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Double Your Fun

Author's note: This willing-wimp tale is probably fictional. Nobody under 30 has sex. Views expressed are not necessarily the author's. Enjoy

***** Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun *****Each man wore only pale boxer shorts. Both sported erections - not large, but obvious anyway. Both were pale and sweating. Both seemed to be in their early 50s with graying hair and skin. They were neither athletic nor flabby. One was obviously Asian, maybe Japanese; the other might have been Slavic.

Each man's mouth was bound with a cloth gag.

"You see, our husbands have this little quirk. They like to watch their wives being naughty, very naughty - with each other, and with other women and men, with bulls like you. They like to be punished. We are punishing you, aren't we, dear?"

Sara slapped the Asian man's cheek, hard, loud. She slapped him again. He grunted into his gag and writhed, then subsided.

"And after they have watched us drink and shower and suck and fuck, they like to be punished more. They like the bull to cum all over their faces, and laugh at them, and humiliate them. They like - no, they need - to be disrespected. Isn't that right, dear?"

Tara slapped the Slavic man's cheek just as severely. He writhed and grunted and quieted.

"So how about it, Randy? We give you a double blowjob. You spray their worthless faces. You tell them how useless they are. You up to that? You want to cuckold these weaklings?"

"Wittol," I said, digging into my ancient education. "It's an old Anglish word. A cuckold doesn't know his wife is screwing around; she makes a fool of him. A wittol loves that his wife screws around, loves to watch, and loves to suffer. A willing wimp, that's a wittol. Yeah, I've heard of that fetish."

I thought for a moment. "To do this right we need the chairs adjacent so their faces are side by side. I can do that." I pushed them together. "Okay, what was that about a double blowjob?"

Tara knelt on my left and Sara on my right. I had wilted slightly during the pause but they quickly brought be back to readiness. Tongues traded places on my glans and frenum and shaft; hands massaged my balls; a finger crept toward my anus but I brushed that away.

When I was ready to spew I stepped forward - and tore the gag from the Asian man's mouth.

"You spineless worm! You sick dog! You're no man! Pull out your teeth and grow a beard and maybe I'll date you! But let's start here - suck THIS!"

I pushed his lips and teeth apart and shoved my ready-to-explode cock deep into his mouth, deeper and deeper, straight down his throat. I fucked his head, holding the back of his skull. He squirmed but did not bite.

I retreated from his tonsils and came into his mouth - but after the first two spurts I grabbed my cock to block the outflow, and pulled back.

"Don't swallow, you yellow dog! Don't you dare swallow till I tell you! And now it's your albino boyfriend's turn. Nobody swallow!"

I turned to the Slavic man's face only three inches away. I ripped the gag from his mouth and shoved my cock inside. I did not have reserves to fuck his head as viciously so I merely filled his mouth.

I let my cum conclude, almost. That took a few moments. When I was nearly drained I pulled out and squirted the final remaining streams onto their glistening faces. Damn, that was a relief! I caught my breath.

"Neither of you swallow," I ordered. "It's creampie time. You know what a creampie is? Of course you do - you're at it all the time, aren't you? Yeah, you girly-boys can kiss and share my cum to really savor it - because you little girls LOVE the taste of a real man's cum, don't you? Sure you do! Come on, girls, kiss and make up!"

I pushed their mouths together. I saw their tongues touch and slide my sperm package back and forth. After I couple of minutes I set their faces apart.

"Okay now girlies, open your mouths and show me what you've got."

Mouths opened. Tongues extended, covered with slime. MY slime!

"Very nice. You babies just stay like that now. I have unfinished business."

I noticed both men's boners were gone and their boxers were soaked with jiz. Aha, so they did enjoy that! I turned to the women, still squatting where they had been blowing me. Both wore wide grins. I stepped up to them.

"How about some cleanup, ladies?"

The double blowjob reprised but with wider range. Sara and Tara carefully licked my shaft and scrotum and inner thighs. Sara moved behind me; I felt a tongue probe my rectum. I relaxed but did not fart. No need to be rude.

Sara rejoined Tara at my cock. It seemed to revive. I was 34 years old, no spring chicken, in great shape but still... I wondered how to take this.

"That was just fucking superb," Tara laughed. "That was the best in a long time. Have you done this before, Randy?"

"No, and I don't think I'm cut out to be a 'bull'. It's okay every now and then, I guess. Hey, I'm not really tired yet. You ladies ready to call it a night?"

Sara considered. "You really think you can keep going?"

"Trust me," I said, reaching down to touch her face. "And blow me again."

I took the women's hands and lifted them up. I slid the door shut. Then I opened it again and looked at the two men. Both stared at me, at my face, at my thick penis hanging in front of their faces. I retrieved their gags.

