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My Fetish Made Me a Cuckold Ch. 01

No one in this story is under the age of 18.


All of my life I have had a fetish for women wearing sneakers. Instead of fighting it I have chosen to embrace it. The other day at work a new girl started in the office. There is no formal dress code so people dress business casual for the most part. The new girl showed up in a pair of jeans, polo shirt and pair of white keds classic sneakers. She looked like she was about 25 and probably a size 4 or 6. She had brown hair and gray eyes. I noticed the sneakers right away and stole glimpses of them all day when I had the chance. She was sitting nearby where I could look over without really being noticed.

On day two she came into the office wearing jeans again with a blouse and today white converse all stars. Her feet were the perfect size to make them look good on her. If I had to guess I would say she looked like a size 6. I spent another day being distracted by her and her sneakers.

On day three she wore red vans ERA classics and on day 4 it was black mono converse. I was getting very turned on thinking about how many pairs of sneakers she might have. By now I have learned her name was Tiffany and she had just moved to town. I started to think about what she would be wearing when she came to work even before I left my house for work. It gave me something to look forward to each morning.

I had decided I would try to sneak pictures of her each day to keep track of the different sneakers she had worn to work. On day 5 she came in wearing blue Vans ERA classics. Day six she was wearing Nike free, Day 7 Reebok flex. I spent the next 2 weeks watching and sneaking pictures and she had not yet repeated a pair of sneakers. Every day she wore a different pair.

One day while out for lunch I notice Tiffany was in the same restaurant eating her lunch. I walk by and said hi as I sat not too far away. I ate my lunch and continued to steal glimpses of her and her sneakers. I particularly like to see the sneaker flex while the girl is wearing them, either by stepping on something that makes them flex or by flexing her feet etc... Tiffany was not letting me down today. I looked over and she was putting on a pretty good show for me.

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone is allowed to wear a costume to work on Friday and prizes get handed out to those with the best costume. I wondered if Tiffany would wear a costume that included yet another pair of sneakers. I have to tell you she did not disappoint. I am not much for dressing up so put very little effort into a costume and showed up dressed as a cop.

I swear my mouth literally hung open when I saw Tiffany walk in. She was dressed as a punk girl wearing a rocker T-shirt, plaid skirt and gray xxhi converse with straps and buckles on them. Xxhi meaning they laced above her knee. They looked worn and had some scuffs and marks on them showing that had been worn in her day to day outfit changes. My heart began to race and mouth got dry looking at her. Tiffany sat in her chair and decided to put her feet up on her desk for some reason when she first sat down. I cleared my throat and told her she had a cool costume. She smiled, put her feet down and went to work. I took as many pictures as I could that day.

The next week seemed to be a converse week. Tiffany wore a different pair of low top converse each day. Light Blue, Red, Neon green, Pink and Black and finished the week in a Dark Blue pair. She had developed a habit of putting her feet on a bar of another chair she had nearby when she turned sideways to do things in her chair. I could see the sneakers flexing over the bar as she would occasionally put some weight on them. I had been taking all these pictures and I would be lying if I said I didn't jerk off a few times looking at them.

The following week she started of with a pair of martial art shoes called Feiyue. The pair she had was black with the name along the side with some stripes.

This has gone on for over a month now and no repeats. I figured it would be safe to notice and bring it up without seeming to obvious. I looked up at her and said "interesting sneakers you have on today Tiffany".

She looked at her feet and said, oh these, Yeah they are kind of unique and very comfortable. I noticed you have quite the collection of sneakers it seems. She smiled and said I didn't think anyone would notice, but yes I have a good collection of them.

Yeah I noticed you had some pretty cool looking pairs you've worn since you started here.

Thanks, I like to wear them most of the time, they are comfortable and I like the look.

It's always good to be comfortable I said and went back to work.

Tiffany went back to work as well but now it seemed she was moving her feet more often drawing my attention to them. I was very happy to see her move and flexing her feet more than normal and wondered if it was due to the conversation we just had about sneakers.

The next day she came in wearing clear plastic converse with a pink neon sock on one foot and a green neon sock on the other which really drew my attention to her shoes being so bright and different. I snapped some discrete pictures and Tiffany put on another show by moving her feet around a lot and flexing her sneakers in different ways. I was fascinated by this pair of converse and wanted to talk to her about them but chose not to make my interest too obvious.

