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Island Life

Lisa awoke to the soft glow of the breaking dawn being reflected off the ocean and into their bedroom window. She and her husband of 25 years, Al, had just moved to this Caribbean paradise a month ago. Life was slower, more leisurely and definitely more romantic. She glanced at Al, still sleeping, comfortable under just a sheet.

She gently got out of bed and closed the door behind her as she head to the shower. She was naked, but who would possibly see her? There was no one else in the house and even if Al woke up, he certainly wouldn't mind. At 42, she could still easily turn heads and many of the men on the island, tourists and locals alike, had made passes at her. Her fair skin, long blonde hair and grey-blue eyes certainly made her stand out. Her breasts weren't large, but even after having two kids, the 34Bs were quite impressive. She ran daily, did pilates and kegel exercises, some light yoga, watched what she ate and was a healthy, toned and active 130 lbs, which at 5'9" was a perfectly fine weight.

She started the shower and while she waited for the water to warm, she grabbed the shave cream and her was Wednesday and every Wednesday and Saturday she shaved her pussy. This had been her routine for years and Al loved it.....and she loved having him (or another guy, or especially another girl), eat her bald snatch.

The two of them had been swinging for the last 22 years and they had med a lot of great people. Al was a generous lover, but it was always exciting to have a new lover and he really got off on seeing her with other men and women. He especially loved seeing her with black men, almost as much as he revelled in seeing her with another babe.

Lisa stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over her body for a few moments, then she started in on cleaning herself, shaving her still-tight pussy and enjoying the feel of the warm water.

As she stepped out of the shower, she noticed a cup of coffee sitting by the sink. Al must've gotten up and made some. He was always doing sweet little things like this, just small stuff, but appreciated for the signs of love and affection that they were.

Walking into the living room, Al had obviously made her some breakfast and had already polished off his own.

"Morning, sweetheart. How'd you sleep?"

"Great and thank you for the coffee and breakfast." She sat down next to him, her towel under her tight butt. "We really need to go look for a car today. The rental is fine, but it is a bit expensive. Maybe we could hit the supermarket as well and grab some juice and other stuff."

"Sure, we can do that. There's the place that has that Suzuki dealership right next to the market, we could do both. In fact, you can take a look at the vehicles and if you give me a list, I'll grab the groceries."

Once they were both ready, they headed off to the store. Al was dressed in some casual khaki shorts, a collared shirt and sandals, while Lisa was wearing a light, floral print dress. It was a stylish outfit and while it showed off her figure, it also allowed her to remain cool in the 34C heat.

Al gave her a peck on the cheek at the doors to the supermarket and he was very aware of the men (and a couple of women) checking out Lisa as she walked to the car dealership. They hadn't had much of a chance to meet new play friends, but he was hoping that they would soon, once they were more settled. The move to the island had been a big one, but they were through the worst of the tasks that needed to be completed. And, they still had a great one-on-one sex life....but even as hot as Lisa was, there was just something about seeing her with someone else, or several 'someone elses'. Plus, having the chance to play himself with some of her lovers, male and female, was always a good thing. There was just something about having another guy's wife sucking on your cock while watching him drive his cock into your own wife, or sucking the cock of a woman's boyfriend while she was 69ing with your wife that just drove Al wild. But, sadly, that type of fun just hadn't happened for them since making the move.

Lisa walked towards the "used car" section of the nearby lot. She didn't know it, but she had certainly caught the eye of Lucius, one of the salesmen on the lot. He was young, only 27, standing 6' and tipping the scales at a respectable 165 lbs. He was quite well toned as he really enjoyed hiking, swimming, running and, of course, football or as the tourists called it, "soccer".

Lucius walked towards Lisa, wanting to be the first to speak with her and making a sale was only one reason why. She glanced up as she heard him approach and saw an attractive, impeccably groomed, black man. He was wearing a light grey dress shirt, with a stylish red tie, sharp leather shoes and cream coloured linen slacks that showed off a bit more of Lucius than perhaps he realized. If the bulge Lisa noticed was any indication, Lucius was a very well endowed young man and doubtlessly quite popular.

