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Steph and Giulia Ch. 01: The Betrayal

Giulia was going to be at the party. Stephen still wanted to see her, even if she had betrayed him. Every day, he had given her a ride to school. Every day, he had been there for her. She laughed at his jokes. She smoked his weed. Now she had betrayed him, but when she invited him to the party, he couldn't help but go.

A week ago, he had finally got her to come over to his room. Only problem was, so was his roommate, Alex. Stephen had invited her over to hang out. He had told Alex "I've got a date with Giulia. Can you find somewhere to go tonight?" Alex had said, okay, but then it turned out that he was still in the room.


"Ah, shit. 6:55. Stephen said he was going to bring his girlfriend over. I was supposed to be out of here." He looked around... What did he want to do now? Study? Probably a good idea, but he couldn't concentrate in the lounge with all the hot girls around. Not unless... unless.. "I'm so fucking horny right now..." He thought, "I'll shoot off a load before I go." Sitting back in his boxers and his white muscle shirt, he slid out his eight inch cock, and slowly started stroking, closing his eyes and imagining this hot, big breasted brunette girl he had seen the other day, smiling at him. He imagined her in all sorts of positions as he slowly stroked, savoring the feeling, and holding himself at the verge of orgasm... But he waited too long and heard a key at the door. He quickly closed the flap of his boxers but didn't have time to put his pants back on.

Stephen opened the door and his girlfriend, Giulia was there. Stephen's girlfriend? This was the girl he'd just been fantasizing about! She was dressed like a total slut, in a miniskirt, and a V-cut blouse, showing off her cleavage and even a bit of her lace bra. "Oh, hi. You're early!" he said, standing up, staring at Giulia's tits. "My name's Alex. Pleased to meet you."

Giulia liked the way Alex looked at her-his eyes roaming over her body like she was a fucktoy. It made her juice up a little. Stephen had been polite and respectful all night, and seemed almost oblivious to all the work she had done trying to make herself look attractive. As she took Alex's hand, she cast her own gaze momentarily down and saw that under Alex's cotton boxers, he was well endowed, quite erect, and there was just a hint of fluid seeping through the cotton near the tip.

Alex barely noticed that she was checking out his junk, his own eyes so busy playing over her hips and thighs. "You are very beautiful." he said. Then he looked over at Stephen, who looked somewhat annoyed. "Oh... That's right, I was just on my way out."

To Stephen's horror, Giulia said, "Oh, don't be silly. You don't have to leave on our account. We were just going to watch a movie."

"Oh yeah? What were you watching?"

"Ella Enchanted," replied Giulia.

"I don't know, it sounds kind of girly to me," said Alex.

Giulia noticed that Alex's eyes were practically boring a hole through her cleavage. "Oh, you don't like girly things?" Giulia flirted, squeezing her breasts together, smiling. Alex looked up, his heart beating fast, "Oh no, I like girly things... I mean. I don't... I mean, I like girls, I just don't like... being girly."

Both of them glanced at Stephen, who was standing there, looking rather annoyed in his skinny-jeans and fuzzy sweater. Realizing that once again his roommate was teasing him about being girly, he sighed in exasperation and turned to get the video ready to play.

"Awww come on. You'll like it." Giulia said to Alex.

As Stephen bent over to put the movie in, Alex couldn't help but glance at his roommate's butt in his skinny-jeans. He had caught himself, on many occasions, admiring that tiny little round ass, and then having to remind himself that his roommate was really a guy, even though he dressed in skinny-jeans, short-shorts, or sweatpants, and colorful t-shirts or fuzzy sweaters all the time. Despite Stephen's protests to the contrary, Alex had often told his roommate he dressed "kinda gay."

Alex turned back to Giulia, who was looking in the same area, and her smirk spoke volumes to him. Maybe Giulia was Stephen's girlfriend-but just what did she see in him? A boyfriend, or a girlfriend? He wanted to know more, so he said, "Yeah, alright. My plans for tonight fell through anyway."


When she came up to his room, Stephen thought this was going to be his chance. She had dressed really nice.

But Alex was still there. He said "Yeah. My plans fell through. I was hoping I could just hang with you two tonight." Stephen resigned, rolled his eyes and bent down to put in the DVD. He had to eject whatever Alex had been watching... Anal sluts volume nine or something or other. He tried to cover the back of it and slide it under a stray piece of paper without Giulia seeing.