A few days later Tiffany asked for my help on something she was working on so I rolled my chair over to her desk to talk to her about the work. After about a half an hour of conversation about work we had started to just talk about her moving here and where she was from. As the conversation went on she leaned back and put her feet up on the edge of her desk. This put them between her and I with the soles of her all white slip on vans staring me in the face.

As much as I tried I could not stop my eyes from darting to her shoes now and then during the conversation. Tiffany noticed and said, do you like these sneakers too? I cleared my throat and said yes they are cute. She wiggled her toes in her sneakers and they flexed in front of me and my eyes darted to them again. We finished our conversation and I rolled back to my desk. I had a semi when I was rolling away from her desk and hoped it was not obvious.

The next day Tiffany rolled over to my desk and began some small talk. She put her feet up on my desk almost right away and leaned back in her chair. I was actually leaning forward on my desk a little while she began talking to me so now her sneakers are about 3 feet from my face. She was wearing a well worn pair of supra skytop sneakers and I could actually smell the rubber on them being so close to me. My eyes went right to her sneakers and I feel that they stayed there too long. I look up as she is talking and there is a little smirk on her face as she continues. After a few minutes she sits back up and rolls back over to her desk. I realized I had a full hard on as she rolled away.

The next day I went out to lunch again and ran into Tiffany at the fast food joint. I walked past her and she offered a seat at her table to me. I sat across from her and started to eat. She had been there a few minute already and was almost finished eating. When she finished she leaned back and the next thing I knew her sneakers were on the bench seat right next to me. I could see them out of the corner of my eye and it took a big effort for me not to look over at them. She was wearing a pair of white Feiyu today. I could see her feet moving around next to me. She was wiggling her toes and moving her feet back and forth. It was like torture for me to not look over. I put my hand down next to me on the set between myself and her sneakers and after a few minutes I felt her sneaker touching my hand. I could not help myself and let my fingers lightly touch and rub her sneaker trying to make sure she could not tell. I was getting very excited and aroused looking at this gorgeous girl and touching her sneakers trying not to get caught. We walked back to work together and just before we got back to the office Tiffany was not paying attention and stepped into a puddle of water. I could tell her sneakers were now wet and she was probably not happy about it.

We got back to the office and Tiffany pulled open her bottom desk drawer and she pulled out another pair of sneakers. It was a pair of gray slip on converse all stars. She put the feiyu on the floor under her desk and slipped on the dry pair of sneakers. This was almost too much for me to watch. I was fascinated watching her put on the new pair and could not believe they had been in her desk this whole time.

Tiffany leaves work before me each day. Shortly after she left today my phone rang. It was Tiffany and she said she had left her other sneakers under her desk to dry and forgot to take them with her. She asked if I could put them in her desk drawer. I told her I would take care of it and she hung up. I looked around the office and I pretty much was the only person in the area. I went over to her desk and grabbed her sneakers and brought them back to my desk. I took the opportunity to take some close up pictures and then started to fondle them a little. I was so hot from the restaurant earlier and now those same sneakers are in my hands. I got another hard on as I looked at and played with them. I looked around the office again and then unzipped my fly. I pulled my cock free and began to rub the soles of the sneaker on the underside of the head of my cock. It felt so good and the adrenaline from not being alone in the office was making it even better. All of the sudden the rubbing became sliding as my pre cum lubed the sole of her sneaker and my cock. I knew if I kept going I would have a big mess to pick up. I decided to slide my cock inside her sneaker. I began to fuck my cock with her sneaker and it was really feeling awesome. I started thinking I could just keep going and finish inside her sneaker and it would be so hot thinking about her wearing them after. As much as it turned me on thinking about it I could not follow through and decided to stop and put her sneaker away before I could not control myself. I put them in her drawer and packed up and went home.

The next day I was in the office before Tiffany and knowing her sneakers were still in the drawer was making me horny already. In walks Tiffany and today she is wearing light blue Pro Keds royals. Hi she said and then looks at her desk and thanks me for putting her sneakers away. She opens the drawer reaches in and pulls her sneaker out. She checks them to see if they are dry and then puts them back in the desk.