"Good morning, Miss, I'm Lucius. Is there anything I can assist you with?" His voice was deep and seductive with that sexy Caribbean accent.

"Well, good morning. I'm Lisa and yes, I believe there may be several things you can help me with." She was feeling playful and coquettish, plus, her pussy was definitely moistening rapidly. She wanted to flirt with this young man and see if he had any interest.

They shook hands and their eyes locked for just a second too long, Lisa knew he was interested and that she could have him. Lucius, being younger and far less experienced, was thinking that maybe she could be interested in him, but dismissed it as being overly hopeful.

They chatted a bit about the features of various vehicles, prices and other small talk. Several times Lisa had made sure to brush up against Lucius as they were looking at engines or he was holding a door open for her. And, she noticed that her teasing was being rewarded by the bulge in Lucius' trousers getting a bit bigger and becoming more pronounced. Lucius, meanwhile, was trying very hard to keep from getting a raging hardon. He wanted this woman, but was utterly oblivious to her intent and the fact that she was teasing him and enjoying every minute of it.

"Hey, dear, the groceries are in the car, see anything here you like?" Al walked up and introduced himself to Lucius, who felt his hopes were dashed and that there would be no possibility of having this sexy woman. Who knew that she was married?

"Well, I've seen a few things that I really want and that I think we'd both quite enjoy. But, Lucius has been very helpful with shown me some truly impressive things.....he's making it very make a decision."

Al knew immediately that Lisa wanted this young man and he fully approved. He also realized that Lucius was completely unaware of what was really being discussed.

"Well, we don't have time for a test drive now, those groceries won't last long in this heat. But, perhaps Lucius could do us a favour?"

"Well, I'll certainly try if I can."

"Perhaps you could come by our home later this evening and bring this car. We could take it for a test drive and if it's the one, we can do up the paperwork tomorrow. We can even put a deposit on it now. Provided, that is, that your coming by wouldn't take you away from your wife or girlfriend, we don't want to impinge on time with your family."

"No, no, that's not a worry, I've no wife and no girlfriend, but I will have to check with the manager. It's a little unusual, but I'm sure we can work something out."

"Fantastic! Let me give you directions to our place and our phone number. Let's say about 6ish, we can have you over for dinner"

On the drive back to their place, both Lisa and Al were extremely horny and Lisa reached over and unzipped Al's pants and started stroking his rock-hard cock. They shared ideas about what they were going to do that night and the best way to have Lucius join them in bed. Once they were home, they went right to bed and fucked liked wild beasts. Al came in Lisa, went down on her, eating his own cum from her and then fucked her again. The entire time that told each other what they wanted to do to Lucius, what they wanted to see him do and how they would love to be debauched by him.

Once they were sated for a few minutes, Al started in on getting ready for the evening. He set up some scented candles in the bedroom, for that romantic feel for the evening. He also set up a couple of video cameras that worked wonderfully in low light levels. And, on the nightside table, he set out a few of their toys, including a butt plug, strapon, several dildoes, various lubes, leather collar & cuffs, chains on each post of the bedstead and some vibrators. Meanwhile, Lisa selected an outfit for later that night, a royal blue corset, silk stockings and high heels. No panties were selected, because she didn't want anything to be between Lucius' seemingly huge cock and her tight, overheated cunt.

Lucius arrived just as the Sun was setting and Al got all three of them some drinks. Lucius had changed into more casual wear, but still looked great. Lisa had put on a mini-dress, one that showed off her great legs and barely covered her ass. Sure, it was maybe a bit young for her, but she wanted Lucius to know just what was on offer and to be very eager to take advantage of this opportunity.