Her perfume filled the air of the room. But as soon as she got there, Alex started flirting with her. Stephen put on the movie, and Giulia sat in the middle of the couch. Stephen sat to her left, and Alex to her right. Stephen was scowling. Trying to make it clear with his silent scowl that Alex should leave immediately. He needed Alex to leave so that he could make his move. Maybe he would put his arm around her.

Meanwhile, Alex couldn't believe that Stephen had brought such a hot girl to his room. He didn't expect Stephen to have it in him. In his mind, Giulia was giving all the signals to both of them, so she was ready for whatever happened tonight. Two-way, three-way, any which way. And Alex was firmly on board with that notion.

Throughout the movie, Alex watched the chemistry between Stephen and Giulia. It seemed tense... Like Giulia was waiting for him to make the move, but he was too self-absorbed to see it. "Poor little sissy needs a wingman," Alex thought. "Maybe I can help him get some action." Somewhere through the movie, Alex stretched out a bit, putting his arm across the back of the couch.

And it worked. Giulia sort of relaxed into Alex's side. But she was democratic about it. Her legs came into more firm contact with Stephen, and her hand slipped down and rested on Stephen's slender upper thigh.. Stephen was at first horrified that his roommate had put his arm around Giulia. But even as Giulia leaned back against Alex, Stephen glanced down at her hand on his thigh. He was trying to decide what to do, trying to decide whether that was reassuring... It was really the first sure sign of affection he had felt from her, but at the same time, she was leaning back against his roommate!

Before Stephen knew what was happening Alex had leaned into Giulia a little more, lifting her skirt slightly and putting his right hand on her stockinged upper thigh. It rested there for some time without her complaint. Her left hand on Stephen's thigh, rubbing along in synchronicity with Alex's hand on hers.

And finally, Alex, watching her hand on Stephen's thigh, asked her "So are you guys, like, dating or just friends?" There was an awkward wait, and Giulia squeezed Stephen's thigh a little bit, waiting for him to respond. Stephen didn't say anything. Then with some disappointment, she said "I guess... just friends?" She withdrew her hand, and sat up a bit. But Alex jumped in, filling the awkward silence. "Maybe you and me should go out then!"

So utterly without charm or humor, thought Stephen. Giulia had a sophisticated sense of humor, and she wouldn't be impressed by Alex's boorish behavior. Good, and Good riddance, he thought, expecting Giulia to put him off. But to his surprise, Giulia giggled. "Maybe."

Stephen grumpily tried to continue watching the movie, thinking she couldn't be serious. But Alex's hand stayed on her knee, and slowly crept up her stockinged thigh. Meanwhile Giulia and Alex didn't take their hands off each other. Instead, Alex turned to her, and put his other hand on the inside of her thigh. She spread her legs, and he pulled her forward and kissed her as his hand crept up her skirt.

Stephen couldn't believe what was happening. He turned and left the room. He sat outside his own room and listened as his roommate had his way with the girl he was so sure was his.

(The party)

The party was set up a few days earlier, and Stephen was surprised that Giulia invited him. Just because Giulia seemed to have hooked up with Alex was no reason not to go, right?

It was a free-flowing kegger of a party. Lots of people there, getting drunk, dancing in the big living room. Some people were going upstairs. Giulia stopped to ask Stephen. "Hey I think we're going to play Truth or Dare, or maybe Spin the Bottle upstairs."

Goofy, but okay. Well, nice... They were passing around a joint and playing spin the bottle. Giulia sat down with them. There was one other girl there and three guys. Awkward, with the odds being more in the girl's favor, but what the hell. Stephen sat down, cross-legged with them.

Giulia was handed the bottle, and the joint. After a puff, she spun it. It landed on the other girl there. Angela. "So then, what do I do?" she asked. "Kiss you?"

"Anything you want!" said Frank.

"Lick her pussy." said one of the other guys there, laughing.

She looked over at the second guy with a smirk "Shut up, hardfucker." she said. Then she handed Frank the joint, propped herself up on her hands and knees, giving Angela a little kiss on the cheek, and Stephen a little glimpse up her skirt.

"Aww, not on the lips?" Frank complained, then he took a puff off the joint and spun the bottle.

It landed on hardfucker. "Hmmm, damn, I was hoping to get luckier."

