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A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples Ch. 03

A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples, Part 3

It was early, slightly before dawn, and, as was his habit, Garrett Jackson had sat up, stepped out of bed, stretched out briefly to loosen up, padded into the kitchen for the coffee that was waiting for him, and now sat in his living room, looking out over the city vista below. Though the view was entrancing, it barely registered in the handsome former college football star’s consciousness. Garrett’s thoughts were instead turned inward as he reviewed recent events in his progression into the role of black bull for two young white married couples.

For the past three weeks, he’d explored boundaries with Sophie and Rob, a newlywed couple he’d met through another white couple, Elaine and Paul. Sophie was just 21, a willowy blonde assistant at the middle school where Elaine taught. Elaine had delighted in “converting” Sophie and her husband into a black cock cuckold couple, and often participated in Garrett’s sex sessions with the younger blonde, urging her friend to explore every perversion she could dream up.

Elaine was certainly creative, Garrett had to admit. She’d just had herself tattooed with a black spade right above the crack of her delicious derriere. The three inch high tattoo had a large “Q” inside the outline of the spade, as an open acknowledgment that she was a “Queen of Spades” and therefore into fucking black men. Sophie had shown up the next day with a similar tattoo in the same location, though Sophie’s tattoo was simply an all-black spade, minus the “Q.”

Elaine had laughingly referred to herself as Garrett’s pimp to the world of young couples, and claimed Sophie as the first conversion in her planned stable of hot wives. “Between Sophie and me, we know at least a dozen young white couples under 30 who are totally ready for converting to cuckolding,” Elaine said. “We’re on a mission to spread the gospel of big black dick and you’re the tip of the spear!”

At this, Garrett laughed heartily. It took him a minute before he realized the redheaded pixy was quite serious. “I gather you’re serious about this. How do you know the couples are serious about it too?” Garrett asked.

“Because we’ve talked to them about it,” Sophie replied.

“Interesting,” Garret said. “And both the wives and the husbands are clear about wanting to try?”

Elaine hemmed and hawed. “Wives, yes, definitely; not all the husbands are, shall we say, eager. Oh, and to be more precise, they’re not all married couples. Three are engaged. One of those three happens to be my younger sister, Monica.”

“Tell me more.” Garrett said.

“Monica’s eighteen and just got engaged; her fiancé’s twenty. They’ve been together since her first year in high school. She’s a kinky little slut – takes after me, I suppose. Tyler’s a jock – nice looking, ripped, and very well hung – 9 inches, Monica says,” Elaine explained. “She’s gotten him to fuck a bunch of her girlfriends including a few who are married. Tyler is a bull for the married couples now, but Monica thinks it’s time for him to see the other side of the cuckold equation. She’s convinced he’ll be a better bull if he understands the psychology of being a cuckold, too. Plus she’s never had a black guy and she really wants to try. Tyler’s up for it.”

“So are there other candidates you want to talk about, or are you set on Monica and Tyler?” Garrett asked.

Sophie laughed at the question. “Elaine’s promised Monica that she’s first in line.”

“Then set it up,” Garrett replied.

Elaine nodded. She obviously had something on her mind, but seemed hesitant, which was unusual for the outgoing redhead. Finally she spoke. “I need to talk to you about how you relate to your couples,” she said. “I really hope you won’t be offended. You’re a really nice guy. You’re good looking, athletic, and god knows you’re well hung. And you’re a great fuck, honestly better than my husband or any other guy I’ve been with.”

“But . . .” Garrett said.

“You’re almost too nice – too much of a gentleman. It’s hard to explain,” Elaine continued. “I’ve talked about it with Paul and Sophie, and we’re in agreement. As wonderful as you are, it would be even better if you were much more dominant. I know it may sound ridiculous, but part of cuckolding is surrendering to a black bull – giving up control to a force of nature. When we fuck, I want you to pound my pussy into complete submission, to fuck me like the married white slut I want to be, to make me come rather than helping me come. I want to know that when we’re fucking you just own my body and can use it any way you want.”

She paused, and then went on. “I want my husband to recognize your total superiority – that in his wildest dreams, he will never ever get close to using my pussy and mouth and ass the way your big black cock does. He needs to see that, and hear that, and really know it. I want you to fuck me like your married white whore, and I want you to help me show him that, to humiliate him. You need to be more dismissive of our husbands and at the same time more directive. Basically, you need to really own us,” she said.