For Lucius' part, he was stunned by how sexy this woman was. She had been desirable when he met her, but now with her makeup fully done, this little dress clinging to her every curve and just a small hem hiding her pussy from plain sight, he was hard-pressed not to blurt out how much he wanted to fuck her.

They enjoyed a wonderful meal of local fish, rice, vegetables and a decent little wine. Al had abstained as he was to test-drive the vehicle, but Lucius and Lisa both had a couple of healthy drinks.

"Well, Lucius, I guess we should take that vehicle for a spin. We don't want to take up your whole evening, after all!"

"Oh, no worries, I live with my parents and siblings. It's rather nice to be out and meeting some nice people. But, yes, let's go, you can each give it a spin."

"Actually, why don't you and Al go and then come back for me after? That'll give me a chance to clear the table and tidy up a bit. I'll see you in 20 minutes or so."

Before Lucius had a chance to even speak, Al said: "Wonderful idea, sweetie. Let's go, Lucius!" Of course it was a wonderful idea, it was his idea for he and Lucius to testdrive the car and give Lisa a chance to slip into the outfit she had selected earlier.

They got into the car and Al drove about for a while and was actually impressed with the vehicle. He and Lucius made some small talk and Lucius even dared to tell Al about how lovely and nice Lisa was. It was clear to Al that Lucius was about to have an amazing night.

Meanwhile, Lisa quickly cleared the table and then went into the bedroom. She stripped of the mini-dress and put on the corset. The feel of the silk stockings sliding against her skin was sensual and oh, so erotic. Her heart was racing a bit and she had butterflies in her tummy. She was confident she would have Lucius, but nothing was ever guaranteed in the world of seduction. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror: blonde hair hanging over one shoulder, the royal blue of the corset and stockings contrasting wonderfully with her pale skin, her belly piercing just visible under the sheer fabric of the corset and her pussy swollen with lust. She lightly ran a finger along the outside of her pussy lips and immediately felt the slickness of her own juices gathering on her fingertip. She raised the finger in front of her face and marvelled at the glistening sheen covering that fingertip. She couldn't help herself and took her own finger between her scarlet-glossed lips and licked her girl-juice into her mouth. She let out a low, barely audible moan as she withdrew her finger from her mouth and at the same time, heard the car pull into their car port.

She quickly lit several of the candles and started the cameras recording. Her heels clicked on the tile floor as she headed to the front door to greet her new lover and her husband. She was in the middle of the living room as the door opened and first Al and then Lucius came in. She stopped dead in her tracks and they didn't notice her at first, but then Lucius directly at her and his jaw dropped.


Al looked at his wife and then at a stunned Lucius. Lucius was very obviously taking in the sight in front of him, drinking in the vision of Lisa, clad in a sexy corset, standing in the middle of the living room with her clean-shaven cunt on full, slutty display. Also, very obviously, Lucius' cock was growing and there was nothing that was going to stop it from turning into that raging hard on he had tried so hard to prevent all day long.

Lisa decided that the next move was obviously up to her. She wanted this man, her husband wanted her to have this man and it was increasingly obvious that Lucius wanted her. She locked her eyes onto his and slowly, seductively strutted towards him, smiling all the while. As she pressed up against him and pushed him against the wall, she raised her right hand and wrapped it behind Lucius' neck, pulling his face towards hers and slipping her tongue deep into his mouth as their lips pressed together. Simultaneously, her left hand grasped his right forearm and drew it towards her. As it came towards her, she slid her hand down his arm and cupping the back of his hand, guided it towards her sopping, hot mound. He moaned as he felt how hot and wet she was and he nearly came as she pressed his fingers into her pussy, all the while kissing him deeply and passionately. This was one of the most erotic and sexy things a woman had ever done to him. Sure, he'd been with a few ladies, but none had been so confident, so wanting and so clearly willing to make their desires known. Lisa was certainly a different type of lady than what he was accustomed to.