"You know the rules, you have to at least kiss him."

"Can't I just... rub his back or something."

"Oh, now hold on man. A peck on the cheek is one thing. Feeling me up is quite another." laughed hardfucker.

"Alright, then" Frank gave a quick cheek peck to the man on his left, then handed him the bottle.

"Aww, that was barely even romantic." hardfucker smiled.

It was hardfucker's spin. He lazily spun it like a baton on the floor, letting it slow, then speed up. Finally he spun it to a stop as it came to land on Giulia. "Hey, that's cheating." Frank said. But Giulia didn't say anything, and hardfucker crawled over to her. He put one hand on the floor between her legs, and the other slightly cupping her breast as she leaned forward, and kissed him. This made Stephen extremely jealous, even though it was just a traditional lip-smack.

Hardfucker sat back, with a "Yeah, I'm all that" expression on his face. Stephen couldn't believe what a dick he was. Cheating on the spin. Taking liberties with Giulia's breast. But then hardfucker handed Stephen the bottle with a good natured smile, saying "Go on, sport. Spin the bottle."

Stephen looked down and gave the bottle a good, honest spin, hoping that it would land on Giulia. But it came to a halt aimed squarely at hardfucker. "Man, I'm getting lucky three turns in a row!" hardfucker said.

"Well, I guess I'll get this over with." Stephen said, blushing. He leaned over to hardfucker to give him a peck on the cheek. But hardfucker seemed to have other ideas. Stephen didn't think to resist at all, as hardfucker turned his face, so their lips met. One of his strong arms wrapped around Stephen's small frame, and the other held his chin, slipping his tongue deep into his mouth. Hardfucker's hands slid slowly down Stephen's body as the kiss continued. Stephen did not know what was happening to him, but he wanted to play the game right, and thoroughly convinced that Hardfucker was breaking the rules, he waited until he was finished to complain.

Meanwhile Angela had pulled out her cell-phone appeared to be texting, but was actually filming the whole scene. After no more than 30 seconds, which had felt like an eternity already, Giulia started a bit of a chant "Stephen, Stephen, Stephen!" This only spurred hardfucker on, running his hand down Stephen's back, groping his little bottom... Finally, he let Stephen go, not because Stephen had shown any resistance, but because he was fully satisfied for the moment.

"Whew!" he said. "I always thought you were pretty, you're also a great kisser," said hardfucker.

Stephen, looked around to see everyone watching in rapt fascination, blushed and ran out of the room.

Chapter 001 Part 3: Insatiable

"Your breath smells like cum," said Alex.

Giuilia didn't slow down her pace, sliding herself up and down Alex's hard shaft, but she did pull back and stop breathing in his face.

"Oh, you don't like it?" she purred.

He reached up and grabbed her breasts as she slid up and down him. He loved what she was doing with him right now. Whatever she had done for that other guy, she'd do for him, and more. He held her waist and pushed his cock deeper inside her. "What? You little whore! I leave you alone at a party for two hours and you're already sucking some other guy's cock?"

She continued to slide up and down his shaft, grinning naughtily, as she felt his rock hard cock stretching her wet pussy. She ran her fingers over his muscular chest. "You think I'm a whore or a slut?"

The way she moved her lips when she said those two words was too much for Alex. He rolled her over and pulled out, holding her down squirming sexily as he counted backwards from ten. After that, he started wondering... Was Giulia a prostitute? He'd only just met her. But somehow the idea didn't turn him off. Instead, he had a momentary fantasy of being her pimp. Or filming her having sex with other men.

After his cock stopped twitching, he asked her... "I don't know. Do you get paid for sex?"


"Well, then you're not a whore." he mused. "Hmmm. Do you have sex on film?"


"Well, then you're not an actress. Do you have low self-esteem?"


"Then you're not a slut. Hmmm, maybe you're just an addict."

"Or maybe I'm your whore." Giulia said, slipping up to mount him again.

"Oh yeah, and I'm your pimp." he grinned, pushing back into her, Missionary style this time. She wrapped her legs around his ass, and her arms around his back, pulling him in, as he kissed her. Then he stopped, tasting it again... "Ach, whose cum is that?"

"Aww, you really don't like it?" Giulia asked?

"No!" he said.

"Mmmm, I bet Stephen would like it," Giulia said.


