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A Creamy Fantasy Comes True

** This is a true story - only the names have been changed to protect the naughty and the innocent ;) **

My fiance and I had been together for about 2 years when one evening, as we were lying in bed preparing to make love, the topic of our individual fantasies came up...


When I was 34, my marriage fell apart when my ex-wife cheated on me for the last time. I sought solace from mutual friends of ours - Kris and Norm. When I moved out, I moved in temporarily with Kris and Norm while waiting for my new place to become available. We quickly fell deeply in love and she left him for me.

It wasn't a completely clean break however, and in the chaos that ensued from both her ex and mine during our first summer together, she tried to leave me by sleeping with Norm again thinking that it would cause me to leave for good. She was just trying to stop the chaos so - although hurt - I stayed and we worked through it. There were the natural feelings of betrayal along with some mistrust. So imagine her surprise one night nearly 2 years later when I told her the fantasy I've been dreaming about for years.

I told her that my ultimate fantasy was to have someone fuck her, cream inside her tight pussy, and then for me to go down on her and clean up the mess and make love to her after.

She sat there confused at how - on one hand - I was jealous and felt betrayed when she slept with Norm, but then somehow could get off on someone else not only being inside her, but then CUMMING inside her, and then to top it off - that I'd happily eat the mess and get off on all of it? WTF??

I explained how it isn't the same thing for me, that it was the betrayal of it that bothered me, and that if we came up with some boundaries of what we were both ok with and what we weren't that it would be a complete turn on.

We discussed it a little more as she sat there in disbelief until she noticed that my cock was harder than it ever had been and precum was not only forming at the tip - but that there was so much of it - that it started to drip down the length of my 7 inch cock. It was in that moment, that she started to truly believe that my fantasy actual does turn me on beyond anything she'd ever seen and she climbed on and we had mind-blowing sex.

For a few days, we talked about the pros and cons, and in the end, we decided that it wasn't for us. She didn't want to share her body with anyone else, and she sure as hell didn't want to share me with anyone either.

So we left it, our sex had always been amazing and I was content with the idea that my fantasy would never come true.

However, she would make comments about it from time to time. One time she was at the gas station, and she said that maybe she should bring home the young man at the counter who was checking her out. She would make comments like that which made me wonder if this wasn't a closed issue after all! And when she saw the excitement in my pants every time it came up, she started to wonder if there was any way she could fulfill her mans fantasy after all.

One afternoon on the way home during a out-of-town day-trip, the subject came up again.

She asked me pointedly "Would you seriously be ok with sharing me with someone else?"

I said "Absolutely, as long as I was involved in the process, it would be an amazing turn on!"

She asked "Really?"

"Yes!" I answered.

"I just couldn't stand it if it ruined our relationship Kev, I wouldn't be doing it for the cock, and I'd be solely doing it to make you happy. I don't know if I even want to be attracted to the guy, or cum - it's only for you anyhow." She said

I said "Me neither Kris, all I want is you, and if some stupid fantasy is going to ruin what we have, then I'm not interested"

"Ok! Then let's do it! How are we going to find someone to fuck me though? I've never been one to just go and come on to some random guy - not since I was a teenager anyhow" Kris wondered aloud.

"Really? You'd do this for me?" I asked.

"I just want to be everything you fantasize about one else. If I can give this to you and it makes you happy, then I wanna do it" She answered.

We sat in silence then as I wondered if she was serious, or if this was something she'd change her mind about. She had her phone in her hands and was flipping through facebook as I drove.

"What about Ted?" She asked out of the silence.

Ted was a mutual friend of ours who we both knew in high school. He has a reputation as a bit of a man whore. I heard he was pretty good in bed, I don't know whether she heard the same thing.

"Yah, he'd be ok" I said

She sent him a facebook message saying "Hey stranger! How's it going?"

As we waited for his reply, she kept scrolling through the list of people on her facebook friend list.

She then mentioned "I'm worried about disease though Kev, if you want him to cum inside me, I want it to be with someone safe, Ted's been around - who knows what he might have!"

