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Dear Diary

This story contains elements of non-consent/reluctance. If that is not your thing, then this is not a story for you. If it is your thing, please read and feel free to comment! Thanks for reading.


January 4

Dear Diary,

What a day! This winter has been freezing cold, and today was no different. I started to get ready for work this morning only to get a call that the boiler at the office finally quit. No heat means no work, which didn't bother me. I really wasn't looking forward to going out in the frigid tundra of Buffalo anyway. Laura and the kids still had to go to school and work, though, so I helped her get them ready and out the door.

It's been a long time since I was in the house along, and for a whole day no less. Laura gave me the standard "honey-do" list, so I figured I'd get that done and then take a nap after lunch. So I did the dishes, picked up the toys, and threw in a load of laundry. The batch had some of our "intimates" (haha - as intimate as boxers get, for me), and I won't lie. I got a little sentimental thrill fingering the delicate lace of Laura's panties. We've been married a long time, and I'm sure all couples go through phases. I won't call it a "dry spell," but our sex life has sure slacked off. We still manage to get a good throw in twice a week, but the days of bjs and afternooners are long gone with the kids. And I haven't seen a thong on her since the early '00s. It's not her fault. God knows she's amazingly sexy - huge DD tits capped with those perfect,silver-dollar nipples, a tight toned ass, and the deepest brown eyes you've ever seen. I'm no slouch myself, but with the kids and the job comes a bit of a paunch and a ton of exhaustion. By the time the kids go down, we're both dead on our feet. So standing there with her panties in my hand and her scent still detectable in the crotch, I got pretty hard pretty quick.

I felt my growing cock through my pants and figured, what the hell, it's been a while since I had some privacy. Might as well stroke one out. I started the wash and headed upstairs. I stripped off my pants, grabbed a rag, and laid down in the bed with our Kindle.

What a blessing the internet is. I remember years ago having to sneak VHS tapes around or look at Playboy with the fake bottle blondes to get off. Now, one click and the world of depravity opens up. MILFs, GILFs, threesomes, foursomes, younger, older, black, white, brown, and everything in between. I opened a few videos with curvy older women seducing and fucking younger guys and stroked my cock until I came in the rag. A great way to spend the morning.

I cleaned up my dick and balls and then realized I needed to delete the history so Laura didn't find it. And that's when the morning really got strange. The browsing history was filled with visits to pages on a story site. But they weren't mine. They must have been Laura's. Curious, I clicked on one called "On the Job Training." The story started off innocently enough - a cute young employee and an attractive, older male supervisor jokingly flirting and ogling each other during shifts. Then it got, well, unexpected. The girl was working late cleaning up after all the customers left. The supervisor, who had been flirting all night, made his move, but she turned him down. She started to leave later and felt a hand on her shoulder. It was the scorned supervisor. He threw her onto a table, ripped her panties from under her skirt and forced his cock in her.

Eventually she started to enjoy it and even rode him, but still, it was a really intense scene. "Maybe Laura clicked it by accident," I thought, knowing she was sexy but fairly vanilla in the bedroom.

It was no anomaly, though. All the stories in the history were in the same genre, "NonConsent/Reluctance" and all were really wild. In another, a cheerleader was forced to suck off and fuck a basketball team - and the coach! - in a locker room. In another, a naïve, suburban girl trying to buy drugs in the ghetto is bent over the hood of a car and fucked by a young black guy while his friend holds her arms down. On top of this, there were at least 3 or 4 with the same storyline - a young woman at home alone, an attractive but frightening intruder, and a pussy accommodating an unwanted cock. In a few stories, the woman was spanked hard with a paddle or belt, or tied up. In another, a pair of cat burglars find a woman housesitting a vacation home and force her to take both of their huge cocks at once, one in the ass and one in her pussy.

I held the Kindle in shock. Laura? My wife? Reading and masturbating to these?? Fingering herself while thinking about being forced into double penetration? I'd never even thought of her fantasies before - and no way considered this to be one of them - but now, the images flooded my mind. I pictured her tied, and spanked, riding two guys, screaming in anger and in ecstasy. I couldn't help it; I got hard again quickly and jacked off to a huge orgasm.

I deleted the history, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, even as I watched my sweet, innocent wife eating dinner and putting the kids to bed. I didn't say anything, but I was up half the night, jacking off and thinking about what I'd found. I don't know what to do, but I've never been this turned on.