Tiffany has become the girl of my dreams. She has a nice personality, is pretty hot and has this unbelievable collection of sneakers that seems to mimic my taste. I know she has to have a boyfriend as nice as she looks and with her nice personality. Around 10:30 Tiffany turns to me and asks if I was going out to lunch today. I told her I was and she told me she found a new place if I would like to go check it out with her. I tell her I am game and when 11:30 rolls around off we went.

On the way there she tells me it is a themed restaurant and is suppose to have pretty good food. We walk around the corner and she points out the restaurant and the name over it is Cosplay's. We walk in the front door and there are a bunch of very cute waitresses running around in different costumes, but they all seem to be following the same theme of schoolgirls. Every waitress in the place is wearing sneakers and very cute outfits. Tiffany turns to me and says each day they follow a different theme from what she read about the place.

The hostess leads us to our table and gives us our menus. As we are looking through the menus I can't help looking up now and then as other waitresses stand nearby where I can see their sneaker clad feet. A waitress stops at the table near ours to take orders and as she does puts her knee on a chair so her foot is in perfect view for me to see her sneakers. I look over at them and then look back towards my menu, but notice Tiffany looking at me when I turn my head back. I just go back to reading my menu.

We order our food and had a good meal and some interesting conversation. Throughout the conversation I would glimpse at the waitresses now and then when their sneakers distracted me. We ate and had to get back to work so we paid our check and walked back to work.

As we were walking Tiffany asked if I enjoyed the place and I told her I did. She then asked "what did you think of the outfits?" I told her I thought they were pretty cool. She said "Yeah and did you notice they were all wearing sneakers." Yes I did notice, I tell her. She smirks and we arrive at the office.

What do you think of my sneakers today she asks taking me completely off guard. I look down and tell her I think they look very good on her. Thanks, I thought you would like them. I look are her quizzically and decide not to respond. We get back to our desks and go back to work, about 30 minutes goes buy and Tiffany rolls her chair over. She puts her feet up on my desk and said you like these right?

I look up and straight at her Keds Royals and tell her I think they look very cute on her.

She smiles and thanks me. Do you like these more than the ones in my desk?

I think about it and before I could answer she rolls over to her desk and grabs the sneakers out of her draw and comes back placing them on my desk. She puts her feet back up on my desk and asks which ones do I like more?

They both look very cute on you.

What about my other ones, which did you like the most?

I can't remember them all.

. She smiles at me, takes her feet off my desk and grabs her sneakers. She rolls away and puts them back in her desk. If you could see them all at once would you be able to pick a favorite?


So if you were to come over to my place you would be able to pick out a favorite?

Sure, but why would my opinion matter?

I am just curious if you would have an opinion as to which ones looked best on me.

So wouldn't your boyfriend mind you bringing guys home from work?

No, he trusts me.

So now I know she has a boyfriend, good thing because all the sneaker talk and her putting them on my desk I had gotten a hard on and now the disappointment of her having a boyfriend has made it go away. She does not invite me over but instead goes back to work.

I go back to work as well and start printing out a 100 page document I need to put into a binder. As the document prints out I start thinking about all the sneakers she has worn and pull my phone out. I start browsing through all the pictures I have taken and just wonder how many more pairs she might have. I also wonder if she only wears them to work or if she has lived out any of my fantasies and had sex while wearing them. I have thought of her having sex in every pair she has worn to work so far.

I am browsing through the photos and then here the printer had stopped. I put my phone down and go over to put the binder together in the next room. When I get back to my desk the screen on my phone is still on and though that was odd. It was showing a picture of Tiffany in her grey slip on converse sneakers. I click back two more pictures and see a picture of my cock in her feyiue sneakers I had taken the day I played with them.

The day goes by and Tiffany leaves for the day. I am still worked up from the restaurant visit, the pictures and all the sneaker talk with Tiffany. I look over at her desk and think about the sneakers inside. I go over to her desk open the drawer and find no sneakers inside. Disappointed again I call it a day and go home.