Al slipped into the bedroom, got undressed and checked the cameras. All was working well and was ready to take in the action, if the action ever made it to the bedroom, that is.

As he slipped back into the living room, Lisa had taken off Lucius' shirt, his pants and his cock was on full display. It was a massive log of hard, dark man-meat. It was 9 ½" long, over 2 ½" wide and 3", was uncircumcised and gently bouncing up and down as it throbbed. Lisa reached down, took hold of the massive prick, turned and walked towards the bedroom, leading Lucius by his swollen cock.

She strode right to the bed, and laid on her back, spreading her legs in invitation.

"Get on top of me and fuck me. Fuck me with that gorgeous dick!"

Lucius didn't have to be told twice and he got between her legs, holding himself over her as he began to bring his aching cock to her wet hole. Lisa reached down and took hold of him halfway down the shaft and ran the head of his cock along her slit, moistening it and bracing herself to take this new invader. She wrapper her left hand behind Lucius's neck and pulled him down onto her, bringing his left ear to her mouth so she could nibble and suck on it as he began to slide into her. She could feel her pussy stretching to accommodate his wonderful cock, slowly opening as he began to slowly stroke in and out. She only had the head in and about ½" past it inside her and she whispered into his ear: "Take me, baby, take my cunt. Make me your slut, show me how good you can fuck, make me take all of your cock!"

Lucius had never had a woman that spoke like this, not even the one or two that enjoyed a little dirty talk in bed. But he loved it and wanted to fuck this wild, sexy, slutty MILF, he wanted to fuck her harder and longer than any other woman he had before.

Lisa started lifting her hips, grinding against him, willing her snatch to open up, to take in every beautiful inch of Lucius' giant cock. She was absolutely soaked and had even squirted a little bit as he had entered her, not enough that Lucius noticed, other than to feel the warmth of her fluid suddenly basting his dick. Squirting was one of Lisa's many talents and she had no doubt she would be doing plenty of that tonight.

Lucius had started a steady rhythm and with each stroke he was sinking another half-inch or so into her pussy. Some girls he'd had weren't able to take all of him and as much as he wanted to be buried in Lisa's tight hole, he didn't want to hurt her.

"Oh god. Oh my fucking god! That's so good, baby, so good. Thank you! Thank you! Now give it to me, give it all to me. I'm your slut, take me, fuck, take your cunt!"

Lucius thrust hard, just as Lisa was bringing her hips up to his. The last 4" of his cock rammed into her, stretching the length and width of her pussy, filling her totally. This time when she squirted, it was a full-on blast of her juice. It would have flown a dozen feet across the room, but with Lucius on top of her, it soaked his pubic hair, coated his cock and drenched his lower belly. It dripped and flowed off of him onto Lisa and soaked her corset and poured down her sides, drenching the bed beneath her. He had seen porn of women squirting, but had never been with one that did squirt. Heck, he had sort of suspected it was a special effect, not something that women could really do.....but it was quite clear that at least some could.

Lisa drew Lucius mouth to hers and sucked on his tongue. She pressed her lips, hard, against his and jammed her tongue into his mouth, where it slid and slipped, twisted and twirled with his. She was moaning into his mouth, but was aware of it. Al, however was spellbound by the sight he was confronted with. Lucius' dick was hammering in and out of his wife, with the athletic young man drawing out all but maybe 3" of his member out of his wife on the out stroke and them pounding hard into her and burying it to the hilt. His balls were large and the sack holding them hung down and brushed her asshole on every thrust. Lisa's cunt was clearly stretched and the lips were wrapped tightly around this monster cock that was ravaging her. Her moans, her filthy encouragements, the sucking sound of their sex, the wet noises of her kissing him and sucking on his ears were just the topping to this erotic scene of uninhibited, unbridled lust.