January 7

Dear Diary,

Three days of thinking about what I read finally got to me. Since seeing it, I've jacked off like a teenager, cumming at least three times each day. In the shower, before bed, once even at work! I couldn't get the sight of Laura using her vibe while reading those stories out of my mind. So, finally, I asked her about them. We were laying in bed last night, having just finished a round of good but missionary-style perfunctory sex, and I mentioned finding them. She sort of laughed it off, but I pressed her. She told me that she'd discovered this fantasy last year after watching some late night movie and since then had cum really hard each time she imagined being taken by an over-powering man. I watched her as she described being held down, spanked, and manhandled while taking a hard, huge cock in her pussy or ass, and no shit, I could actually see the nipples on her bare tits get hard.

It was the hottest fucking thing I've ever been part of. And boy did she know it! I got an instant hardon listening to her, and as my cock poked her hip, she reached down and started to run her fingernail along the underside. She kept talking and tickling, so I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth. I put my hand between her legs, and her pussy was sopping wet, wetter than it had been in a very long time. She climbed on top of me for a second fuck that night and rode me until I came.

I couldn't hide how hard I was as she talked, and I knew she was loving it, too, the nastiness of her fantasies playing in her head as she rode me. I swear to God, she actually came on my cock, too! That has never happened, even when we were dating. After I came, too, we both joked that her fantasy might have to become a regular thing.


February 4

Dear Diary,

Laura and I have been exploring new realms lately, sharing sordid details of her fantasy every time we've had sex for weeks now. And it has been amazing! She gets so worked up hearing about my mental picture of her being forced by some powerfully built stranger or fucked by two huge cocks at once. We even tried spanking one night. The kids were in bed, so we went downstairs, and I let her have it. It was great seeing my red handprints on her white ass. But it was just playing. She started giggling, so I spanked her harder. Then she stood bolt upright, and yelled at me about it hurting and then we argued a bit before going upstairs to have regular old "married" sex. I don't know how to get this right.


February 16

Dear Diary,

What a disaster. The kids are at my brother's place this weekend, so we thought of upping the ante. I booked a swank hotel downtown, we both dressed to the nines and decided to pretend we were strangers. Everything went to shit. I met her at a bar, pretended to be some dude named "Don" from out of town and bought her a drink. It was so hard pretending. We know so much about each other, and damn it's been so long since either of us flirted or dated a new person that we didn't even know what to do. Finally, we gave it up.

The culmination of the night, though, was supposed to be a fake scenario. She'd head back to her room, and I would follow minutes later, pretend to be a stranger (again) and have my way with her. It started great. I threw her on the bed, ripped the cheap shirt she'd bought for the occasion, and then started to yank her jeans down to fuck her. The she ended up having to help me get them down (which a forced woman would never do.) Then, while fucking her, she had to re-adjust a bunch of times. I eventually lost my hardon before getting it back inside her, only to cum almost right away. It was a mess. We had a chuckle, but clearly, we were both pretty disappointed that this was one fantasy we couldn't live out together.


February 27

Dear Diary,

I probably shouldn't have done this, but I had to talk to somebody. My buddy Sam and I were having drinks at the pub, and I just came out with it. Sam is our neighbor from down the street. He's a little younger than me, but we've been really good friends for years. We've helped each other with our cars, gone to ball games together, and been there for each other like brothers. He was there when my aunt died, and I was there when he got divorced. He's a real outdoorsy type, always biking and hiking or playing sports, but he's not a dumb jock. We have some great conversations, and I knew I could trust him to keep a secret. So I told him about Laura and me. I guess I needed some advice.

At first, he just laughed his ass off. "I knew it!" he said, which really threw me off. Then he tells me how Laura hides herself under layers of clothes and a sort of forced innocence. But I guess he'd seen her down at the lake, and he knew she had a "rocking body" and had to be hiding some dark sexual secret. So he wasn't surprised like I thought he would be. Then he's like, "Want me to find you a dom for her?" and laughed. It felt good to joke about it and take the edge off.

As we were leaving, he said, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to jerk off thinking about your wife tonight." "She'd probably like that," I said with a chuckle before we went our own ways.


March 10

Dear Diary,

I have to do something. I found a transcript of a chat in Laura's email today. I know I shouldn't have been looking, and now I wish I hadn't. She's been chatting with some fucker online for I don't know how long. I can't describe how I felt reading her tales of fingering herself and pinching her nipples as he told her how he would fuck her. I was mad and hurt, sure, but I couldn't get rid of my boner. Why the fuck am I getting turned on by my wife cheating on me? I jacked off, mad as I was. I'd never heard Laura talk like this, calling herself dirty names, and obeying this guy's every instruction. It was mind-boggling.

