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Absolute Devotion Ch. 06

When Erica and Jimmy got back to the apartment, I was sitting in the dark in my bedroom eating gummy bears and playing with a toy plastic microscope I had gotten at a dollar store for more than a dollar. I heard the front door open and they came in. They were laughing loudly at first and then Erica starting shushing Jimmy.

"You said the smoke alarm didn't wake him up," Jimmy laughed.

"That doesn't mean we should wake up the whole neighborhood," Erica told him. "Keep your voice down."

"Okay, sorry," Jimmy whispered.

"Sit down over there, on the couch," she told him.

"Shouldn't we, um, go to your bedroom?"

"Relax, he won't wake up, I promise. Can I get you a drink?"

"Yeah, definitely," he said.

"You want a beer or something stronger?"

"What do you have?"

"Well, we have vodka, rum, tequila, and peppermint schnapps."

"Peppermint schnapps?"

"Yeah, Keith likes to drink it in a sippy cup with a candy cane in it while wearing a Santa suit."

"You mean like at Christmas parties?"

"Well, other times of the year as well, I imagine. We've only lived together for a short period of time."

"Okay, yeah, well, how about a shot of tequila?"

"Gets your courage up," Erica said. "Tends to make you do things you later regret."

"You know this from experience?"

"Maybe. Here, it is a little more than a shot, but what the hell. Here's to tonight."

I heard two glasses clink together and sat hugging my knees and rocking back and forth with gummy bears stuck to the front of my Aquaman pajamas. I'd stuck them there on purpose because of my tendency towards defiance.

I couldn't hear anything from the other room so I got up from the floor, the gummy bears detaching themselves from my pajama top and dropping onto the carpet, and went to my bedroom door. I pressed my ear against the door but could only hear muffled voices.

I had made a play telephone a week earlier. It was the kind with two tin cans attached with a long length of string. There was a teenage boy who lived in the bedroom of the apartment across from my bedroom window. I had tried, in vain, to convince him to use my tin can telephone with me but he just looked at me like I didn't have my shit together. I still had the tin can telephone system, so I pulled one of the cans free from the string and was about to press it against the door when I caught sight of the glass jar I had brought into my room in case I had to urinate during the night.

I pressed the open bottom end of the glass jar against the door and pressed my ear against the bottom. I could not hear any talking at all, but I listened more intently and I knew why they weren't talking. I could clearly hear kissing noises. They were making out in the living room.

I closed my eyes and listened harder. I knew they were kissing. Jimmy's hands were probably all over Erica's body, sliding up her thigh and her ass and trying to get access to her pussy. The kissing got harder to hear and I closed my eyes and prayed for better hearing.

"Oh my god..." I heard Erica moan out quietly before she stopped moaning words and just quietly and sweetly moaned and gasped. She went on like that for several minutes before saying, "Damn, you have a VERY talented tongue, Mr. Jimmy."

I could hear the sounds of kissing again, fast and furious and with intermittent gasps and grunts. Then I heard something bang against the wall between my bedroom and the living room, followed by a crashing sound.

Both Erica and Jimmy made laughing sound that were more like giggling, and Erica said, "I probably shouldn't have thrown your belt like that, but it needed to come off."

"Damn that feels good," Jimmy gasped after a couple minutes had passed.

"I thought it might," Erica replied a few moments later.

For several long minutes all I could hear was what sounded like deep, wet, and intense kissing. I waited for any hint at what else might be going on.

Then, when I had almost given up, Jimmy started moaning loudly and said, "Damn girl, you can really suck a cock."

His moaning then got louder and he yelled out "FUCK YEAH!" in such a way that I knew he had just achieved orgasm.

I took my glass jar away from the door and slid my body down the door and collapsed in a heap on the carpet. I convinced myself that was the end of it.

"Damn Erica, how did you learn to suck cock like that?" Jimmy asked her in a voice I could hear very clearly.

"Years of practicing and doing it every day," she said nonchalantly.

"Every day, huh? Keith is a lucky man."

