't know.

Fair enough. But she let me talk about it whenever we fucked, she let me get turned on by the memory which was nice of her.


The third time was much later, almost four months after Benny. This time it wasn't planned. In fact it was completely spur of the moment. I had an old buddy from college call me to say he was back in town for his dad's funeral. He'd been sick for a while. His mom and dad had been separated for years, she was living out west, so he was going to stay in a hotel. Of course I insisted he stay with us.

I hadn't seen the guy, William, for a long time. He never knew Maya, he left town well before we were together. And of course what's the first thing he says to me, in front of my wife?

"How did a girl like Maya end up with a guy like you?"

"You think I should have waited for you?" Maya teased him back.

"Couldn't be worse," William said.

Overall the three of us got on fine though. He was in only four nights, and Maya flirted just the right amount to make William jealous of me. She's a good girl, my Maya.

We all went to the funeral, but with such a small attendance there was lots of booze left over. Three of us carried four bottles of wine each under our arms through the gardens of the funeral center to my car. At home we had our own private ceremony, the wine lifted the mood considerably.

At around 10pm I happened to be in the kitchen with Maya when I turned to look at her.

"You wanna try?"


Just like that we were on.

Maya chose the movie this time, Grease of all things. I sat in my favorite sofa and after complaining about how boring the movie was I promptly 'fell asleep'. Maya went through her routine of showing I was really asleep, then went to get them both some more wine.

It took a long time to warm up. Maya couldn't really make the first move, and of course he was a buddy, he dare not get himself in trouble. It took a conversation about sleeping clothes to get my friend William into the mood for naughtiness.

"What do you wear to bed normally?" Maya asked matter-of-factly.

"Depends where I am."

"Well, let's assume you're here," she laughed.

"You wanna see?" William suggested.

"Hey, I'm just asking."

"I don't mind, I can show you," he assured her.

There was silence for a while.

"What do you wear?" William asked back.




"Show me," he told her.

"Oh I couldn't do that," she said.

"Why not?"

"Phil wouldn't be happy to see it."

"He can't see anything if he's asleep," William shrugged. "Come on, we'll both get changed for bed. No harm in that right? It's normal."

"Hmmm. I don't know."

"Come on," William said, standing up. He stepped over to offer his hand.

"You first," Maya said. "I'll stay until you're done, then my turn."

William looked at Maya then me. I'm not sure he trusted what would happen, but what was his alternative? If he wanted to fool around, Maya had just set the rules. Cautiously he went out and down to the spare room.

Maya came over and took the chance to kiss me, but we didn't talk in case we were heard. I smiled at her and she shook her head at me, smiling back. She moved back to her sofa before William returned.

"That's it?" Maya teased him. He was in boxers and a t-shirt. "Are they clean, or just the ones you had on?"


"Come. Let me smell," she told him, beckoning him over. Maya kneeled up on the sofa and smelled his neck and chest, nodding. Then she leaned down to his stomach and abdomen, approving. Finally she nuzzled his cock through his boxers.

"Very nice," she grinned, sitting back in her spot in the sofa. William was left standing, his boxers tented. Maya pointed to his spot on the other end of the long sofa. "Go on."

Reluctantly William sat where he was told.

"Your turn," he panted, recovering from the tingles in his spine.

"I'm not sure I should."

William frowned at her.

"It's a bit...I don't think Phil would approve, you're his buddy," she complained.

"He's asleep. Hey. You told me. You said if I change first you would change next."

Maya sighed. She stood and came over to check I was 'asleep'. I gave her a sly wink.

"You have to stay right there. Right there. Don't move," she told William.

"Ok. Ok."

When Maya was out of the room William also came over to give me a gentle shake. I did my best impression of a passed-out drunk.

"You never could hold your drink," he said cruelly. That wasn't really fair, I was never too bad, even back in those days. William opened more wine and filled his and Maya's glass.

"Are you sat down?" Maya whispered from around the corner.

"Hold on," he whispered back, sitting in his allocated spot. "OK, I'm sitting."

Maya stuck her head around the corner to check.

"You gotta stay right there," she warned him.

"I'm staying," he defended.

Maya stepped out and into the room.

Holy Fuck.

I thought it and William actually said it.

"Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Holy shit!"

"It's what I wear to bed," Maya shrugged.