"That's a good point" I agreed.

Then she said "What about Darren?"

Darren was a tattoo artist we both knew who actually did both of our matching tattoos that prior year. She had slept with him once in high school she told me previously.

I said "Yah he would work. I just don't want our upcoming marriage to be cheapened in his eyes though. He did our tattoos - and he warned us that he felt uneasy about it since who knew whether we'd stay together. I just don't want him to think less of us"

She said "Yah, but I think he'd be ok."

She text Darren, and they chatted about this and that to start with, then she asked him if she could ask his opinion about something. She told him about how we had been talking about fantasies and how one of them in particular was pretty juicy. She told him my fantasy and how I wanted her to get fucked and filled with another man's cum and then I'd have my way with her after. He responded "Wow! That IS juicy". Then she blew his mind by sending him a text - "Your name came up".

Darren had just recently divorced his wife, and he was free. He had fucked Kris before, but they remained friends afterwards. Darren remained rather interested but cautious about it as well - he was worried that my ego might get the best of me and that I'd end up livid with him after and it would ruin all three of our friendships. He said he would think about it.

When we got home, I was hard as a rock and we made love, with the fresh ideas and plans for the future fresh on our minds. It was intense and wonderful.

A couple days later, I surprised her by advertising on Craigslist looking for someone to cum inside her. She was surprised to say the least but was curious and let the ad stand. I created a Gmail account especially for replies and we both set up our phones to receive them.

Over the next week or so, a few ads caught our eye, and she replied to a couple of them asking for more information or pictures and talking about the details of what we were looking for. One day, an email came in from a young stud with a full sleeve (she loves tattoos) and he looked pretty hot. She was beside me in the car as she read the email and opened it only to find he had an enormous cock that I even had to admit looked enticing. She blushed as a wave of desire for this strange cock shivered through her. I asked "Does his cock turn you on?" She blushed and the twinkle in her eye confirmed what she meekly said - a simple quiet "yes".

My cock instantly came to life as I watched my fiance get wet over another man. Up until this point, we both thought that the other guy would be a means to satisfy my fantasy, but we realized then that if she got off on it too - that it would be ok.

Anyways, nothing came out of the craigslist ad other than the newfound idea that I wanted her to enjoy herself too; we had to find someone who she wanted to sleep with, and even someone who could make her cum all over his cock.

One day, she said "What about Jessie?" Jessie was a friend from high school who she had fooled around with a little but never fucked. He had asked her for years to cheat on her husband with him and she thought he might be into it.

She messaged him and told him the fantasy and at first, he seemed down for it. But then he also added "I might have to stop the wedding though. I'd want you for myself!!" So he was out. We wanted someone who had no strings and little chance of it getting messy later.

On the day my fantasy came true, she was staying at her mom's place for the weekend, and an old friend dropped by to see the family. He had known Kris and her sister since they were in their teens, and he had fucked both sisters (on separate occasions) and was still fucking Kris's sister from time to time.

He had grown up and lived in another province, had a wife and two kids - and a beautiful Harley Davidson Road Glide. He offered Kris a ride while I was on the phone with her. She's like "really :D??" and he's like "yah!!!". She quickly says to me, "Erik's here and he's gonna give me a ride on his bike, gotta go!" and hangs up!

I was furious!! I couldn't believe that she just told me she was going for ride hanging on to some other man while I was home with the kids. I started messaging her furiously "WTF!!! You didn't ask me...just told me that you're gonna go hang off some other dude and get your thrills?? I wanted a bike a month ago, and you wouldn't let me buy it cause of the wedding, but it's no big deal if you go off with some other dude doing what I wanted to do with you!?!?!"

I continued "I'll remember this when I get a bike and some skank wants to hang on to me and go for a rip and cream herself all over your man's bike! I don't think you'd be ok with it!"

She laughed to herself knowing that she could get me to flip from livid to lustful in the blink of an eye.

But then she finally said "I see your point, I won't go".