The next day Tiffany comes in wearing a pair of martial arts shoes called Bushido, these are very similar to the feiyue she had in her drawer only black and carrying a pair of all black Adidas superstars in her hands. After a short conversation she puts the Adidas in her desk drawer and goes to work. She did not disappoint putting on a sneaker show for me again and when lunch rolled around we went together again.

Towards the end of the day she approached me and asked if she could show me something in her car after work. Sure I said and when the end of the day came we left together. We approached her car and she told me to get in the passenger side. As I got in the car I see her Feiyue sneakers I had played with on the floor on the passenger side of the car.

Once we are seated in the car she apologized and asked me to hand her the sneakers from the floor on my side. She turned toward me in her seat and put her right foot up on my left thigh. She smiled and said "so what about these?"

I looked at her Bushido and said they are very cute.

But how do you think they would feel?

I looked at her and felt flushed and said "what do you mean?"

She held her Feyiu in her hands towards me and said, do you think they would feel as goods as these did?

I could tell I was turning crimson red in the face. What do you mean feel as good as those?

You know, like would it feel good to put them on your cock and play with them?

I am at a loss for words and try to say something.

Before I could speak she says, like in the pictures on your phone.

I still can't think of anything to say, I start to make some odd sound and she giggles.

It's ok, I liked seeing the picture of your cock in my sneaker.

I tell her I am sorry and ask her to forgive me and hope is not angry. She laughs and says, I am, not angry. It actually got me a little wet seeing it. She is waving her other pair of sneakers around in her hands as she talks and between being embarrassed and watching her sneakers in her hands I did not notice her foot moving up my thigh.

I want to see it.

See what I said and just then she takes her foot and pushes her sneaker into my crotch.

I want to see you put your cock in my sneaker.

My head is reeling and my cock is beginning to harden under her sneaker as she is now using it to play with cock as we are sitting there.

Here and now?

Sure why not? No one will see through the tinted windows.

I don't know about that.

You did not have a problem the other day when I was not there so why can't you do it now?

You have a boyfriend, what will he think?

He won't mind, but I won't tell him anyway.

Are you sure?

Yes, do it now please. Put your cock in these sneakers as she holds out the feiyue.

I can't, I just can't do it.

She pulls here shirt up revealing a beautiful set for tits and says, what about now?

I'm sorry, I'm just too nervous and cant do it.

What if we go back to my place where all my other sneakers are, could you do it then?

Maybe, I 'm not sure.

She turns, starts the motor and starts to drive.

We get to Tiffany's house and she parks the car in the driveway. I get out and ask her if she is really sure she wants this to happen? She just smiles at me and I follow her to the door. As she opens the door and goes inside she grabs my wrist and leads me to her bedroom. Once inside I am in heaven. There are shelves of sneakers as well as a full walk in closet full of sneakers. I am amazed and just stop in the door and look around. Tiffany smiles and says "So what do you think?"


Thanks, I like it too.

So let's get going. I want to see you do this for me now.

I don't know Tiffany. This seems strange with you having a boyfriend.

I said don't worry about him, lets get his show on the road. She tosses the sneakers to me and I catch them. Put your cock in there and show me what you were doing.

I just stand there.

Tiffany walks over to me. Want me to help you?

I look at her and smile.

She reaches out and grabs hold of my cock through my pants. Take this out please and put it in my sneaker.
I am so hard and so confused, but my horny starts to take over and next thing you know my pants are down around my ankles and my cock is standing hard in front of me.

Tiffany picks up the sneakers I had dropped to pull my pants down and without a word slides one straight onto my cock.

Wow! This is a dream I am thinking and still can't move.

So show me what you were doing in the picture.

I reach down grabbing hold of the sneaker and start to fuck my cock with it as I had done in the office.

How does it feel?


Want to try these? Tiffany points to the sneakers she is wearing.

I just nod

She reaches down to take one off and takes the one from my cock and replaces it. It is still warm and moist from her wearing them and feels great.

I reach down and start fucking this one now and grunt a little as I do.

You like that one?

Oh yessss. It feels very nice.

As I continue to fuck myself with her sneaker Tiffany starts to get undressed slowly. First her top and skirt, I begin to fuck her sneaker a little harder now. She reaches into her panties and it looks like she is touching herself as I am fucking her sneaker now. She takes of her bra exposing some very nice tits. They look young and firm and absolutely beautiful. I am getting very aroused and hard as a rock now inside her sneaker.