Lisa's legs were drawn back, with her knees by Lucius' ribs. Her left hand was on his right shoulder blade, feeling the sinewy muscle of the athletic stud that was pounding her. Her right hand was on his ass, feeling the tautness, the strength of him and enjoying the feel of his muscles as they worked to hammer his prick into her. As Al watched from the foot of the bed, she brought two fingers between the stud's ass cheeks and gently pushed against his asshole. Lucius was surprised by this, but he couldn't deny it felt great and increased the fantastic feeling of fucking this wild woman.

"Cum for me, Lucius, give me your cum, show me that I'm a good slut for you. Please, sweetie, cum in my cunt!" She then moved her lips to his earlobe and began sucking on it. She also took her middle finger and slid it past Lucius' sphincter, penetrating him up to the first knuckle.

This was all too much for the young man, the feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around him, the surprise pleasure of her finger inside him, her words, her lips on his ear.....what man could take so much? His orgasm took him by surprise and he kept stroking even as he shot jets of sperm into his new lover. He sent 7 streams of cum into her cunt and with each shot, he slowed his stroking until, at last, he was done, buried inside her pussy and not moving.

From Al's viewpoint, the orgasm was amazing. He could see the young man's balls pull up towards his body, then see the cock throbbing on each out-stroke as he came. Even as tightly as he filled Lisa's hole, white, creamy cum smeared her outer lips and a few drops trickled down to her asshole. It was an incredibly erotic and sexy sight, and Al definitely wanted to feast on that creampie.
Lisa could feel each of the spurts of cum splashing at the back of her vagina and pooling inside her. As big as Lucius was, his cock got even bigger as it throbbed throughout the course of his orgasm. She had cum at least twice and the hard pounding was like a continuous orgasm unto itself. She was by no means done, but she definitely had enjoyed getting a fucking like that.

Lucius rolled off of Lisa and lay beside her. As he slid out of her, there was an obscene "sluuurrrrpp" sound as they parted. His cock had softened a bit, but there was still a seal with all the cum from each of them.

Lisa leaned over and began to softly kiss Lucius, gently and sweetly. The kisses were no longer urgent, but were still passionate....they were the kisses of two lovers with a bond of affection.

"There are so many things I want to show you and share with you", she whispered into her lover's ear. "All I ask is that you try things and if you don't like them after trying them, we'll never do them again. Fair enough, lover?"

Lucius could barely speak. He was mesmerized by what had just happened as well as by her beautiful eyes. He nodded, "Yes, anything you want" and she began to kiss him softly again.

As she continued running her tongue across the stud's lips, into his mouth and brushing her lips against his, she crooked a finger towards Al and beckoned him to join them on the bed. Al's cock was rock-hard and while he had a respectable 6", that was fairly thick, it was dwarfed by the beast between Lucius' legs.

Lisa put her right hand on the top of Al's head and grabbed a fistful of hair. She then firmly guided his face to her sopped cunt and Al knew exactly what she wanted. Being bi, he had tasted cum before and always enjoyed eating sperm from his wife's slit, be it his own cum or another guys. And Lisa loved having a man eat her freshly fucked cunt, not only did it feel oh, so good, but she loved the power she felt, the ability to make men worship at her hole even when they have just witnessed others using her and planting their seed deep in her.

As Lisa broke their kiss, Lucius watched Al licking the woman he had just fucked. It was strangely erotic and arousing for him. He'd never been with a man and the thought had never crossed his mind.....but this was a potent scene, something taboo and forbidden, but something so clearly enjoyable to both Lisa and Al.

"Do you like watching him clean me? Does the idea of him drinking in our juices excite you?"

"I....well....yes....I think so."

"Al. Al!" Al was fixated on licking, sucking, tasting the warm cum of the two lovers and enjoying the feel and slickness of the young man's sperm. But, with the second, sharper call of his name, he looked up to Lisa's eyes, still with his mouth pressed against her salty sex.

"Al, I need Lucius to fuck me again. You know what to do." With that she drew Lucius face to hers and began kissing him again. Al looked at Lucius' cock and while it wasn't soft, it wasn't fully erect, either. It was still glistening with their mixed fluids and creamy globs of sperm clung to it in several spots.