“The couples need to know they’ve crossed a line they will never cross back,” Elaine continued. “The husbands need to see and hear that from that point on they will always be secondary to their wives’ black bulls. And the wives need to see their pussies are owned by black men. You’re not borrowing a white wife for a bit of fun, you’re taking her, fucking the hell out of her, and converting her into a black cock slut wife. I hope that makes sense,” she said.

Garrett nodded. “It does, but it seems to reinforce a stereotypical relationship between a bull and a couple.”

“Understood,” said Elaine, “but the stereotype speaks directly to the sort of primal desires that white couples have, at least when they start out. It’s kind of a dark inversion of the public image they have as a happy young married couple.” She paused. “While we’re being open on the topic, I wanted to ask you if you have a hung black friend you trust.”

“Why’s that?” Garrett was puzzled.

“For two reasons,” Elaine replied. “First, there are more couples than you could probably comfortably handle at once – no offense. And second, having another bull opens up a whole lot of possibilities for wicked fun with the wives.” She went on. “Sophie and I really do know a dozen young couples who are seriously interested in trying out the lifestyle, and we’d like to set up a tight group of white cuckold couples and hung black bulls. There’s a lot of interest. But we need to find another bull to get it started.”

“I know just the guy who I’m pretty certain would be glad to help out,” Garrett said. “I played college ball with him, and he was always messing with white girls. Big guy, maybe 6 feet three, 220 pounds, solid muscle. Jet black and very confident around white women, kind of a natural-born arrogance.”

“Is he hung?” Sophie asked.

Garrett nodded. “Like the proverbial stallion. Jake told me he’s a bit over 11 inches and very, very thick, which was why the white girls were always hanging around him. If you’re serious about wanting a huge-hung dom bull, he’s definitely the guy to take over a white couple, convert the wife, and stretch the hell out of her pussy.”

“Make the call,” Elaine said.

Two hours later, Garrett was sitting in his living room when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to admit his friend, poured him a drink, and then after exchanging pleasantries, the two sat down to discuss the business at hand. Garrett had explained the reason for reaching out to Jake on the phone, but wanted to meet face-to-face to talk about the situation in greater detail.

“So,” Jake said, “you’ve hooked up into a group of white couples itching to see if what they say about black men is true, and you want me to show them it really is.”

“Right now I’m already doing two wives, and they tell me they have about a dozen other young white couples wanting to go over to the dark side,” Garrett said. “All of the wives are under thirty, most around 22 to 26, some younger. Couple of engaged couples mixed in. My two current wives are looking to set up kind of a club for cuckold couples, and much though I’d like to try, I can’t manage all that alone.”

“And you know I just love young white pussy,” Jake laughed. “That hasn’t changed since college. I have to say the idea of openly fucking young white wives in front of their cuckolds appeals to me mightily. One thing, though. You were always the stand-up guy and a gentleman. I never was – I like it as nasty as I can get it with white girls, and these wives won’t be any different.”

Garrett laughed. “I was just told that I need to be more like you. Apparently these couples want to be owned.”

Jake smiled. “Well then, count me in. Now when do I get started with ruining a white wife’s pussy?”

“Well, I guess we could start with Elaine or Sophie. They’re the two wives I’m doing right now,” Garrett said.

“No offense, Garrett, but if you’ve already broken them in, I don’t care to have your leftovers. Now, if you want me to help turn white wives into black cock sluts, you’d best set me up with a first time couple,” Jake smirked.

Garrett called Elaine and explained the situation. “Jake’s definitely in, but he wants to start with his own first-time couple.”

Elaine sighed. “I really wanted you to be Monica’s first black cock, but I guess Jake’s going to get in her first. She and Tyler will be at your place at seven.”

At seven o’clock on the dot, Garrett’s doorbell rang. He opened it to find Elaine and a young white couple waiting for admission. Elaine kissed him and introduced her sister. Monica was strikingly like her older sister, so much so that they might have been mistaken for twins. She was tiny and slender, about as tall as her older sister, a bit less than 5 feet. Her skin was beautiful, pale and smooth, and like her sister, she wore her red hair cut short. When she smiled, her green eyes sparkled with merriment.

“Pleased to meet you, Garrett,” she said, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the lips. For the briefest moment, Garrett felt the tip of her tongue run across his lips. “So,” Monica said, “I understand there’s been a change of plans and you won’t be my conductor to the dark side, is that right?”