I replied "Thank you".

I calmed down instantly, but still couldn't believe that she would do that to me, or that she wouldn't think of how I'd feel.

Then a couple minutes later out of the blue, I get a text...

"What if we used Erik for your fantasy?"

My jealousy instantly turned into an erection as I read the words. Here was a guy, who lived out of town (no chance meetings afterwards), who had a wife and kids of his own (no attachments issues), who she fucked before (they already fucked before our marriage, so why not again!) and who she said would be into it 100%.

The only problem was where and when!

She said "He leaves tomorrow at noon. So tonight? Hotel? Erik says he's in, and he asked if it's bad that he's getting a chub just thinking about it!"

"Holy fuck!" I thought. It might actually happen!

We talked about how we would make it work since she was going out with the girls for another girl's stagette that night, and I had the kids. After discussing it, we started to think it wouldn't work.

I started getting supper ready, and she was at her moms getting ready to go out and then Kris agreed to leave the stagette early if I could get my oldest daughter babysit the kids!!

She left for her dinner and I was excited with the prospect of it, I finally blurted out in a message "Let's just do it! Have some wine with dinner and let's rock each other's world tonight!!"

She responded "Bellini in front of me and wine on the way!" and then "Ok, Erik's gonna call around 8 and we'll meet him at the hotel at 8:30."

She added "You better really want this Kev!"

I told her that I did and I meant every word of it.

A little while later, I had to go get my daughters friend to come help her babysit.

I messaged Kris and say "Just driving to get Danielle, then I can come play!"

She responded "yay"

Just as I was about to pull up to Danielle's house, I got a text from her that Erik was going to be calling me since she was out with the girls, couldn't hear and wasn't able to speak freely anyhow. I asked why and she responded a simple "arrange". I said "you're ok with this?" and she said "I'm fine".

Then my phone rang and I started talking with a man who would be inside my fiance in about an hour's time. It was surreal as I spoke to this stud about sensitive subject matter -- especially given I'd never met or spoken with him before.

He asked me what we were looking for and what was allowed and not allowed in my mind. He said "This is your thing, and I'm sure you've put alot of thought into it over the years, so I just wanna know what you're looking for exactly and what I can and can't do. This is for you, not for me"

So I said "I want you to cum inside her so protection isn't required. No kissing on the lips, no going down on each other but any other kissing or touching is fine. Also no anal and as rude as it sounds, after you cum, if you could fuck off that would be great"

He said "Absolutely!"

I continued "I'm just not a performer, so it's important that you'd be ok with fucking her and then leaving right after. As far as pleasing her, I won't have a problem if you get her to enjoy herself as long as you stay with the rules."

He confirmed "Yah, that's totally cool"

So we set the time for 8:30 where we'd meet at the hotel and check in and wait for my fiance to arrive. I picked up Danielle and drove her home.

Kris text me and ultimately confirmed that she was completely 100% in for this fantasy by asking for some items from home, such as a shaver, a pony tail holder, a brush, a slip (no one gets to see me naked but you she said) , her toothbrush and of course the bottle of chilled wine we had in our fridge.

As I was packing these things, she text me and I confirmed it was a go and that I was meeting Erik at 8:30.

I asked her "When are you gonna leave?"

She answered "Soon, but don't worry about it, go spend time with the man who is gonna fuuuuck me! Gotta go, I got shots coming!!"

I finished packing up and put the kids to bed, and started driving to the hotel to meet the man who was going to fill my woman with his naughty load.

She sends a text "Gonna be a baaaaad girl!!!!" and then another "Gonna get fucked by another man and then by mah hunny"

I was absolutely rock hard as I drove. I couldn't wait and I messaged her saying that I wanted her soooooo bad.

When I got there, he was sitting on the bench near the entrance to the hotel and I waved as I passed looking for a place to park. I found a spot near his bike, grabbed the backpack of items for my woman, and went to meet him as he was walking towards the car. We shook hands and it wasn't as weird as I anticipated. We looked at his bike and chatted a bit about it, and then I told him she was on the way soon and I'd go register at the front desk.