"Oh my God. You should have seen that little cocksucker. Your roommate got me and Angie so horny."

"He was sucking cock?"

"I don't know... All I saw for sure was that he kissed another man... It was soo passionate. Soo emotional. It was like he was discovering himself for the first time."

"Huh... Stephen kissed a boy, huh? How did that happen."

"We were playing spin-the-bottle, and when Stephen got to his turn, he spun it to hardfucker and just started making out like he forgot we were all there."

"Wow! Lucky guy."

"Hmmm?" said Giulia.

"I mean... Stephen's a lucky guy... I mean... hardfucker's a lucky guy... I mean..."

"Ohhh, you are so cute! You've got a crush on your roommate! I knew I saw you checking out his ass."

"What? No, it's not like that. It's just a shape, you know."

Giulia leaned back and put her fingers on her pussy, starting to rub, closing her eyes, breathing in and out. "Yeah, it is a great shape," she said.

"Are you seriously fantasizing about Stephen's ass and masturbating in front of me?" Alex asked.

"Uhhh, huhh" Giula moanedGiulia kept frigging herself and opened her glossy lips, nodding. Even so, watching her was making Alex's cock hard.

He leaned forward and smelled her breath again. "Is that Stephen's cum?"

She turned to Alex, and pressed her lips to his, probing them with her tongue. She reached down and slipped her hand around his hard cock. He opened his mouth and let her tongue play around his mouth as she slowly stroked him. Then she stopped kissing him, and grinned. "Oh, so you like it now you think it's Stephen's?"

"I like anything when your hand is stroking my cock," Alex said defensively.

She let go of his cock and continued to kiss him. Then she held his face in his hand and sing-songed "Alex wants to fuck his room-mate. Alex wants to fuck his room-mate."

"Oh come on give me a break." Alex said.

"Maybe if he dressed up a little for you."

"No, no, no... I'm not gay."

"You wouldn't have to be gay. I think that Stephen could make a very convincing woman."

"No, no, no."

"You're lips say no, no, no, but your cock says yes, yes, yes."

"My cock is saying "yes" to you, and your hand running up and down it."

"Maybe... Anyway, it's not Stephen's cum, it's Angie's boyfriend, Frank. She snowballed it to me when we played spin-the-bottle."

At that, Alex was visibly disgusted... not by what Giulia had done, but by the taste in his mouth. "Wait...Eaagggh, Angie sucked off Frank in front of you, then she snowballed his cum into your mouth?"

"Yep..." she said, smugly, "And I swallowed it."

"Ach!" Alex wiped off his tongue, dramatically. "You cocksucking slut!"

"No I didn't suck it. I just... Angie sucked it. I just..."

"No I meant now." Alex said, pointing at his cock.

"Oh, yes, master." Giulia said, grinning as she slid down to her knees and took Alex's cock in her mouth. Once his cock was thoroughly wet and slick, she stood up and wiggled. "Well, you know, you could always turn me over if you don't like my breath, baby."

With that, Alex grabbed her by the waist, and shoved his wet glistening cock deep into Giulia's ass. Giulia collapsed with her ass in the air, her face to the floor, frigging her pussy as Alex's massive wet cock stretched her open. Her moans echoed through her empty house.

It was a special private time, since her parents were out of town, and Giulia was determined to take full advantage of it. But now Alex was cumming, pulsing deep inside her. Feeling it pulse in rhythm with her frigging fingers on her pussy, pushed her over the edge, her ass twerking in orgasm on his hot shaft.

"God, you are so fucking sexy, Giulia." Alex said.

"Mmmm," Giulia said smiling, pulling off him and sitting cross-legged on the floor, facing him.

It had felt good, but she wanted just a bit more. She reached out for his half-erect cock and held it in her hand. "Aww! But I want to cum just one more time. This time while you're cock is in my pussy."

"You are an insatiable whore!"

"No, remember? I'm a slut. My parents are coming home tomorrow, and this will be our last chance for a couple of weeks."

"Well, alright. Just give me a little bit."

(Earlier that night: Hardfucker)

Stephen pushed past the partiers in the frat-house... He felt like everyone was staring at him. Everyone had just seen him play spin-the-bottle. Everyone had seen him get kissed by hardfucker. Everyone thought he had enjoyed it because he hadn't resisted. But he hadn't enjoyed it at all, he kept telling himself. Stephen felt disrespected... taken advantage of. Humiliated. And worst of all, the more he thought about it, the more erect he was.