Jake’s voice echoed from the kitchen. “That’s right, baby. They brought in the A-Team for you today. But don’t worry – by the time I’m done, you won’t have any more questions about big black bull dick. And neither will your cuck fiancé.”

Jake introduced himself to Monica and Tyler. “Damn, I never will understand why you white guys are so eager to give up your women to black dick. She’s a fine looking woman.” Monica giggled and Tyler nearly blushed.

“A whole lot of white couples are curious to see what it’s all about with black guys,” Monica said. “You know – to see if it really is true that ‘once you go black you never go back.’”

“It’s all true, baby, it’s all true. And after tonight, you’ll never look at your husband’s white dick the same way again. The best part is, your fiancé will be just as happy you went black as you’re going to be,” Jake replied. “Now why don’t you run off to the bedroom and get yourself comfortable while I talk to your man.”

Monica and Elaine both headed down the hall to Garrett’s bedroom, while Jake drew himself up to his full height and leaned into Tyler. “Listen here, Taylor,” he began.

“It’s Tyler,” came the reply.

“Taylor, Tyler, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll just call you ‘Cuck Boy’ because that’s what you’re going to be,” Jake sneered. “Couple of things you need to be real clear about. When I go join your girl in that bedroom, nothing can stop what’s going to happen. And what’s going to happen is that your cute little white fiancée is going to get 11 inches of the thickest blackest dick either one of you has ever seen. Bareback. I aim to stretch that pussy out and fill her so full of cum that she’ll be dripping until tomorrow. She’s going to get the fucking of her life and she’s going to love every bit of it. You sit, and you watch, and you answer if spoken to, but you do not and will not control anything. Got it?”

Tyler blanched. “Yes,” he said quietly, “I’ve got it.”

Jake and Garrett headed down the hall, with Tyler trailing behind. When they entered the bedroom, Monica was sitting on the bed, wearing a thin camisole top and G-string. She looked stunningly pretty. Garrett and Elaine sat on a love seat near the bed, while Jake removed his clothes, down to his boxers, his eyes on the young redhead the whole time. Even in the loose shorts, it was obvious to all there was a very large bulge dangling down between his legs.

Jake turned to Tyler. “Strip,” he ordered. “Your fiancée needs to see how hard you get when she’s fucking a black bull.” Tyler did as he was told, and sat down, uncomfortably, in the chair near the bed.

“Did I tell you to sit?” Jake exclaimed. “Come over here and get your fiancée naked for me.”

Tyler crossed to Monica, slid the thin straps of the camisole over her arms, and lifted the thin garment over her head. Then he slipped the G-string down and took it away as she stepped out of it. Monica smiled nervously as she stood naked in front of Jake for the first time. She was very slender, perhaps 110 pounds, with small A-cup breasts topped by perky red nipples, each of which was pierced by a small silver barbell. Her pussy was completely smooth, devoid of any pubic hair whatsoever. Without a word, she moved closer to Jake, and slowly slid his boxers down to the floor. When she finally looked directly at Jake’s cock, she gasped.

“Oh my god. You’re huge! I don’t think that thing can possibly fit in my pussy, and you’re not even hard!” she said.

Jake laughed. “Don’t worry, baby. By the time we’re done you’ll be taking every last inch of me without any trouble.” He turned to Tyler. “Come on over here and get your fiancé’s pussy nice and wet with your tongue.”

Tyler crossed to be bed and started to kneel in front of Monica, but Jake stopped him. “Not that way, cuck. Lie on your back on the bed.” Tyler did as he was told. “Now sit on your cuck’s face so you can suck my dick,” Jake instructed Monica. The petite young redhead straddled her fiancé’s head and lowered her pussy, pressing down onto Tyler’s mouth. He began to lick her. Jake now stood with one leg on the bed and one on the floor so that the young woman could take his cock in her mouth. Monica did so eagerly, straining to open her jaws enough to accommodate the massive black cock.

For a while, the room was silent, interrupted only by the wet slurping noise as Monica face-fucked her fiancé, while she stroked and licked Jake’s cock into tumescence and eventually full erection. Try as she might, she could only manage to get a few inches into her mouth, but the saliva helped lubricate the now hard cock so that she could stroke it easily. She began to moan softly as Tyler’s tongue and lips aroused her. As she fucked his face back and forth, the squelching became more pronounced.