While at the front desk just as we were wrapping up, Kris text me and said she was on her way. I was so excited, I could barely stand it.

Key Card in hand, I messaged Kris "Good to go; room 306. We'll wait by the back door!" (This was the same door we entered over two years prior for our very first sexual encounter together!)

I grabbed Erik and we walked around to the back door chatting about this and that, where he lived, and I gave him a bit of background on our relationship.

She pulled into the parking lot, music blaring, sunroof open, sunglasses on in our hot 2010 VW Golf looking fucken sexy as ever and both Erik and I watched her pull into the parking spot.

I went up to greet her and said "Hey baby" and gave her a passionate greeting. My mind was racing as I'm sure hers was too as we kissed under the hot evening sun. As we pulled away, we locked eyes -- and I saw both the nervousness and excitement in her beautiful blue eyes.

We walked to the door where Erik was waiting and she said "Hey Erik! It''s kinda funny, this is where Kev and I fucked for the first time too!"

He smiled and said "Yah, I heard!"

We got up to the room and cracked open the wine and chit chatted a bit. Kris was cute as ever as she nervously talked and chuckled at the surreal situation. After we settled in, her and I went into the bathroom and talked a bit as she got ready for her shower.

She got in the shower and told me to go hang with Erik and ask him about the time when they had an orgy together - he and a friend fucked her and her friend back in high school.

I went out and Erik told me how one night him and a buddy wondered if they might be able to convince a couple girls to have some fun and "party like it's the 70's -- fuck all night and friends in the morning". He said it was just one of those things that was a once in a lifetime thing and would never happen again in a million years.

I surveyed the room a little as we talked and saw that there was a chair near the bed off to the side where I could sit and watch another man fuck my fiance. I considered the lighting and figured that if I opened the curtain -- enough light would peek into the room to create the perfect mix of light so that -- on one hand -- I could see the naughtiness firsthand -- yet Kris wouldn't feel self conscience at the same time.

Around that time, we heard the bathroom door open and out walked my gorgeous fiance in her silk black slip looking both incredibly cute and sexy as she nervously walked out of the bathroom. Both Erik and I were captivated at this beautiful woman who agreed to be our naughty girl for the night.

I got her some wine, and she crawled into the other side of the bed that Erik was lying on already and pulled up the covers and made some comments about how she was nervous and "never done this sort of thing before". She chuckled to us saying "Imagine me! Nervous? WTF!?!"

I just wanted to scoop her up into my arms and tell her that everything was going to be alright and thank her for wanting to be my ultimate fantasy.

She sipped her wine... and I could sense that she needed something to calm I offered to go get some smokes to relax. She said "yah! I think that'll help, I need to just calm down a bit".

I gave her a kiss and left for the store and told them not to start without me. She said "We won't. I promise!"

The store was only a block away and I was back soon -- finding them having a casual conversation laying the bed just as I left them. We lit up a smoke and sat chatting with our wine...and I said "I think I have a new request. I think I want you to make her cum while I'm kissing her. I think that would be hot!" They both agreed to try -- which sent a shiver right into my cock thinking about it.

She asked "So you're just gonna sit there and watch while he fucks me?"

I answered "Yah, I wanna see you guys fucking!"

She nervously said "It's just weird... the man I love is gonna watch me have sex with another man!!!"

I grinned "I know."

She asked me "I can't do it with the bathroom light on...can you turn it off please?"

I said "yah babe, I have to go pee anyhow"

While in the washroom, Erik started initiating it all by touching her. All the sudden I hear "Is it ok if Erik starts touching me Kev?"

I said "Yah! For sure!"

I came out to find him leaning over her with his fingers playing with her pussy. She had a worried look on her face, but she also had moments where I could tell that her body was betraying what little inhibitions she had left. She would slightly tilt her head back and tense up as he was fingering her tight pussy. I could also hear her quietly moan.