He repositioned himself between Lucius' legs and slowly licked from the base of the huge cock all the way to the head. He gently took the large head into his mouth and sucked lightly. With his mouth still covering the head of this glorious cock, he ran his thumb firmly but carefully along the underside of the prick, forcing the sperm still in there to slide into his mouth. Once he was sure he had all the cum he could presently get, moved his mouth to such on the underside of the head, that especially sensitive area that would get the results he and Lisa were looking for.

Lucius was initially surprised and hesitant to have another man sucking on him, but with Lisa's kisses, the prospect of fucking her again and, of course, the fact that Al's mouth felt really good on his dick, he relaxed and just enjoyed. He could feel himself hardening again as Al started to suck on the underside of the head of his dick.

"Al, come here, darling".

He dutifully moved up and lay beside her, with her positioned between he and Lucius. She softly stroked his cheek and looked into his eyes, their bond of love growing stronger each time they shared themselves with others. She drew him to her and their opened mouths met. Her tongue explored his mouth and ran itself along his tongue, tasting the saltiness of Lucius' sperm, mixed with the sweet tang of her own nectar. After a few moments, she broke the kiss and turned to Lucius, sharing the flavour of themselves with him for a few moments, then turning back to Al for a longer kiss.

Lucius fingers were lazily stroking her outer pussy lips, occasionally running over the hard nub of her clit and teasing the opening of her sex. He moved in and nuzzled her neck as she continued to kiss her husband, gently nibbling, softly licking her fair skin and then sucking on her left ear, just as she had done to him as he fucked her. Lisa's hand was languidly stroking both their cocks, but while she could wrap her hand around Al's dick, there was no way to fully wrap her hand around Lucius' massive meat.

She let out a soft moan and broke the kiss with Al. "Honey, I need you to turn around with your head at towards the foot of the bed. That's right now lay on your back". Once Al was in place, she straddled him in a 69 and lowered her pussy to his mouth as she took Al's dick in her mouth. Lucius watched them please each other for a few moments as he stroked his once-again-hard cock.

Lisa took her mouth off Al's penis and looked right into Lucius' eyes. "I need you inside me. I want that gorgeous cock of yours in me and pounding my snatch". She went back to sucking and Lucius was behind her in a flash, his cock pointed at the wet, divine cunt.

He slid into her much easier than the first time and she arched her back and moaned as he pressed into her. Lucius put one hand on her right shoulder and the other on her left hip and started a steady rhythm, his cock again wrapped by her, stretching her and making her even wetter. Al had a perfect view of the object of his wife's lust sliding back and forth, in and out of her. She was so wet, some of her juices dripped out of her and onto his face, which was a massive turn-on for him. He would occasionally lick her clit, suck on a pussy lip and even put his tongue on the fat cock. A couple of times, he licked and sucked the balls that swung hypnotically above him and that would eventually be sending streams of cum into his wife.

Lucius really enjoyed having someone lick his cock and suck his balls as he fucked this goddess. She looked back at him over her shoulder and gave him the most lascivious grin, one that said she wanted him, again and again.

"Pull my hair. Fuck me like the slut I am. Punish me with that magnificent cock! Use me, I'm you're whore, you're cumslut!"

Lucius wrapped both of his hands in her thick blonde hair and pulled so that her head was thrown back. He slammed into her as hard as he could and she thrust back at him, taking every bit of cock that he could give her. A few moans escaped from Al as he watched his wife turn into another man's slut and as he sometimes licked her pummelled pussy and the amazing cock that was taking her.

"Do you like that, Al? Do you like seeing your wife become another man's whore, his fucktoy? Fuck, his cock is SOOoooo good, he's filling me like no one ever has. God damn it, he's stretching me out, I won't even be able to feel you tonight, if I even let you fuck me! Fuck!"