"Oh, I've never gone down on Keith. He doesn't like getting head. He says it freaks him out."

"Shit, he's an idiot. So, who do you, well, practice on?"

"Well, since we've moved in here we have a neighbor that has been known to come by and visit me after Keith goes to work, and my boss from time to time, and my ex-boyfriend Mike, because that was all he wanted from me anyway. Shall I go on?"

"No, that's fine, I really don't need to know. So, does Keith know about these other men?"

"Why don't we not talk about him?"

"Okay, yeah, that's kind of bad form under the circumstances, yeah."

"Would you like another drink, Jimmy?"

"Let me go to the little girls' room first," Erica told him. "Feel free to make us a couple drinks while you're waiting."

I was lying on the floor, just listening. I found myself wishing I could be out in the living room with them. I didn't want to be in Jimmy's place. I just wanted to be able to see my Erica in all her glory.

A piece of paper slid under my bedroom door. It startled me, but then I picked it up and tried to see what it was in the darkness of my room. I held it up close to my face and managed to make out the words, "You better be jacking off in there or I'll make you go to a motel room next time."

The note was in Erica's handwriting and she had managed to write it and slip it under my door on her way to the bathroom. I could hear Jimmy clanking bottles and glasses together in the kitchen, so I knew he was preoccupied, so I scrambled to find a piece of paper to write a response.

I couldn't find a pen anywhere in the dark, and I was afraid to turn on a light, so I pulled down my pajama pants, and opened my door just a crack after I heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open.

Erica glared at me when she saw me peeking out through the crack in the door. Then I opened it just a little bit more so she could see I was standing there with my pants off and my rock hard erection in my pants. She was still wearing her low-cut top, but was no longer wearing her bra. She still had her miniskirt on but was no longer wearing the high heels.

She smiled and pulled the door closed.

"Where were we?" she asked Jimmy after she returned to the living room.

"I made a couple of drinks, they're kind of half-assed margaritas but I hope you like."

There was a pause, likely as she tasted the margarita, and she said, "Not half-bad."

I could hear what sounded like them kissing again, accompanied by quiet moans and sighs. I started trying to stroke my cock as I listened, but when I tried to get into it, instead of visualizing what they were doing and being turned on by it, I got choked up with emotion and began crying.

There were all kinds of sounds coming from the living room, the kissing sounds, the moans and sighs, the sound of furniture being accidently bumped into, and at one point I heard a glass fall over and break.

"Oh yes, Jimmy, that's what I've been waiting for all night, put it inside me," Erica moaned out loudly. "Come on, baby, fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK... ME..."

"Fuck yeah," Jimmy groaned. "You like that, bitch? You like when I fuck you?"

"I love it, Jimmy. I love it. Fuck me harder. HARDER!"

They were making no effort to be quiet, and I sat on the floor in the dark listening, my cock in my hand and tears running down my face.

"You're a nasty girl, Erica! Tell me what you want, nasty girl! Tell me what you want."

"Put it in my ass, Jimmy! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ASS!" Erica was all but screaming the words and for a while all I heard was grunts and groans.

Then Erica yelled out, "That's it, baby! Oh god, YES! Fuck that ass! FUCK. THAT. ASS!"

"Spread those legs wider, bitch! Spread them wider! I'm gonna fuck you like the whore you are!"

I was shaking and crying, unable to stop the emotion from completely overwhelming me. I sat on my floor, my knees up in front of my chest, holding them tightly and rocking back and forth. Then, for some reason, I reached up and turned my doorknob. The door opened inwards and looked in the direction of the bathroom, which was at the other end of the hall from the living room. Once I opened the door I could hear them like they were right in front of me.

I let go of my knees and got down on the floor like a snake or turtle. I tried to look out the door, around the corner of the door frame, so that I could see what was happening. I got very low to the floor, so that I was practically eating the carpet, and very cautiously slid my head out into the hallway just enough so that my eyes could see into the living room.