"Hey," said the Asian man, "what-"

"Nobody told you to talk, dog-dick." I re-gagged him.

The other man started, "Just wait now-"

"You too, fuck-face," I growled, and silenced him too.

I slid the door shut and joined the giggling women on the bed.

We three had fun into night. Lots of fun. I suppose the men had fun too. I did not return to the Holiday Inn or Marriott or whatever until late next morning. My cock was nearly ruined but damn, it was worth it!

The extended fun for me was licking those colorful married women to repeated orgasms and watching them taste and play with each other. My own further cums were okay too. The fun for the ladies was being endlessly pounded by my drained-but-determined dick. I was able to continue for long times without frequent spews and the resultant temporary limpness. This was before Viagra, alas. A grown man needed real dedication then! Irish Coffee could help, too.

And fun for the husbands? I learned that one was a very senior university administrator, and the other was very high in local government. Both made serious decisions all day every day. This little game was a way to have decisions made for them, for relief.

Sure - makes sense. But I am happy I need not make serious decisions.


I woke before dawn that next morning feeling bleary but happy. I was spooned into Tara's butt and Sara spooned into mine. My hard-on was a piss-on - I extricated myself and crawled to the en-suite. To avoid wasting flush-water I pissed in the shower and then turned on the spray.

I just started soaping my armpits when I felt hands on my ass, then more hands on my cock and scrotum.

"Hey there soldier, rise and shine," Tara drawled, waving my cock around.

I noticed that both women were squatting slightly; golden streams ran down their legs. Sara sighed and stood straight, followed by Tara. They splashed suds on each other's legs. I admired their sanitation.

"That thing still work?" Sara asked in her Harvard voice.

"One way to find out," Tara drawled. She dropped to her knees and swallowed me.

"Damn pushy bitch," Sara pouted. "Save me some."

We lathered, rinsed, and dried, and found that yes, I still functioned as intended. Two good hard pounding fucks each reassured them of my survival.

Then an alarm bell rang. Time to rescue the husbands and start the day.

Tara held my cock before letting me off the bed.

"Are you going to be around tonight and tomorrow, Randy?"

I shook my head. "I have client meetings up the road for the next few days."

Sara cupped my balls. "You'll be back, right?" She squeezed slightly.

"I think so. Can't say just when. My schedule is pretty ad hoc."

"Well, the next time you come through, don't forget about us, y'hear?" Tara asked before slurping me again. Damn, that woman loved to suck cock!

"Umm, I think I'd have a pretty hard time forgetting you, yes indeed."

"Yes, don't forget us. And we have friends. We're sort of a club. Hey Tara, we should get going now." Sara slapped her friends pale freckled bubbly butt. "Time to set the animals loose and hose out the hog-pen."

Tara reluctantly unmouthed me. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Set them chickens free."

I swung out of bed and reached for my clothes. "Uhhh, haven't they been in there an awfully long time?"

"Not to worry," Sara smiled. "This isn't the first time. That room is easy to clean out. Yes, they leave it messy. And yes, they have day jobs. But a little coke in their coffee and they'll be all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, ready for showtime, no problem. This stuff? It comes with the territory."

I was fully dressed. Sara and Tara were still buck-naked. Such lovely creatures to watch climbing out of bed! They held and kissed each other and then came for me.

Fingering their plush pussies was such a tender temptation! I only succumbed briefly; then I released them. "Time to go, ladies."

Sara waved me toward the door. "You know the way. Wait." She opened a drawer on the small table, extracted a card, and handed it to me. "Phone number here. Call first. Don't be a stranger."

"No stranger than this, you mean?" I deadpanned, gesturing at the room.

Tara reached under my crotch from behind to squeeze my scrotum. "No stranger," she purred.

They slid the mirrored door open as I left. I heard groans. I smiled.


I retrieved my bags from my hotel, whichever it was, and drove on toward my next client's city. No university there. Sigh.

I thought of the past couple nights and of possible futures. Return here? To the town, sure; it is mandatory. To that bed, maybe. So tempting... Repeat the exercise? Gotta think about that. Sara mentioned a 'club'. Was there an organized ring of hot wives and willing-wimp wittols in powerful positions? That could be interesting - or scary.

Big question: Did I want to be a 'bull'? I dunno. I was not really turned on when I humiliated the men - that was to entertain the women. And I only came in their mouths because their wives had worked me to bursting - so I burst. And nobody bit me. Whew. Did I want a re-run of that? I dunno.

I thought it through before I reached my off-ramp. They want me to fuck the women and humiliate the men. I could live with that. It could double my fun, sure.



Author's note: This story by Hypoxia is copyright (c) 2015 and came unexpectedly. Don't believe everything you read. Your constructive feedback is appreciated. If you like this, join the 1% and VOTE! Thank you.

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