Elaine quietly unzipped Garrett’s pants and slipped his big cock into view. She bent down and began sucking him. Garrett stiffened quickly. Elaine, hand holding his erection, led him out of the bedroom, leaving Jake and the young white couple alone. None of the others noticed them leave.

A few moments later, Monica looked up at Jake and said, “I’m ready to try. Come and fuck me with your incredible cock.” Then she swung her legs over her fiancé’s head. “Go sit down and watch, Tyler.” His face glistening with her pussy juices, he started to cross to the chair again.

“I didn’t tell you to sit down, cuck,” Jake admonished. “You need to ask me to fuck your fiancé.”

Tyler blushed, but obliged. “Please,” he said.

“Please what?” Jake replied.

“Please do it,” Tyler stammered.

Monica sighed. “For god’s sake, Tyler, ask him to fuck me and make you a cuck.”

“Please, sir, fuck my fiancée’s pussy and fill her up with cum and make us your cuckold couple,” Tyler finally said.

“Good,” Jake said. “Now come over here and take my big black dick and put it in her cunt.”

Without a word, Tyler walked to the bed, spread Monica’s wet pussy lips with one hand, and then carefully took Jake’s rock hard cock in the other and rubbed the head on the opening to his fiancée’s pussy, finally slipping the massive head into the outer lips. Monica moaned, and Tyler went back to the chair.

Jake waited a moment and pressed forward firmly but carefully. At first nothing seemed to happen, but then a bit more of his cock disappeared into Monica’s opening. He waited again, and then drew back to the outer pussy lips and pressed forward again, slipping another inch inside her. Again, he drew back and then pressed forward. Another inch slid out of view. Other than Monica’s panting, the room was dead silent. After ten minutes of careful maneuvering, Jake had managed to slide about 8 inches of his jet black cock into the redhead’s smooth, bare pussy. Her labia gaped open every time he pushed in, and her inner lips gripped him like a vice as he withdrew, but slowly, surely, his precum and her own lubrication made progress a bit easier. Another few minutes passed, and Jake now had all but about the last inch inside Monica. He was now able to draw most of his cock out, and then slide it back in with a steady push, and began a slow and steady rhythmic fucking.

“God, I am so stuffed with your cock,” Monica grunted. “It feels incredible.” Suddenly she tensed, and then began to gasp for air. “Oh, fuck, gonna cum, gonna cum, oh yeahhhh!” she cried out as her body shook with the force of her orgasm. She tensed, then relaxed, and Jake suddenly felt her open up as the last inch of his cock slid into her. “Oh My God!” she groaned, “I can’t believe you got the whole thing inside me.”

Jake laughed. “Told you I would.” Then he leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Look at your cuck fiancé,” he said.

Monica turned her head so she could see Tyler. He was staring as though he had been hypnotized, and his good-sized cock was painfully erect. Monica could see precum glistening at the tip and she giggled. “Well, Tyler, I guess there’s no need to ask if you’re enjoying the show. Tell me how much you like becoming a cuck to a huge black bull,” she said.

Tyler shook his head. “It’s amazing. I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing,” he said. “it’s so hot, but so damn humiliating, too.”

Jake got Monica on her hands and knees so he could pump her from behind. She bent forward, put her head down on the bed, and stuck her tight ass up, then reached between her legs and spread her pussy wide open so he could enter her more easily. He lined his cock up with her pussy opening, slid the head in, and then thrust himself full length into her.

Monica moaned while the bull slowly pumped his cock in and out of her distended cunt, and then gradually increased the speed of his thrusts. “So good, so good, so fucking good,” she repeated over and over as the pace picked up.

Jake grabbed her tight little ass cheeks in each hand and instead of thrusting himself into her, he used her pussy to fuck his cock. “You like that, don’t you, you hot little white slut?” he demanded. Monica could only nod. “Tell me how you like it, girl,” he asked again.

Monica whimpered. “It’s so damn good, it’s incredible. My pussy is so full of your dick. I feel it in places I’ve never felt before, just don’t stop fucking me!” She paused to catch her breath. “Come on; give me your big black cock, you bastard! I want you to stretch my white cunt out and ruin it for Tyler or any other white cock.”
Jake fucked her up and down even harder, and Monica turned to her fiancé once more. “Tyler, I love you,” she said, “but this is the best fucking I’ve ever had. I had no idea sex could be like this. I’ll be your wife, but Jake’s black cock owns my pussy. I hope you can deal with it.” Then she put her head down and groaned again. “I’m cumming on his huge fucking black dick – he’s making me cum again,” and she shook and shuddered as the orgasm took over.