I sat in the chair and she looked directly into my eyes. We've always had such a connection and I instantly realized what her eyes said. "Oh Kev, I really hope this is what you wanted; because it's happening right now. Erik is fingering your woman's pussy right in front of you and I'm getting to the point where I wouldn't be able to say no if I wanted to. My body is betraying me Kev! Mmmmmm. Please show me that you're ok with this! If you're not I'm sorry, but this is starting to feel good, and I'm gonna take this strange man's cock deep inside my pussy...please show me you love me...confirm that I'm living out your fantasy right -- cause I'm letting Erik take me -- for you!! "
All this time she was looking intensely at me, her moaning continued but it was different than the moans I was used to. She sounded almost the same, but there was a hint of hesitancy, she was reserved as if she didn't fully believe I'd be ok with her enjoying another man touching her.

I couldn't stand by and watch any longer so I knelt beside the bed just as Erik lifted her slip to release her beautiful big 38D tits. As they came into view, I knew that Erik was turned on by the site of my beautiful fiance. The breasts that only I had known for two years were in front of him in plain view -- and he couldn't resist taking the left nipple into his hungry mouth.

I kissed my lovely naughty fiance as Erik fingered her tight pussy and sucked her left nipple. When I pulled away, she whispered so desperately "I love you Kev!"

I whispered back "I love you too!!!"

We went back to kissing but then I had a nasty thought...I wanted to take her right nipple into my mouth as Erik sucked on her left. Kris has always had super sensitive nipples, and I knew that having both sucked on at the same time was something she's never experienced, and would be something she'd never forget.

So as Erik's fingers made her pussy wet, I moved down her body kissing her neck and chest until I finally arrived at her sensitive nipple and the two of us both caressed her beautiful large breasts in our hand and took her erect nipples into our mouths as she couldn't help but moan without hesitation. I could start to hear her wetness as she was fingered by another man confirming that she was enjoying having two men show her so much attention at the same time.

She arched her back as our play with her always sensitive nipples sent shockwaves into her horny hot body and I heard her pussy betraying her, as it continued making that alluring wet sound as Erik fingered my woman. She reached over and grabbed Erik's long 9" cock with her one hand and put her other hand into my underwear to find my 7" cock awakened as well. He may have been longer than me, but he was thin, whereas mine had the perfect girth for her pussy. I could tell that she was enthralled with the idea that on one hand, she'd feel Erik's long cock push deeper into her than she'd ever felt from me -- but then she's have my cock stretch her shortly thereafter. She started to play with the enormous amount of precum that had formed at the tip of my pulsating cock as she considered this erotic thought.

I felt movement on the bed; I opened my eyes and peered up to find my fiance anxiously anticipating what we both had been waiting for. While Erik moved into position I was more completely turned on than I had ever been in my life as my fiance opened her eyes, stared into mine, as we both anticipated his naughty entrance into her tight wet pussy.

Time seemed to stand still during those few seconds as we both knew that any moment now Erik's manhood would seek entrance into her tight wet pussy. I felt her lift her hips and looked down to find Erik putting a pillow under her gorgeous ass and I thought "With her elevated like that, his foreign seed will stay in my fiance after he's done". The thought was utterly thrilling!

He moved into position now, the look in her eyes was now nothing but passion; the hesitation seemed all but gone in her beautiful sensual eyes. She had felt his strange cock in her hand just moments ago, and she knew any second that she would feel his that same strange cock seek out the entrance to her hot, soaking wet, newly naughty pussy.

As we continued kissing and staring into each other's eyes, all the sudden she broke our kiss, arched her back pushing her breasts out as she tilted her head back, and grabbed tightly onto the headboard of the bed as Erik thrust deep into her pussy in one stroke with his long 9" inch cock. In a split second, another man was deeper in my fiance than I could ever be, and seeing her shake uncontrollably was such an erotic moment I will never forget!