Al loved this part.....they weren't big on the whole cuckolding scene, but when they incorporated into their play, it was a big turn-on for him. He loved knowing how much Lisa enjoyed another cock, how it felt for her, knowing that she wanted another guy to use her and cum in her.

"Thank the man, Al. Thank him for fucking your wife so well, thank him for stretching my cunt. Do it!"

"Thank you, Lucius, for fucking Lisa so hard and for giving her your massive cock. Thank you for making her your slut and for letting me eat your cum out of her".

This was too much for Lucius and he started to cum again. "Fuck, you're mine, you're my slut, my white fucking whore!" The words took both him and Lisa by surprise, but it turned all three of them on. Lisa started to cum again, squirting all over Al.

She loved the feel of Lucius drenching her pussy with his cum and she pressed back against him as he emptied his balls into her. Once he was done and started to pull out of her, she made sure to position her twat right over Al's face. As the head of that wonderful cock exited her, a flood of sperm fell out of her and drenched Al's face again. He tried to catch it in his mouth, but he only got some and his face was smeared with Lucius' creamy load.

Lisa turned around and lay on top of Al. She placed a hand on either side of his face and began to slowly lick up her lover's load, savouring the taste of the result of their fucking as well as the humiliation of Al. "You dirty fucking cumslut whore, you have my lover's cum all over you. You nasty fucking boy, you nasty, dirty bitch. Give me that cum, it belongs to me!" and with that she resumed licking Al's face clean. It took her a couple of minutes, but she did a faily creditable job of getting it all. As she licked up the sperm, she teased Al by rubbing her pussy against his stiff dick. She didn't let him inside her, but the feel of how slick and wet her lips were had Al harder than iron.

"Do you want to be inside me, Al? Do you want to feel how wet and loose Lucius has made me? Do you want to experience what that great, big fucking cock has done to my pussy?"

"Yes, please, I want you, I need you. Let me fuck you, please."

"No, I'm going to fuck you, my nasty little slut."

With that , she pushed herself up and straddled Al, her pussy hovering just above his cock with Lucius' semen slowly dripping out of her and landing on Al's cock. She lowered herself onto him and she took the entirety of his 6" all at once. Compared to the massive schlong that had been pounding her for most of the night, she barely felt Al at all. As for Al, he noticed immediately how loose Lisa was, but also how hot and absolutely soaked with sperm and juice she was. She started to raise and lower herself slowly, grinding her hips against him on the down stroke.

"I can barely feel you, Al. Can you even feel anything? My pussy is so stretched, so open from Lucius. God, I'm such a whore. Maybe I'm his whore now? Maybe I'll just have to fuck Lucius now and you can just clean us both?"

"Oh, please, let me keep fucking you." he moaned.

"I told you, I am going to fuck YOU." She lifted herself off Al and moved towards the bedside table. "Get on your knees and put your head on the bed, whore". She stepped into the harness for the strapon and tightened it around her waist. Lucius wasn't sure what was about to happen, but he was sure it was going to be wild and kinky.

"Lucius, move over so that he can suck on you as I fuck him. I'm sure he'd like to show you how grateful he is for stretching out my cunt."

As Lucius moved into position, Al took his cock into his mouth and started to lick and suck the huge tool. He felt Lisa put a good load of lube up his ass and could hear as she coated the strap on dildo. She brought the tip of the latex phallus to his sphincter and pushed with a steady pressure. The tip slipped in and she started stroking, all the while with Al running his tongue up and down the length of the cock that had pummelled his wife's snatch.

Once she was fully inside him, she started pounding him seriously. All loved to be pegged and he became extremely submissive with a dildo up his butt.

"That's right, slut, worship that cock, get it hard for me again. In fact, once it's good and hard, I have a special treat in mind for you. Would you like a nice treat for your man-pussy, you slut?"