Her hand slides down the front of her body and into her panties again. It looks like she is fingering herself now as I am fucking her sneaker in front of her. She gets a smile on her face and says slow down, don't cum in my sneaker. With that she pulls her panties down showing an unbelievable shaved pussy with very tight cute lips and glistening with her juices. She picks up the other feiyue off the floor and puts it on. She now has a feyiue on her left foot and a bushido on the right. She leans back on her bed and starts to finger herself giving me a clear view as I continue.

What are you thinking about she asks? Are you thinking about me or the sneaker?

I'm thinking about you and the sneaker.

Tell me more.

I am thinking about you having sex while wearing the sneakers.

Sex with who?

Knowing she has a boyfriend I tread carefully and say, sex with anyone.

Would you really like to see that?

Oh yes!

Is that what you always think about when you see me in my sneakers?


So everyday I come to work you think about fucking me?


What would you do to fuck me right now.

Almost anything!

She smiles. Good.

Do you want to cum in my sneaker right now?


Did you cum in them the other day?


Did you want to?


Come over her and stand next to me.

I move towards the bed and when I get next to her side she pulls my hand away and grabs my cock through her sneaker. She squeezes and smiles. Your very hard.


She pulls the sneaker off my cock and looks at me.

She takes the sole and gives the underside of my cock a whack. I flinch and she smirks. She whacks it again. Then she takes the sole and starts to stroke the underside of the head of my cock. It feels incredible as she continues my pre cum leaks out onto her sole and she uses it as lube as she continues to rub the underside of my cock head. I start to squirm and she says don't you dare cum. She whacks my cock again and again until the feeling subsides.

Do you want to cum?


How bad?


You know I have a boyfriend.


So what are we going to do about that?

What do you mean?

Well, I don't want to cheat on him.

So then what?

You said you think about fucking me in my sneakers everyday you see me. Then you said you would like to see me getting fucked by anyone while wearing them.


Well then seeing me get fucked as I am right now would turn you on?


Well then I guess this could work.

What do you mean?

I will let you see me get fucked in my sneakers.

What does that have to do with me cumming?

Well we will work on that as we go. Are you game?

Here I am surrounded by hot sneakers, in a room with a hot naked girl and horny as hell from being worked up all day. Hell Yes!


I spin around and in walks a naked guy. I am freaking out and start to move away putting distance between him and myself.

It's ok. He is not here to hurt you. He is here to fuck me while I wear my sneakers.

Tim is about 5'11, Smooth and fit looking, maybe 160lbs. He is completely naked except for a pair of black mono low top converse sneakers. He is already hard and his cock is probably 9" long and of average thickness.

Tim climbs up on the bed between Tiffany's thighs and aims his cock at her pussy. Tiffany looks over at me and says, no touching yourself and no cumming. Now get over here and hold my legs for Tim. Hold onto my sneakers while he fucks me.

I get up on the bed so that I can reach both of her legs and I pull them towards her chest. Form where I am standing I have a very clear view of her pussy and Tim's cock. He moves forward and pushes the tip inside of Tiffany. Tim begins to slide the tip of his cock in and out of her and each Tim he pushed in a little further. Tiffany would grunt a little from time to time as he worked his cock into her. After the 5 stroke Tim was about halfway inside her and I could watch her pussy lips move around his cock as it slid in and out of her. My cock was hard as a rock and started to drip pre cum.

Tim had worked his cock completely inside Tiffany now and began to slowly pick up the pace. You could here the wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out and the sound of flesh on flesh as he bottomed out inside her. Tim was quickening the pace and Tiffany started to moan and breath deeper. I was loosing my mind and getting hornier than I have ever been. I am holding onto her sneakers and I could feel her toes flexing inside them as Tim slid his cock in and out of her beautiful pussy. I felt like I was in the middle of a dream and none of it was real.

Lick me! Lick me!

Whack, Tiffany whacked my cock with her sneaker and I snap out of it a realized Tiffany is telling me to lick her.

I look at her and she is staring into my eyes now and just says Lick me now...