A moan escaped Erik as he entered my naughty fiances tight pussy. The pussy had been only mine for over two years, but now another man was able to feel the incredible tight, hot and wet pussy I had to myself for so long. I'm sure he was realizing - as I had years before - that no matter how wet Kris gets, her pussy holds a man's cock like a vice. She is the only woman I've ever been with where it didn't matter how much delicious fluids her body released, the sensation never changes. I felt a sense of community service as I shared this amazing woman's pussy with another man and let him experience what I had kept to myself for so long.

She came back to kiss me as Erik continued thrusting into her newly naughty pussy, and the passion in her eyes was confirmation that this once private fantasy of mine had -- in that moment -- become our fantasy. She was no longer nervous, she was no longer apprehensive, she was a woman lost in the pleasures of another man's foreign cock exploring the depths of her pussy while her man encouraged and got off on it!

Her moaning continued as Erik pounded her pussy, he lifted her leg up high to get deeper inside her, but he was too long, it hurt my poor baby's small tight pussy, so she had to break our kiss to ask him to put it back down.

As he put it back down, my fiance settled in and began enjoying it again.

I was so satisfied that my princess was enjoying herself. Her moans, the look in her beautiful eyes, her pursed lips, and her moving her hips to meet him all portrayed to me that no matter what she said afterwards - in that moment - she was enjoying being such a naughty girl for me. I drank it all in as I dreaded the thought that this might be the only time we share in this naughty fantasy.

I could tell that she was getting close. We kissed more passionately. I knew this kiss! This was the same kiss she shared with me so many times when she's approaching orgasm!! My cock pulsated as I realized that maybe she would actually cum all over this man's strange cock!!

There wasn't a tinge of jealousy in my mind. I thought she was being such a good girl and that I wanted her to cum with Erik -- I mean she deserved it! I wanted to kiss her while she convulsed around another man's penis. Her moaning increased, her body temperature rose slightly, and then I heard Erik say "Oh fuck!" and Kris started going wild saying "yes. Yes! YES!!"

Her eyes rolled back, her moaning was ear piercing as she kept urging him on. At first I thought she was cumming but then I realized that it was actually Erik who was exploding his massive load into my fiances tight pussy!!

When I realized that, I nearly came instantly with the thought that another man was filling my girl with his seed -- and she was enjoying it!!! She broke the kiss again as she couldn't take anymore, I moved down to her breast again and sucked on her nipple as he came. She was writhing in pleasure as her man and her lover took her places she'd never been before. Her moans were intoxicating!! It seemed to go on forever and I wasn't sure if she had cum or not. I wasn't inside her pussy to feel if she had been contracting or not, only her and Erik knew for sure.

Erik slowed his pace as he moaned and finishing filling her to overflowing.

I moved up to kiss her again as Erik reluctantly pulled out of her. She closed her legs instantly as I requested of her previously to keep as much naughty fluids from escaping her freshly fucked pussy. I was so proud of her for remembering during such an overwhelming moment! Erik got off the bed without saying a word and started getting dressed.

The look in her eyes was one of total desire. We locked in one of the most passionate kisses we've ever had.

She paused and said "I love you so much Kev!"

I said "I love you too!! Thank you baby! Thank you!"

I imagine that she was beside herself to hear that I was wholeheartedly thanking her for allowing another man to cum within the depths of her sweet pussy.

As Erik walked to the door, we kissed again as I moved my hand down to her left breast -- the same one Erik had touched and sucked only minutes ago.

I moved down to take her left nipple - the same Erik was sucking before - into my mouth now as I asked her "Did you cum baby?"

She pouted "No. I was right there though but then he came inside me Kev before I could!"

My poor girl!!! I felt so sorry for her that she didn't quite get to experience her well deserved orgasm on another man's penis. Even though I was on the brink of cumming myself, I forced myself to calm down -- I had to get this poor girl off now!! I had to make sure that she was completely satisfied before I added my seed to the multiple fluids already in her soaking wet pussy.

I said "Well that's what I'm here for princess; to make sure you cum. You deserve it so much! What do you say I go clean out your dirty pussy first?"