It was true, but I didn't think she would actually do that. She had her shortest pink t-shirt on, the loose one. And nothing else. I was stunned as much as William was. She stood there with a bare midriff and bare everything else.

William made to move toward her. Maya held out her hand. "Stay in your spot. Just looking."

Reluctantly William dropped back to his seat.

"Do you mind if I wear the same as you to bed?"

Maya looked at me. William thought she was checking if I was asleep, but I think she was looking for a sign. I didn't move.

"Ok. But stay your end."

Maya sat on the far side of the sofa facing him as he pulled his boxers off.

"Wow," Maya said. He was hard and he was long. He turned to face her as well, though there was a decent distance between them.

"Do you always keep it shaved?" he asked, astonished to see Maya like that.


"Fucking hell Phil. Who" William could help but grip himself, just like I was. "Can I see?"

Maya smiled and opened her legs wider, letting him look.

"Oh, shit," he said, shaking his head. He took his wine and drank all of it in one gulp.

"I'll get some more for you," Maya giggled, getting up and taking his glass. When she walked past us and into the kitchen in just that little t-shirt she was stunningly sexual. William followed her, how could he not? By then I'd completely forgotten the details of our boundaries, I was enthralled by the show. William stood behind her closely. His cock pushed against her ass and lower back, his hands on her bare stomach.

"You're so hard," she turned back to say to him.

"You're wet," he said to her. Maya bent her knees slightly and groaned as his finger went down between her thighs, flicking along her slit.

"I've never felt a Jap pussy before," he growled, slipping his middle finger into her and wriggling it around.

After a minute or so of Maya gasping at his touch, I was getting a bit nervous. Maya must have sensed it, she turned and pulled him out.

"Behave," she said politely. "Anyway, I'm American."

"Okay," he smiled, holding his arms up in surrender. His fingers on one hand glistened in the kitchen light.

"Come on." Maya pulled him back toward the sofa.

"No, no, let's go this way," he said, pulling the opposite direction toward the bedrooms.

Maya let him go.

"You go that way if you want," she smiled, walking back into the TV room. William sighed and followed her bare ass. He caught her before she sat, spinning her toward him and holding her. In front of me Maya felt safer. She let him lean down and kiss her, she stood in tippy toes to help. She held his back like a girlfriend, he held her ass like a mistress. His cock must have been burning hard against her stomach, Maya reached between them and began tugging it.

I was at a loss as to what to do. I was torn and exhilarated. When William pushed Maya by her shoulders down to her knees I gulped. When I saw my wife without hesitation wrap her mouth round the top of his cock and start bobbing her head I nearly blew. A moan escaped my throat but those two didn't notice, William was fighting his own battle to keep hold of his sperm.

"Shit, woman, you know your way around a cock," he panted down at her. "How many have you had there?"

"Huh?" Maya said with her full.

"How many cocks have you sucked? You really know what you're doing."

"I'm not telling you that," she laughed, licking his shaft.

"Why not?"

"Even Phil doesn't know that."

"He can't hear. Come on. How many cocks have you sucked?"

Maya looked up at him, sucking his balls. She didn't answer.

"Come on," William persisted amongst his groans. "More than five?"

Maya stopped and held his cock horizontal, about to put it back in her mouth. "Five isn't many."

"More than ten?"

Maya's mouth was full, so she simply nodded.

"More than twenty?"

This time Maya shrugged.

"No wonder you know how to suck cock," William moaned. Maya smiled at him but looked pensively at me, worried that maybe I would be pissed to know she had sex with so many guys before, it's not something we'd ever talked about. She needn't have worried, my whole body shook under the blanket as my sperm soaked my clothes. I didn't just see stars, I saw black matter swirling between them.


When I opened my eyes next it was daylight. It was one of those where-the-fuck-am-I moments. I had fallen asleep on a sofa. It was my sofa, which was good. Why was I here? What happened last night? Drinks. Maya. My buddy William. Was that a dream that we...

"Shit. Maya!"

I spun around in the chair. No one. I listened carefully. Nothing. Out the front window the sun was bright and high. Looking into the kitchen at the stove clock I saw it was just after midday.


I tossed off the blanket and tore down the hall to our room.


Nothing. No one. The bed was straight and tidy. I dashed through both bathrooms and even looked in the garage to see if the car was there. There was only one place left to look.

"Oh no...," I said out loud walking the hall to the back bedroom.