Jimmy had his back to me. He was on top of Erica and completely naked, drenched in sweat. I could see Erica's gorgeous legs, spread out wide on either side of Jimmy as he thrust back and forth into her. Neither one could see me in the position they were in, so I kept my head pressed against the floor and turned towards them so I could watch.

They were grunting and groaning and Jimmy kept calling Erica names, but the one that sent a shiver down my spine was when he said, "You like getting that ass fucked, you cheating whore? DO YOU LIKE IT?"

"YES!" she moaned. "YES!"

She sounded like she was about to cum, which I'd never witnessed in all my time of knowing her. I could see her legs shaking and her moans were louder and more intense.

He kept slamming hard into her ass and she soon came. Her orgasm was highlighted by her whole body seizing up and a long, soulful cry almost like that of a wounded animal. She all but fell completely off the couch, but he grabbed her hand and steadied her while she caught her breath.

I slithered back into my room and quietly closed the door, making sure to turn the doorknob as I did so in order to gradually, and quietly, let it latch closed.

"Damn," said Jimmy, breathing very heavily. "That was incredible."

"I have got to go to the little girls' room again. All that booze and great sex really does a number on me."

"Take your time," Jimmy said. "I need a few minutes to catch my breath."

I heard Erica walk by, go into the bathroom and close the door. I leaned my back up against the closed bathroom door and sighed. I hoped he would now leave. There was only so much I could take.

Then I heard Jimmy talking. It sounded like he was on his cell phone making a call. Who could he be calling at what was now three o'clock in the morning?

"Hey dude, it's me. I just wanted to tell you this thing with Keith's chick, well, it turned into a great night. I'm not shitting you when I say that she's already sucked my dick, let me fuck her pussy and her ass, and I am pretty sure she wants more. I'll talk to you later, man. She's in the bathroom and she's going to be out any second now. Later."

The bathroom door opened and Erica walked past my room again.

"Glad you made it back," Jimmy told her.

"I needed to splash some cold water on my face and try to pull myself together. That was a GREAT fuck."

"I'd go as far as to say it was one of the best of all times."

Erica laughed. "Well, it has been a long time for me. I really needed it."

"Don't tell me Keith doesn't fuck you either. Does that freak him out, too?"

"I love Keith, I really do, but sometimes a girl has to fulfill certain needs, well, elsewhere."

"I see. Well, I'm glad to be your elsewhere anytime you need an elsewhere."

"I'll drink to that," Erica laughed. "And don't be surprised if I start calling you on a regular basis. You're a great fuck, Jimmy."

Jimmy's cell phone began ringing. I knew it was his because of the obnoxious tune he'd downloaded to use as his ring tone.

"Are you going to answer that?" Erica asked him.

"It's my friend Ray. He's probably out drunk somewhere and got blown off by some chick and wants to whine to me about it. That can wait."

"Answer it," Erica told him. "See if he wants to come over."


"Yeah, why not. I'll put some clothes on and we'll have coffee or something."

Jimmy answered the call. "Ray? Yeah, I'm still here with Erica. What's up? Really? She said to ask you if you want to come over. Yeah? Sounds good. She's making some coffee. I guess we're going to chill. Okay. See you in a few."

There was relative silence in the living room and I heard Erica walk past and go into her bedroom. She didn't close the door, but I heard drawers opening and closing, and then she walked past my door again on her way back.

"Damn, that's not what I expected when you said you were going to put some clothes on. Damn."

"What, you don't like my see-thru pink teddy?"

"Well, I mean, Ray said he is coming over and he's about five minutes away..."

"You don't think he'll like it?"

"Um... well, I'm sure that he would," Jimmy said nervously then cleared his throat. "I mean, you're okay with being dressed like that when my friend Ray shows up?"

"You did say I was a nasty, cheating whore, didn't you?"

"Well, ehem, that was, you know, heat of passion stuff. Dirty talk."

"So, you call your buddy when I'm in the bathroom to tell him you hooked up with me, not just that you hooked up with a woman, but that you hooked up with Keith's girlfriend and fucked the shit out of her. I thought Keith was your friend."