Al was too busy with Lucius' cock to do anything but grunt and moan his assent to anything Lisa wanted to do with him. He wasn't even sure what she had in mind, but he figured that was a great chance he would love it.

Lisa grabbed a handful of Al's hair and yanked his head off Lucius' cock. "Ok, you little cock-whore, you've done a good job and gotten that beast all ready for my cunt again. But, you're going to get a treat for being such a good whore. I'm going to let you get some idea what it's like for me to be fucked by Lucius. Now lay flat on the bed and don't you dare let this cock out of your ass."

Al laid down and the phallus stayed firmly planted in his ass. Lisa told Lucius to get behind her. The strapon had a slit to allow a cock of dildo access to the wearers pussy or ass and she planned to put it to good use tonight.

"Lucius, slide your cock into me. I'm good and loose now, so you should have no problems. I'm going to keep this thing buried in Al's ass while you jackhammer my twat. That way, he can get a small idea of what a fucking from you feels like."

Well, Lucius thought, it was certainly kinky, but he was definitely game for banging this MILF again......and pretty much any time she would let him.

"Now, remember, I want this to be a hard fuck, I want you to pound me as hard and fast as you can, for as long as you can. I want your thrusts to drive this dildo up Al's ass and make him feel some of the power of your cock. So, no mercy, just give it to me hard and treat me like a piece of know I'm your slutty girl."

And that's exactly what Lucius did. He plowed into her to the hilt in a hard, almost brutal stroke. As he bottomed out in her, his thrust caused the dildo in Al's ass to go even deeper, at least another inch and a half. Al had let out a sound that was a mix of a gasp and a moan, but he had no time to recover. Lucius was viciously pounding Lisa's box and as she had planned, every stroke rammed the dildo just as hard up Al. All he could do was lay there and take the pounding his wife and her lover were giving him, his prostate being stimulated in a way it never had before.

Lisa's pussy was just a sloppy mess. Every half-dozen strokes or so a little squirt of her juice would come out of her and run into the crack of Al's ass and down his balls. She was moaning constantly, utterly incapable of forming coherent words, just sounds of animal lust. As for Al, he felt his wife's juices flowing out of her and down his ass. It was humiliating, but also incredibly arousing, to know that the man on top of them both turned her on so much and to feel the physical product of he lust running out of her and soaking him. He knew that all that juice was for the cock that was taking her yet again, opening her and pleasing her in ways he would never be able to do. But, given how good his ass felt from the vicarious hammering he was getting, he could only imagine the pure bliss that Lucius was giving to her hot tunnel.

With that thought, Al shot his first load of the night into the mattress under him. The idea that he just blew his load into the bed and not into his wife's vagina, nor her mouth and not even on her had as she stroked him was a further humiliation. He loved it, though. His own sperm was now smeared on his belly and slowly soaking into the sheets. Al would cum two more times as Lucius fucked them both.

After about 20 minutes of non-stop assault on their orifices, Lucius finally came. And Al's humiliation and joy was increased as he felt the load of jizz land on him after it oozed out of his wife. The sperm that was running down the crack of his ass, bathing his balls was warm and plentiful.

Lucius lifted off the couple under him and laid himself beside Al. Lisa just lay on top of him for a couple of minutes, still moaning and mumbling incoherently. As she gathered herself, she lifted off Al and carefully withdrew the dildo from his ass. She moved between the two men and lowered her head to Al's belly and started to lick his cum from his body. She leisurely stroked his cock and as it started to harden, she took him into her mouth. She sucked and licked him lovingly, worshipping the cock of the man that she would always share her life with and hopefully share many more experiences like this with. After only a few minutes, she was rewarded with a small load of cum, but one that she very much loved to have.

The three of them drifted off into an exhausted sleep and in the morning, they showered together, talked of the previous evening and made arrangements to meet up again. Lucius understood that discretion was paramount and he most definitely wanted to experience more with these sexual connoisseurs. After all, there was so much more to discover than he had ever imagined possible.....

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