Maya was in there. Just Maya. She was asleep in the bed.


I walked to the bed and pulled the sheets down.


Maya was naked.

"Oh god, what have we done?"

William and all his gear had cleared out. I leant down and kissed Maya's cheek, shaking.

"Oh shit, Maya, wake up, wake up."

When her eyes opened and saw it was me she reached forward and clung her arms round my neck like a child.

"Phil. Phil. You...," she started to explain and then stopped.

"It's okay. You'll be okay, let's get you to our room."

I helped Maya out of bed. She could stand but it hurt to walk. She gripped her pussy mound and squeezed.

"I'm alright," she said. "I'm just...sore."


I took her to our room, lay her on our bed and knelt next to her, holding her.

"You fell asleep. You fell asleep," she said, rattled.

"I'm sorry, I didn't...I mean...I don't know what happened, I just..."

"You fell asleep."

I didn't know what to say. "I'm so sorry."


We didn't talk about it straight away, it was too raw. We showered together to wash not just physically but emotionally; when we held each other it was for support, not sex. We got dressed afterward, something rare for us on a weekend at home. We slept some more, took turns in making snacks to eat, tidied up the living area and kitchen. Maya watched forlornly as I threw William's boxers and t-shirt into the trash. We changed the sheets of the back bedroom in silence, they stank of sex.

I sighed at how it made me hard, I know Maya could tell.

It wasn't until we'd ordered some food and had finished another of the funeral wines in the early evening that we began to talk about what happened.

Maya wasn't pissed at me in particular, she was just as disappointed in herself.

"This is not your fault," I tried to assure her. "It's not your fault."

"I didn't know you were asleep."

"I'm so sorry."

"By the time I figured you must be really sleeping, I tried yelling out, being really noisy and you just lay there."

There was nothing for me to say. It was a bad plan gone wrong.

"I thought when he got me to suck it you would stop me for sure, but I could hear you groan, I could tell you liked it. I thought he would hear you, I was so nervous. I worried about getting caught. I was worried about how far you wanted me to go."

She told me how he asked her about other guys she had given blowjobs; she was surprised I didn't react.

"Did you hear that?" she asked me.

"Hear what?"

"William talking about who I had sucked before."

"Maybe. I don't know. Maybe," I said evasively. I didn't want to open up that topic right then.

Later in the blowjob William had reached down and taken her t-shirt off while she was still mouthing him. He took off his own, too. I certainly didn't remember that part. Maya had tried to get him to cum to take the danger away but he held it. She said that when she stood back up they were kissing naked; she worried I was letting it go too far. She spent the next twenty minutes doing everything she could to keep his cock out of her, and to keep him from dragging her away to a bedroom.

When it all went pear-shaped was when he put her on her back on the sofa, his body between her legs, his mouth licking at her pussy.

"He liked that I wax it all off, he really wanted to kiss me there."

But after a time he moved up her body and some of him slipped into her pussy for the first time. Maya managed to push him off by asking to be on top. She did it so her ass pointed back at me so there could be no doubt what was happening to her. She wanted me to see, she wanted me to decide if this is really what I wanted. In the absence of any protest from me, his big long erection sunk fully into her. The whole time she was waiting for a yawn and a groan. She was astounded I didn't stop it, she really didn't think I would let it go that far.

"He was so big and hard. He had complete control. I was trying to get him to cum quickly but all I did was make him think I was really into it. He made me sit up on it, like you do, and kinda do it to myself."

"Baby, I swear, I had no idea..."

"It went for so long. Oh..." Maya put her face into her hands.

For a time there was silence. I was torn between guilt and titillation. I couldn't believe they went all the way. I couldn't believe I missed it.

Maya went on to say they swapped over a couple of times, taking turns on top. He really liked kissing, she said, especially when he was on top of her, she had his tongue in one end and his cock the other. It wasn't until much, much later when he turned her over to fuck her from behind that she noticed I was faced away from them.

"That's when I realized you were asleep," she said with a deep sigh. "I tried calling out, I was yelling 'I'm being fucked' over and over, as loud as I could but William thought it was cause I was enjoying it so much. That made him go harder. At least it made him cum."

"In you?" I asked, shaking.

Maya nodded.

Holy shit. I rolled my eyes and gripped my cock under the table. William had cum in her. Oh shit.