She moaned "mmmmmmm"

I slowly moved down her body, stopping to kiss her every now and then. We heard the door open and close as Erik exited as he promised he would. We were alone now to put the finishing touches on this amazing experience.

As I neared her naughty wet pussy, her moaning increased as did mine. I've wanted to eat out a creampie for so long and I was only inches away from living my ultimate fantasy!

As my eyes following over her freshly shaven pussy mound, the sweet smell of my woman's pussy hit me but I noticed a slightly new sensation. She also smelt like another man's cum.

I crested her pubic bone and the sight before my eyes was a dream come true! Her pussy was puffy, and her lips were still slightly open from having another cock within them only moments ago. The slightest spot of cum was visible in the opening, and it occured to me that since he was so thin and long, that most of this delicious creampie was still deep deep within her.

I could no longer wait as I shoved my face into the delicious mess, and started licking, and sucking, and tasting her naughty treat. Her cum and his were filling my mouth as my cock rubbed against the bed at full mast under me. She was moaning louder now that there wasn't a stranger in the room, and her moans turns to groans, and her groans turned to a shiver all throughout her magnificent body.

She was pushing her pussy into my face, as I loved tasting the sensual blend of fluids, and then she started crying out that she was cumming -- and her pussy tensed up and contracted as she pushed even more juices down my throat. Her orgasm was stronger than any I've seen her have by my mouth, and I was so happy that I was able to pick up where her selfish stranger left off.

As her orgasm subsided, the full realization hit me! I had just eaten out a man's load from her freshly fucked pussy. I was hard as a rock and my cock was soaked with my own precum as I moved up her body and entered her entirely in one smooth motion. Her pussy was incredibly wet as I realized that not all of Erik's strange seed had made it to my mouth after all!

We started talking dirty to each other as we finally connected in our special way. Except this time, she was my dirty slut and I was thanking her for her special gift to me with my rock hard cock that was still her favorite.

I know exactly what she likes so it wasn't long before she was creaming all over my cock as well screaming "I'm such a dirty girl for you Kev" She spasmed like crazy as I pounded her naughty pussy. Her moans were deafening now and she started begging for me to cum.

I asked her if she wanted to be filled for a second time within the same half hour and she screamed "YES!!!! Fill my dirty pussy with your cum Kev!!! I want you to replace Erik's cum with your own! The only cum I care about is yours"

I couldn't handle it anymore, years worth of perverted cum came boiling up from my balls through my shaft and into her tight, wet, dirty, deliciously naughty pussy as we mutually moaned and screamed out in ecstasy. Usually I squirt 3 or 4 times and only the first couple are intense...but this time...I ejected 5 huge spurts of cum and every single one was intense as the first. My cock pulsed another 3 or 4 more times as my orgasm concluded.

I was in awe.

I couldn't believe that this gorgeous seemingly so innocent woman was the most deliciously dirty girl I had ever encountered.

I looked into her eyes and we passionately kissed as we felt my semen drip out of her overfilled pussy.

She said "I think you have some cleaning to do"

I was in shock as she had never asked me too -- nor had I ever -- gone down on her after I came in her before. She saw my hesitation but thought she shouldn't be the only one to be out of her comfort zone tonight and pushed my head down to her ravished pussy. She knew what she wanted, and what she wanted right now was for me to clean up the fluids of this naughty encounter!

All my hesitation and fear evaporated when I saw her pussy filled with cum for the second time. I had stretched her out enough that my cum was literally oozing out of her tortured pussy. I curled my tongue and forced the cum back into her pussy then locked my mouth over her mound and she held my head to her cunt.

I licked and sucked and craved every last drop out of the most wonderful dirty pussy I had ever known. As she exploded in orgasm for the third time that night, I drank every last drop.


As I finish writing this, it's been a week since our naughty encounter and we both still look back on it fondly. We were talking dirty the other night while we were making love about the time when she was in her early twenties where she fucked three different men in the same night. I came in her tight naughty pussy as she told me that perhaps we should break her personal record...but we both agreed that I would have some cleaning to do after!!

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