I don't know why but I instantly bent forward and began to lick her clit as Tim continued to fuck her. I could feel the side of his cock on my tongue from time to time as I tried to lick only Tiffany. Tiffany is starting to buck her hips now and moan loudly.

I'm Cumming, Fuck I'm cumming. Don't stop, Don't Stop.

With that Tiffany tenses up and cums hard. Tim slows his pace but continues to fuck her. Tiffany pushes me over on my side and tells me to lay on my back with my head towards her feet. Tiffany pushes Tim off of her and flips over. She is now over my as in a 69 position. I am staring straight up at her awesome pussy and looking at how well fucked it looks. As I am staring at her pussy I see Tim's cock slide back inside her all the way to his balls in one smooth motion. He begins to pump her again and after a few minutes I could hear Tiffany start to moan and breath hard again. Lick me I hear and this time I start licking her right away.

Tim is starting to really hammer her pussy and it is very hard for me to lick Tiffany in this position without licking some of his cock at the same time. I could tell that Tiffany was getting ready to cum again and now I could also see that Tim's balls have drawn up and he too is getting ready. I feel Tiffany's hands grab my legs and squeeze as she started to cum. She moaned and tensed up and I wish I could see her face at the moment she had cum. I kept licking and then once she had finished cumming Tim started to pick up the pace again. I felt Tiffany moving around a little and then without warning I felt her slide her Bushido sneaker from earlier back onto my cock. She started to fuck my cock with it and I felt the rush of cum building.

Give me your cum. Give it to me. Cum in my sneaker and Cum in my pussy. Cum for me now! I felt her working my cock with her sneaker and then I felt her pushing on me just behind my balls putting pressure on my prostate.

I could not hold back and my head fell back, my mouth dropped open and I started to cum in her sneaker as she pumped it out of my cock. As I was cumming I felt something very warm hit me in the face and then felt something in my mouth. I opened my eyes and see Tiffany's pussy and Tim's cock spurting cum into my mouth. He had must have pulled out at the last minute and aimed his cock toward my mouth. I close my mouth and the taste is salty and the cum is already going down my throat. Tim leaves the room before Tiffany moves from being on top of me and before I could wrap my mind around what just happened.

Tiffany rolls over on her side and says, you came inside my sneaker. Did you like it?

I think so.

Do you want to cum in my sneaker again?


Tim came in your mouth.

Yes. What the fuck?

Do you understand the rules?

I think so.

I want you to cum in every pair I have but there are rules. Are you game for that?


Ok. Let's get dressed and I will bring you back to the office.

We get in her car and go back to the office. I get out and she drives away.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what these rules where and if I really wanted to do this again or not.

The next day I am at my desk when Tiffany walks in. she is wearing the Bushido sneakers I came in the day before. I feel a twinge in my cock. She smiles at me and sits at her desk. After about 30 minutes Tiffany roles over to my desk puts her feet up and as I am starting at her sneakers she says, I did not clean them from yesterday. I feel my cock start to grow. I look down and as I do I hear her put something on my desk. I look back up and see she had put her pair of gray slip on converse on my desk.

I want you to do these next.

She rolls back over to her desk and takes her sneakers away with her. Tim says Hi.

I start to get hard thinking about fucking her converse, thinking about her getting fucked in her sneakers, thinking about her beautiful naked body. Wondering about how it will all take place and remembering the salty taste in my mouth.

Lunch time arrives and she and I go to lunch again.

We end up back at Cosplay's and sit opposite each other at a table in the corner.

So what about her, do you like her sneakers?

I look over and see a waitress wearing some checkerboard slip on vans. Yes. I do like those.

Are you thinking about fucking her in them?

I turn red and say, I am now.

All of the sudden I feel Tiffany's foot on my cock through my pants. So are you getting hard thinking about fucking her now?

You are making me hard.

Can you cum while looking at her and her sneakers?

Not in public like this I cant.

Are you sure you can't. You feel pretty hard to me, as she strokes my cock now through my pants with her Bushido.

I groan a little and look at her as she gets me really worked up.

Take your cock out.


Yes take it out and Ill make you cum.