If I don't do something soon, she's going to cheat on me for real. I just know it.


March 13

Dear Diary,

I've lost my shit. I feel equal parts scared, nervous, disgusted with myself, and CRAZY horny. Oh god, so fucking horny. My dick has not gone soft in two days.

Sam and I met up, and I offered him a proposal. I mean, I know him and trust him and I've heard enough of his conquest tales to know he's the right guy for the job, but still I was fucking desperate after finding Laura's emails. So I asked him. I asked him to take her.

He was pretty shocked to say the least. But I told him the truth. I know Laura thinks he's really hot. She's said as much when we tried to fix him up after his divorce. And I asked him if he felt the same way about her. After some hesitation, he said the line about jacking off to her the other night wasn't a joke. Apparently, he's been stroking his cock thinking about her tits and ass for months. He's even tried to peek down her blouse to see her tits in the flesh.

So I tried to convince him. I told him about her big, pink nipples. How having kids made her areolae even bigger and left her with huge, suckable nips. I told him how tight her pussy was, and how good it feels to have her ass bumping against you.

I think he started to come around but I don't know. A part of me wants to take it back, but an even bigger part of me is so excited about the thought of Laura getting her fantasy fulfilled - and me pulling the strings. I don't know what I'll want afterwards, but I know what I want now.


March 23

Dear Diary,

It's happening! Sam finally said yes, and it's happening. I lied to Laura and told her I have a trip for work this weekend. Then, as a "present," I offered to let her have the weekend to herself and arranged to drop the kids at my brother's on my way to the airport tomorrow.

I set things up for Sam and told him what to do. I left some surprises conveniently laid around the bedroom. Laura has dinner plans with her girlfriends, and she's sure to have a few drinks. While she's out, I'm going to sneak in with Sam. He'll be pretending to be doing me a favor, while I hide in the bedroom closet.

I'm so fucking hard thinking about it. Just under twelve hours from now.


March 25

Holy shit, Diary. Holy fucking shit. Last night, while Laura was out, I snuck back in the house. Sam showed up a few minutes later, and we settled on the plan. Then I hid in our bedroom closet, but I could still hear what was going on.

Laura tossed her bag on the table and then yelped when she saw Sam.

"What are you doing here?!" she asked.

"Just a favor for a friend. He asked before he left," he replied.

"He's gone for the weekend, Sam."

"I know." He was doing perfect. I even sensed the undertone when he said it.

"Alright, well, I've had a long day. Can you come back tomorrow?"

"Ok. How about one for the road?" he asked. I could hear the charming smile in his voice. They proceeded to make drinks and have small talk. They were always friendly with each other, but tonight, the alcohol at dinner and after must have gotten to Laura because she was clearly flirting. Sam must have crossed a line at some point because I heard her yell and heard a crash.

"What are you doing?!" she shouted.

"Come on, Laura, you've been coming on to me all night," he said.

"You have had way too much to drink, and it has been far too long since you've been with someone. Get a girlfriend. I've got a husband, your friend, by the way."

"My friend who's out of town."

"No, absolutely not. I'm not going to get with you just because he's gone for a weekend."

"Yes, you are, Laura." I heard more commotion, and then saw through the tiny slit in the closet door the two of them burst into the bedroom. Laura was beating her little fists against his chest as he held her and forced his lips against her. He was kissing her hard, and I saw his tongue flick out against her lips. Normally, this sight would have had me ready to brawl, but now the only fist I was making was around my cock.

He tossed her on the bed. She flipped on to her front and tried to get away, but he grabbed her legs, pulled her back and slapped her ass. She yelped, and he spanked her again before flipping her over. He crawled on the bed, straddling her legs and sitting on them.

"I've wanted to see these for a long time," he said as he ripped open her buttoned blouse. Buttons flew across the room. I could see her tits propped up in her blue bra, heaving with her rapid breath. She was still yelling, so he grabbed a necktie from my nightstand and wrapped it around her head, blocking her mouth. He held her wrists above her head and started squeezing her tits. He ripped the cups down to expose her nipples.