"He is, but..."

"What? That takes a back seat to bragging to another friend about how you banged his girlfriend? This was supposed to be our little secret. Yeah, I understand dirty talk and I like dirty talk, but it is one thing to call me a slut and a whore when you're fucking me. It is another thing to call your buddy, just minutes after we finish fucking, and brag to him about it and to bring Keith's name into it. You might be a great fuck, but you are a pathetic excuse for a human being."

"Why did you tell me to invite Ray over?" Jimmy asked, his voice cracking.

"So he could drive you the fuck home. You're too drunk to drive and you sure as hell aren't going to crash here tonight. Go and wait for him outside. I'm done with your sorry ass."

I heard the front door open, Jimmy muttered something that sounded like a lame apology or excuse, and Erica slammed the door. Then she sighed and I heard her walk across the living room floor and throw herself onto the couch.

"Keith?" she called out after about ten minutes had passed. "Are you still awake?"

I was still lying against the door, so I tried to collect myself, stand up, and open my bedroom door. I looked down the hall to the living room and saw her, her body sprawled out across the couch, and just looked at her for several minutes without saying a word.

"Come here, my sweet monkey boy," she said in a quiet, reassuring voice.

I walked slowly towards her, having pulled my pajama pants back up and having wiped away most of my tears. She sat up partially, slumping back against the corner of the couch, still wearing just the pink see-thru teddy, and looking very tired.

"Are you okay, my love?" I asked.

"I needed to see you, to know that you were okay," she said. "I know that I hurt you very much tonight, and I know I get off on it, but I'm starting to have a lot of trouble dealing with that. I made a terrible mistake tonight. I thought your friend Jimmy was a good friend of yours who wouldn't go bragging to other people about how he hooked up with your girlfriend. I thought this would turn out differently."

"Miss Erica, if Jimmy had been a true friend, he never would have agreed to have sex with you in the first place, no matter how beautiful you are or how hot your body is."

"Yeah, you're right, monkey boy. You are right."

"I can get through the hurt and the pain and all that if I know it makes you happy, if I know what you're doing makes you happy, or even if hurting me gives you pleasure. I can't do it if... if it just leaves you feeling bad, like right now."

"Yeah, I definitely feel like shit," she said.

"Miss Erica, I think you are chasing after a high that you'll never reach," I told her. "You want to take this to a place where you'll have the ultimate orgasm or, well, I don't know what exactly. But you keep trying to push the envelope and maybe there is nowhere else to push it."

"Am I really taking advice on life choices from a guy in Aquaman pajamas?"

Erica sat up, which was less distracting, since her see-thru pink teddy left little to the imagination. I'd never ever seen her breasts before. They were probably somewhere between a 'B' and 'C' cup, very full and pert but didn't hang or sag at all. Like the rest of her, they were amazing.

"I wouldn't dare give you advice on life choices," I told her as I sat on the end of the couch. "Look at the one I've made? I've given you my heart and my soul and I've decided to trust you with it no matter what."

"Do you regret that?"

"I didn't have much of a choice," I told her. "I fell in love the first time we met, not because you look great in shorts, but because when you came into my life everything changed. You were like a work of art, a story so beautiful it can never be told, or something like that. I love you, Erica, and anything I can do that brings you even the smallest measure of happiness makes me happy in return."

"Even when I get off on making you cry?"

"It used to, yes. I could tell it made you happy, so I embraced it. Tonight it didn't make you happy. Tonight you started to hate making me cry, you started getting mad at yourself for hurting me, and you regretted it."

"You are being a lot more assertive than usual, Keith, and I mean a LOT more. I'm a little shocked."

"I've grown a lot in the time we've been together. Loving you has made me stronger, it has made me want to be a better man, a more confident man, and whatever kind of man I need to become to be who you need. When I stood up to Mike, I really started to change because I wasn't afraid any longer. I had a reason to fight. That reason is you."

"What do you REALLY want, Keith?"