I look around and realize she must have planned this. I am in the perfect spot to see the waitresses and what she is doing will not be able to be seen by anyone. I reach under the table and unzip my pants taking my hard cock out of my pants. Tiffany puts her sneaker back on the underside of my cock and strokes me with the sole.

Mmm. You are really hard. Can you cum quickly?

I don't know. But it feels really good

She points my attention to another waitress, she is about 4'7" wearing gray low top converse all stars that are very well worn. She is dressed in the schoolgirl look and has dark hair and gray eyes and is very cute. What about her, do you want to cum in her converse?

That would be hot!

Tiffany motions to the waitress and she comes over to the table. I start to freak out know what is going on under the table. Tiffany strokes me faster as the waitress is standing right next to me now talking to Tiffany. I have a perfect view of her sneakers and she starts to cross her feet as Tiffany is talking to her.

I finally her part of the conversation as I drift out of my own little world of pleasure and Tiffany says, I like your outfit.

Thanks she says.

Where did you get the skirt and top?

The waitress answers here and then Tiffany says what about the sneakers, are they converse?

Yes, they are converse.

They are very cute, do you know what size they are?

No. I have had them for years. I will have to look.

Can I see one, I will look real quick.

The waitress does not hesitate and lift her foot up and pulls a sneaker off with her hand giving it to Tiffany.

They are really cute Tiffany says as she continues to stroke my cock which is now running pre cum all over her sole of her Bushido. Tiffany bends and flexes then in her hands driving me crazy as I watch and as she works my cock like a magician.

She holds the sneaker out in front of my face and says can you see what size they are I don't see it.

I reach up and take the sneaker from her and am doing all I can do to keep from cumming right now.

I flip the sneaker over and see the 4 stamped on the bottom and tell her it's a size 4.

Bend them and see how flexible they.

I start to play with the converse and just the n the waitress sits next to me to take the weight off the one foot that still had the sneaker on it that she was standing on. The timing was unreal. Just as she sat down, I lost my battle with holding back from Tiffany's shoejob. I felt the cum shoot out of my cock as she finished me off. The waitress had her back to me so she did not notice.

Tiffany removed her sneaker from my cock and I could tell she was looking under the table at her sneaker. She reached under the table and said, let me see her converse once more please. She looks inside and then it falls into her lap. She reaches down and appears to be trying to find it and after a few seconds she hands it back to the waitress thanking her. The waitress puts her sneaker back on and leaves.

I look at Tiffany and she said, this is your reward for yesterday. Just part of the rules.

Wow, that was incredible, but I think I made a huge mess on your sneaker.

You did, and you made a mess on her converse too.


I reached down and scooped some of your cum off of my sneaker and put it inside of hers. You said you wanted to cum in her sneakers.

I didn't know how to feel, turned on, embarrassed, ashamed.

Tiffany handed me some napkins and I cleaned up my mess. I took the opportunity to look under the table at her bushido sneakers and could tell that most of my cum must have been on the soles of her sneaker because there was just a little on the side I could see.

Do you want to wipe your sneaker off too?

Nope. Now your cum is inside and on the outside. I want you to see it when I wear them.

With that we got up and started our walk back to work.

So you understand the rules yet?

I am note really sure, but that was freaking amazing. It was so intense doing that with a stranger standing right next to me.

Tiffany smiled; there are rewards to certain actions.

What was this reward for?

She leaned in and whispered, for taking Tim's cum in your mouth. I don't like to swallow.

I looked at her quizzically and she was just smiling.

What are the rules?

You will learn them as we go, they are dynamic at times.

Are there punishments or only rewards?

You will have to wait and see.

We got back to the office and I was completely distracted from work. I was replaying our lunch over and over in my head. I would look over from time to time and see the cum drying on the side of Tiffany's sneaker. Within an hour, I had another raging hard on. I tried not to think about it, but it was impossible.

The end of the day approaches and Tiffany looks over at me and asks if I would like to hang out a little while today after work? I wanted to say no, but my hardon told me to say yes.

We leave for the day and I as we walk out of the building I ask want she was planning to do?



Yep, Time for a new pair of sneakers and I want you to be there.

I am defiantly game for seeing her trying on sneakers, so off we go to the mall.