"I'm so sorry," she said, and I knew she meant it. "I didn't ask for it..."

"It's not your fault," I said again.

I moved round the table and pulled up a chair to hold her from behind. I couldn't help myself, I lifted her t-shirt up and off and gripped her breasts, kissing her neck.
"You're not angry?" she whispered back at me.

"I can't believe you fucked him," I said into her ear.

"I know. I'm so sorry."

"Show me where he went in," I groaned.

Maya lifted her hips and pulled her shorts down and off. She didn't have anything under them. I put one of my hands at her mound, gripping her bare pussy. Maya opened her legs to let me.

"You went to his do it?" I asked at her ear.

"When he...when he came in me, I didn't want to make a mess, not on our sofa. I held it in with my hand til I could get some tissues. I got a wet towel from the kitchen to wipe him down. He thought I liked his cock or something but I was just trying to keep it from dirtying anything. We stayed on the sofa for as long as I could keep him out there but he wanted to take me to bed. I tried keeping him off me but he followed me into our room. I couldn't do it there."

"So you went to his room?"

"He wasn't going to leave me alone. I really didn't want him to get into our bed. I could never stay in it after."

"So you went to his bed?"

"He took me there. I'm so sorry."

"Stop saying that, you don't have to. Seriously."

Maya leaned back into me as I held her breast and pussy. She said she remembers the kissing as much as the fucking. He really liked kissing her as they did it. He made her say 'I love your cock' over and over as she kissed him and fucked him and he came in her.

"It was weird, as if he really needed someone to be close to. At the start he was having sex with me like he'd paid money for it, you know, but by morning it was like he had fallen for me. He was holding me and kissing me, really taking his time with the fuck, doing it gentle. Sensual. He stopped talking about me being a 'slut with a shaved cunt' and started saying how nice it was to have a baby with me. I don't think William is doing very well. You should talk with him. I wonder if he has many friends."

I held back a laugh. It would be difficult to be nice to William again. Okay, we set him up for a tease for our own pleasure, and he ended up turning the tables, I can't really blame him for our entrapment. But he'd taken off one night early; he knew he'd crossed a line. And we never really talked anymore anyway. When he emailed to say he was coming home for the funeral we didn't even have each other's latest mobile phone number.

"Did you tell him you were on the pill?" I asked.

Maya nodded. "He was disappointed."

"When did he leave?"

"Not that long before you came in maybe, I don't know, I went back to sleep. It was daylight. We didn't get much sleep. Even if we weren't having sex he was kissing or touching me and saying stuff. It was weird that it ended up so intimate. He said he really liked me as much as my body."

"Well...who's not going to like you?" I said, rubbing my hands over her.

"He...he took photos," she turned around and admitted to me. "Once it got daylight."

I took a deep breath. "That wasn't very clever."

"I know. I know. But he said he wanted to remember, he said he wouldn't put them online."

"Photos of just you, or..."

"Together," she admitted.

"Fuck, that was stupid."

"Eh. The whole night was stupid. I wish we could start over."

Maya turned around in her seat to undo my pants and shirt. What would I do if we had the night over? Part of me thinks I'd do my darnedest to keep awake next time.

"Can we stop now?" Maya asked, tugging on my bare penis. I was hard and ready to cum.

"Stop what?"

"Stop me having sex with other guys?"

"I didn't get to see," I protested.

"You weren't meant to. It wasn't meant to happen, remember? Being fucked wasn't in the plan."

"But...," I was cut off mid-sentence. Maya dropped her head to my lap and sucked me, just like I had seen her do to my buddy William the night before.

"Maya, baby, don't make me cum in your mouth. Put me inside you."

Maya brought herself up and sat on my lap facing me. My cock fairly melted into her.

"You're not sore anymore?" I asked.

"Fuck me," was her response.

So I fucked her. Not for very long, though, not that first one for the night. I had an urge for her pussy built up from the evening before. My sperm thundered into her within minutes.


That was the end of that fantasy. Wife-watching went into the trash along with the ass-fucking, the cucumber sex and me wearing a bra to work. Maya knew I was disappointed with not having seen William's cock go into her, so she talked about it when I wanted, about how it felt, whether she orgasmed, what his sperm felt like in her pussy, how big he was in comparison, what his cum tasted like, all the minute details. It would have to do me. We would move on.

Maya said next choice is hers. I dread to think.

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