"I want to be with you and I want you to be happy, and that's pretty much it."

"I'm sitting here with your best friend's cum dripping out of me and you can honestly tell me you want to be with me and you want me to be happy? Do you want me to stop fucking other men? Do you want me to be devoted to you the way you are to me? You have to want something more."

"I wish that just being with me made you happy, but when this whole thing started with us I told myself that I'd never be enough for you. I made a decision back then, after that first time you came over and wanted me to get myself off in the bathroom, that if there was anything I could do, no matter how demeaning, I would do it just to please you."

"I can't help it, Keith, I get pleasure from torturing you. I hate myself for it afterwards, but I never used to be able to orgasm during sex. I enjoyed it, sure, but I never got off. Now, whenever I'm getting fucked by another man I imagine you watching us, with tears in your eyes, in unbearable pain, and I just explode. The guy thinks it is because of him, but it isn't."

"I don't want to judge you or jump to any conclusions here, but have you ever considered that maybe you have issues?"

Erica laughed. "That's an understatement."

"Can I ask you something?"

"We're talking openly, you can ask me anything."

"Do you really think I'm not good enough for you?"

"Damn, sweetie that is a really loaded question. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that when I met you, after seeing how you drooled over me, I was extremely turned on by the idea of tormenting you by coming over to Jean's regularly in my tennis shorts or a miniskirt or something else like that. The idea got me so hot because there you would be, with Jean, wishing you could be with me instead."
"But then Jean threw me out..."

"I knew you didn't really want to be with her, and I knew you wanted to be with me, but then I actually started feeling jealous. I knew she treated you like shit and the only reason you stayed with her was because you didn't think you could do better. That made me really sad. I wanted you for myself, but I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. You gave me something I didn't realize I needed."

"Someone who would do anything you asked?"

"Well, not exactly. I've gone out dressed the way I was when I met Jimmy at the bar lots of times. I'd go out to clubs and bars and wherever dressed like that and I'd see the way men looked at me. It was pure lust, these men all wanted to fuck me, and some of them would be direct about it, but others would just look at me with this look that said they wanted me but they knew they could never have me."

"Like I did," I said quietly.

"There are plenty of men out there who have wanted me and plenty of men who were absolutely certain I'd laugh at them if they approached me. They knew I was way out of their league, but that didn't stop them from staring, from lusting after me. One time, years ago, I was out at a club and there was this little goofy guy who kept looking at me and trying to flirt with me in this cute, awkward kind of way. When I smiled back at him, he got all nervous and knocked his beer over, and it was so adorable. I could have made his night by taking him home, but he was there with a friend, this obnoxious guy who hit on everyone and thought he was all that. I went home with the obnoxious guy and fucked him."


"You know why. I wanted to hurt that poor little goofy guy. I wanted him to see me respond to his friend's cheap lines and his cocky attitude. I wanted him to have to listen when his friend told him how he fucked me and how good it was. Most of all, though, the real reason was that I hated myself. I hated myself because I thought I was too good for this little goofy guy and I wanted to degrade myself to punish myself for feeling that way. After his friend fucked me and got up and left, I sat alone in the dark and thought about how that goofy guy would now think of me not as a sexy, beautiful woman he wanted to get to know, but as a slut who would fuck any good looking guy with a cheesy line and the confidence to approach me."

"And I'm just like that goofy guy?"

"No, you're more than that, but it is all part of the same psychosis. There have been other guys like that. I always see guys out together at a bar or a club looking to meet women. There is always this one guy who is the dominant one and the other who is submissive. The submissive one thinks the dominant one is going to help him meet women, but what he's really doing is using the submissive guy to make himself look better. He might help his friend talk to a woman, but it will only be a woman that he had ruled out as someone he wants for himself. The submissive wants to meet a nice girl, get to know her, and he hopes he'll find someone to love. The dominant wants to score. He wants to take someone home and fuck her. When a woman doesn't respond to his overtures, he pushes his submissive friend in her direction, giving him the impression he's helping him hook up."