We get to the mall and she guides me to a very large shoe store with what appeared to be a huge selection of sneakers.

We walk over to the ladies section and she starts browsing, picking up and looking at different pairs. I was in heaven watching her try on several different pairs of very unique and some not so unique sneakers. She found a pair of those sneakers that have toes in them and turned to me. I could really do some under the table work with these. What do you think?

My cock sprung to life and I just nodded yes.

Hey babe. Tiffany turns to look and so do I.

Its Tim. He is wearing the uniform for the store. I am feeling totally confused and not sure of what to do as he walks up to her. She hands him the sneakers and he leaves to fetch them in her size.

Tiffany turns and says, I met him here and since I buy so many sneakers I would see him often and we eventually hooked up.

Tim returns with a box and Tiffany takes it and we leave the store.

What about paying, I ask

Tim takes care of it for me.

We walk down the mall and Tiffany takes me to one of the dept stores. We go to the womens clothing sections and as she is looking through the round rack of clothes she whispers. Imaging me hiding under this and you could stand her and look around the store at people walking around while I made you cum.

Really, you would do that?

As a reward I might and she smiles and walks away.

She moves over to another rack and when I catch up she whispers, what about this one? You can see the sneaker section of the women's shoe dept from here. She walks away before I can say a word.

We leave the store and I follow her into a sporting good store. Once inside she finds another round clothing rack near the ladies sneakers. Being a sporting good store I can also smell the rubber from them since there are so many. She looks at me and says this one would be better don't you think?

She walks away and I follow her back out into the mall. She sits in a bench style chair. I sit beside her and she says look over there. I look and see it is a ladies gym in the mall. She says they come out after their workouts and stand in line for coffee and other drinks right in front of this bench. What If we sat here and I found a way to make you cum while they were just a few feet away?

Why are you showing me all of this?

I just want you to see some things that could happen if things go your way.

She gets up and we leave the mall.

We get in the car. You're hard she says.

Well what did you expect?

You just came at lunch. Are you ready to go again?

You have just teased the shit out of me. Of course I am horny again.

So are you saying we should go pick up Tim?

No. I am just saying I am horny.

Horny enough to pick up Tim?

No. I am not horny for Tim.

Ahh. Ok then I guess I will drop you off at your car and see you on Monday.

Well, wait I am not horny for Tim but I am horny for you and your sneakers.

Ahh, for any of that we need Tim. What if we go back to my place and wait for him? She starts off before I can answer and heads to her house. I choose to not answer and just go.

Once inside she offers me a drink and I accept. We talk and we work our way through 3 drinks each. Tiffany gets up and takes my hand. She walks me into her walk in closet and asks me to pick out my favorite.

My tastes changes each day, it depends on what I see cute girls waling around in.

So what is you taste today?

I look around her closet and there has to be over 100 pairs of sneakers on shelves inside.

I see they are kind of sorted by brand and look around each shelf. I notice one section that is not sorted by brand, but looks like an eclectic section. I move closer and she says those are my old school sneaker. Some are from as far back as the 70s. I notice an old pair of all black Converse skid grips. I pick them up and see they are lined in terry cloth. These are different and with that she grabs them, sits on the floor and changes into them. As she is changing I notice another eclectic section. There are some cool looking canvas adidas casinos, some deck style sneakers and I walk towards them. Those are Tims she says, but you and pick them up and look at them if you want..
No that ok. I will look around some more. I notice a little cabinet in the corner and ask what's in there?

Nothing to worry about yet she says, not sneakers.

I look around and see a few Japanese indoor shoes. These are similar to her martial arts shoes which are there too.

Do you like those too?

I like all your sneakers.

Grab them and let's go back into the living room.

I am starting to feel relaxed after the 3rd drink and we start to talk again. She asks how I felt when Tim came in my mouth the other day.

Really, weird and confused.


I was so turned on by what you were doing to me that it did not seem to bother me that he came in my mouth.

That's interesting, have you ever thought about it before?

No. Not once.

You never wondered what your own cum tastes like?


What about when I put your cum in that girls sneaker today, how did you feel?

Turned on actually, even though it was wrong it turned me on.

Tim should be here soon, another drink?


Stay tuned for Chapter 2...

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