Jake waited until the petite redhead had stopped shuddering and then scooped her up and sat down on the edge of the bed, this time with Monica on top, riding his dick as she faced toward her future husband. She pumped herself up and down on the 11 inch black monster, while her bull cupped his hands under her ass and helped her fuck.

Tyler was mesmerized by the sight of his tiny fiancée riding Jake’s bull cock. Her pussy was engorged and stretched, the inner walls clinging to the black cock as she rode up so it looked like another mouth fastened around her lover from inside her. Tyler’s cock was so hard it hurt, and he was now continually leaking precum as he watched Monica cuckold him.

Monica looked her fiancé right in the eye and in a husky voice said, “Come here baby and eat my pussy while I fuck our huge black bull.”

Tyler knelt in front of her, and leaned forward, sticking out the tip of his tongue to lick her clitoris while avoiding the black cock that she was riding. The result was that he managed to hit her clit only erratically.

Monica was having none of Tyler’s fastidiousness. “I said eat my pussy,” and she grabbed her fiancé by the back of his head and pressed his mouth forward. Tyler resisted for a second, and then gave in, opening his mouth and licking her as she rode. The result, of course, was that he was pressed against her clitoris and labia, but also against the slick hardness of the black cock that was inside her.

“That’s soooo good,” Monica hissed. “Such a good white cuck.” Gradually she became aware that Jake was getting harder and hotter inside her. She knew he was going to climax soon. She pulled Tyler’s face away from her pussy. “Lie on your back on the bed,” she instructed. Then she dismounted from Jake, and straddled her fiancé in a 69, while Jake took her from behind, doggy style. She reached beneath herself to push Tyler’s head up, but he had already grabbed a pillow to prop himself up and was licking her pussy as Jake pumped in and out of her.

Monica groaned loudly and pressed herself down on Tyler’s face, mashing her soaking wet pussy onto his mouth and lips as Jake fucked her harder and harder. She felt her own orgasm approaching as her pussy spasmed and clamped down hard on Jake’s cock. “Fuck my hot white cunt, baby. Fill it full of your cum, come on and claim it now,” she screamed as her orgasm built in intensity.

Jake needed no more encouragement. With a roar, he thrust himself as deep into Monica as he could get and felt himself pour into her, squirt after squirt of his sperm shooting into the inner recesses of her womb. “Fuck, yeah, you hot white cunt, take my black cumload until it fertilizes you. Oh, goddam, you are one serious hot white fuck,” he groaned. He finally felt the last of his sperm leave his cock. Catching his breath for a moment, he slowly withdrew, trying to keep as much of his seed inside the little redhead as he could. Finally, he backed away, leaving Monica in her 69 with Tyler.

Monica wasted no time. She pulled the pillow out from under her fiancé’s head, turned nimbly around so her pussy was above his mouth, and lowered herself down to him. As she did so, Tyler opened his mouth wide and grabbed her hips, pressing Monica down harder. A moment later, he could feel, and then taste Jake’s sperm as it ran out of Monica’s pussy and into his mouth, while he thrust his tongue inside her. The black bull’s cumload was huge, but he licked and sucked and swallowed while his fiancé moaned in excitement and ground her pussy down.

“Jerk your cock, Tyler,” she whispered as she rode his mouth. He needed little encouragement and started vigorously stroking his big white cock. “Come on, sweetheart, shoot your cum all over. It’s not going to get in my pussy tonight – that’s reserved for black cum.”

Tyler groaned and bucked his hips as his semen shot high in the air and spattered down all over his stomach and chest as he continued to suck Jake’s load out of his fiancee’s sopping pussy.

Keep it in your mouth, baby,” Monica said, as she drained. When she finally finished, she leaned down and kissed Tyler, pulling his mouth to hers and they swapped the cum, kissed each other and finally lay quietly.

“What do you think, sweetie?” she asked.

Tyler smiled. “I think my sweet fiancée’s just been fucked a hundred times better than I’ve ever fucked her. I also think your pussy is most likely now owned by a huge hung black bull, and I know we’ve just become a white cuck couple to big black cock. I can’t wait for round two.”

“Amen to that,” was all Monica said.

Jake laughed. “Next time I’m going to take you and your sister. Together.”

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