When I saw how hard they were, I knew I'd made the right choice. He leaned down and took one in his mouth, sucking hard on the tender flesh. I know my wife, and I know how much she loves having her nipples sucked. Sure enough, a moan of angry pleasure escaped from her mouth. "The little slut is enjoying it," I thought. I stroked myself faster.

Her body language changed, and she started moaning and encouraging him. He sat back up and I saw quickly it was all an act. He'd let her hands go, thinking she was giving in, and she cracked a hard slap on his face. Sam immediately grabbed her wrists roughly and began slapping her tits hard, hitting each nipple and making the globes of flesh shake. The sound echoed in the closet.

"Stay still!" he yelled. She grumbled something unintelligible, and he removed the tie.

"Fine. Look, you've had some fun. How about I blow you, okay? How about I suck your cock, and then you leave and we can forget about this," she offered.

"Oh, you're going to blow me," he said. "And then I'm going to fuck you." He replaced the tie.

She pulled and struggled. Sam reached for the floor and found a thick scarf I'd planted there. Working fast, he tied her wrists to the bedposts. Laura flailed against the restraints before settling down, finding herself trapped. He stood over her and removed his pants. Now, I'm not gay, but he had a really impressive cock. It was huge, much bigger than mine, and as hard as an iron bar. His head was deep purple, and the shaft curved slightly up. I watched Laura's eyes go wide looking at it.

He squatted down, straddling her, sitting on her huge tits and pressed the tip to her lips. She kept her mouth shut for a moment before opening to let him in. She couldn't move her head in that position, so he grabbed her hair and started bucking his hips, fucking her face. I closed my eyes as I listened to her moan around his meat.

After a few minutes, he got off the bed and took off her pants. He rolled her over, twisting her tied arms and spanked her again, hard and fast, several times. Then he rolled her onto her back and cupped her pussy.

"Wet already?" he observed, smiling. He crawled between her legs and aimed his huge cock at her pussy. Holding her ankles firmly, he shoved all the way in, and Laura groaned, eyes closed, despite herself. He braced himself up on his hands and started fucking her. I watched in awe as her tits bounced wildly across her chest. He thrust in and out hard, banging against her. He took a nipple between his teeth and held it as he continued to fuck her. After several minutes, her legs tentatively crept up and around him. With one hand, he untied the scarf, and her hands immediately went to his well-sculpted chest.

Sam laid down on her and rolled the both of them over, his cock never leaving her pussy. He held her tight and slapped her ass hard, forcing her to ride him. Every time she tried to roll off or stop, his thick hand came down hard on her ass once more. I watched, cock in hand, as her red ass bobbed on his dick. He held her spread, and I could see her asshole, her stretched lips around him, and his balls below that.

It was too much for me. I quietly crept from the closet, grabbed a bottle of lube and soaked my dick. Sam caught my eye, and he read my mind, grabbing her ass and holding her open. I got on the bed, and Laura began to flail around again, struggling to see who her next attacker was. He held her firm, and slapped her ass and thighs hard, making her skin smart.

I straddled Sam's legs and placed the tip of my dick at her wrinkled hole. I pushed, easing the head in. Her muscles gripped me hard, and I struggled at first to go deeper. Sam noticed my predicament and pulled her cheeks apart. Finally, my whole cock slid into her ass. We went slow at first, grinding our pelvises against her trapped body. I placed my hands on her shoulder blades and held myself up, in the process flattening her ample tits against Sam.
We had never had anal sex before, and now I knew what I had been missing! Her tight tunnel was like a sleeve on my cock. Sam and I got into a rhythm, each thrusting in her. We went tandem first, then alternated strokes, seesawing in and out of her. Sam gripped her ass, pulling her open and then forcing her closed, and the sensation was incredible. For my part, I lifted and tilted her hips, knowing that doing so would bring her clit into contact with his ample shaft. My balls slapped the tender skin between her ass and her pussy, and despite her anger, it drove her over the edge. Sam and I fucked her together, filling her holes at the same time as she came. When the climax came in full force, we held our cocks buried deep inside her, both enjoying the undulations of her tense muscles.

She subsided, and we fucked her in earnest, pistoning in and out of her as her juices made her slick. After several minutes, I felt Sam grow stiff, and he groaned as he started to cum. My own orgasm came quickly, and I filled her with sperm before pulling out and watching it leak from her ass.

I left them coupled on the bed and snuck from the room. As I was leaving the house, I heard the familiar slapping that indicated they were going again.

Laura hasn't acted any differently since I "came home" today. I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should tell her that the guy fucking her ass was her own husband.

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