"So, I mean, I guess I understand that, and I know I'm the submissive one, but how did I give you something you didn't realize you needed."

"Well, I always wanted that submissive guy, but I was loath to admit it. Imagine me giving my phone number out to guys like that, guys who are too scared to even approach me and say 'hi.' I wouldn't have men thinking I was too good for them anymore. They'd stop lusting after me and thinking there was no way they'd ever have me. I'd become... ordinary."

"I make you ordinary?"

"No, you make me feel extraordinary. When I was a kid, I was the little fat girl. Believe it or not, I used to be known as 'pound cake.' I was pale, pasty, and big and round. My family was dirt poor, but my father worked two jobs so I could go to school in a better part of town. He did everything to make my life better, but he was always so tired and broken down at the end of the day. One day, my mother just up and left him. She didn't leave a note or any explanation, but he knew it was because she couldn't put up with being poor and having this tired and used up man for a husband any longer. He was a good man. He worked hard to provide for his family and to try to give me a better life, but that wasn't good enough for her."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry, I don't want your pity. You keep staring at my tits. Do you like them?"

"Gosh, yes, they're perfect, Miss Erica."

"I probably should have covered up after I fucked your best friend, but I figured you could use an extra special present after what I put you through."

"I'm very glad you did. Looking at you in that see-thru teddy is helping me stay awake while trying to listen to your boring story."

"Good, because I want you to stay awake for this."

"Yes, Miss Erica."

"They used to call me 'pound cake' and 'ham fat' when I was in school, but then after I went to high school my body started to change. I got taller, my fat just kind of melted away, and the boys started paying attention to me in a different way. Instead of making fun of me, they wanted to take me out for milkshakes or to dances and all that crap. I ended up fucking half my senior class, putting notches in my bedpost for every boy I fucked. And every time I did, I said, 'take that, ham fat.'"

"Okay, so you didn't become hot until high school and you hated your old self because you were fat and pasty?"

"I was a nice fat girl when I was little, well I wasn't so little, but you know what I mean. I tried to be so nice to everyone, to help people, and to be a good little girl, but everyone still picked on me. One time I helped an old lady cross the street and when we got to the other side she says to me, 'you shouldn't eat so many sweets then you wouldn't be such a fatty.' It was always like that. I couldn't do one nice thing for someone without them making a cruel remark about how fat and pasty I was. 'Hey Erica, want to go to the beach with us? Oh, I forgot, they don't make bathing suits in your size.' That was the kind of shit I put up with all the time."

"Well, my love, you aren't that little girl any longer."

"Yes, but I can't be nice to people. Every time I try I get this feeling like I used to, that they'll say, 'thanks, but stop eating so much cake' or... 'Thanks for giving me directions to the Howard Johnson's but stop being so hot.' I don't know; I've got issues."

"You're worried about people picking on you because you're hot?"

"I used to be fat and pasty. I was the most picked on girl in school. Now I'm the hottest woman in the city. How am I supposed to deal with that?"

"I don't know, maybe be happy about it?"

"Would you have fallen in love with me if I was 300 pounds and pasty?"

"Maybe, I don't know, I was with Jean for two years and she's never going to win a beauty pageant."

"Yeah, but you left her for me."

"Well, technically she threw me out..."

"She threw you out because she saw that you wanted me so bad that you had to go to the bathroom and jack off while imagining we were together. And this was after you couldn't get it up for her for weeks. You left her in spirit long before you physically left her."

"She was always mean to me. I deserved better."

"I'm meaner to you than she ever was, but you stay with me, and you worship me, because I'm hot. Don't try to deny that. If I showed up to meet you guys for ice cream that first time, and I was 300 pounds and pasty, would you have 'fallen in love' with me the way you claim to have?"

"I really don't know. Would you still have been wearing those pink tennis shorts? I once saw this very overweight woman in these really short cutoffs and I masturbated thinking about her for the next two weeks."

"You are a sick little monkey. I hope you realize that."

"I do."

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