He tried one door, after another. Every room was crowded with people, drinking, smoking, chatting, making out. He needed to be alone right now. Finally he opened the door to a closet. Awkwardly stepping between the hanging jackets... He just needed to disappear for a little bit...

In the absolute darkness, his mind churned over the events. Why did they call him hardfucker? Was it violence? Was it his insistence? Where had he got that nickname? Whatever it was, Stephen had no doubt that hardfucker wanted him... in that way... The way that uncouth men wanted girls.

Well, in any case, Stephen was not interested in men; certainly not men who had earned the nickname "hardfucker." He liked women. And slowly, his erection finally started to fade. His face stopped feeling quite so flush.

Now, if he could just come out of the closet without being noticed. Errr... Bad choice of words. Even so, it sounded like maybe people had left the vicinity outside.
He came out, and hardfucker was sitting there, alone.

"Oh, hey, Stephen." he said. "I knew you hadn't left... Saw your scooter outside." hardfucker stood up.

"Ummm, hi. Where did everybody go?"

"Oh, the spin-the-bottle game kept getting more kinky... I think a lot of people went to watch." He walked over to Stephen.

"Oh... But you didn't want to stay and watch?"

"Ahh, been there, done that. You knew I was in a couple of porns, didn't you." He said, cockily. Putting his hand on Stephen's shoulder.

"Oh, really?" He meant for it to come out sarcastically... As if he were supposed to be impressed by that... But somehow it came out like gushing.

"Yeah, that's how I got my nickname... "

"Oh," said Stephen. Not really knowing what to say. Trying to decide how to tell him to take his hand off his shoulder, without making things awkward or confrontational, he turned his chin and ran it across hardfucker's hand.

To hardfucker it seemed sensual and irresistible. "Well, anyway,I wanted to talk to you in private. Let's go into the bedroom here." hardfucker opened the door without taking his hand off Stephen's shoulder, and guided him inside.

"Ummm, okay." Stephen said. He found himself walking into the bedroom, guided by the strong hand.

Once inside, hardfucker closed the door and locked it. He put his hands on Stephen's waist. Suddenly Stephen felt scared and intimidated. He pushed hardfucker's hands away, suddenly, and lifted his elbows and fists.

Hardfucker was a bit surprised. "What are you gonna do?" he asked "Hit me?" Stephen stood wide-eyed, looking up at him, fists up, with hardfucker's hands on his waist,

"Hit me." Hardfucker said, "Go on, do it."

"Well, I'll..." Stephen said.

"Do it." Hardfucker grabbed his hand toward his face. "Go, do it. Let it all out."

So Stephen hit him. "Ow, man." hardfucker said, taking Stephen's wrists in both hands. "I thought maybe you might like that kinda thing. You know. I'm into it... Hard to get?"

Hardfucker held Stephen's wrists against the wall and leaned in, kissing him.

"Please... Let me go now." Stephen said, as tears started running down his face. Hardfucker, pulled back, lowered his hands and wiped the tears from Stephen's eyes.

"Hey girly. Alright. I'll let you go. Maybe, you and me... We'll do this some other time." hardfucker said.

"Yeah.. maybe." Stephen sighed in relief.

Hardfucker leaned in again and kissed him, passionately... A strong kiss to take his breath away. After all the fighting, Stephen just stayed silent for a while... This kissing was making him feel strange. He shortly stopped his resistance, and just pretended for the moment that he was a real girl. Timidly, slowly, he tried some feminine movements. He couldn't believe he was doing this.

But then hardfucker just stepped back and laughed. "You're such a sexy girl, you know that?"

"Don't call me like that!" Stephen said as he started to fix his t-shirt with nervous movement.

Hardfucker grabbed his hair hard and rough. Spun him around. Pulling his hair and exposing his neck.

"Oh god, stop it." he whined.

Hardfucker whispered in his ear, "But you like that, don't you slut? Don't resist it. You know you like it."

No. This is awful... thought Stephen. "No, that's not true, i'm..." But a thrill stopped him, feeling the masculine urgency pressed against his back.

Hardfucker nibbled on his ear, and licked the inner lobe, and Stephen liked it again, moaning. Hardfucker whispered, "You're such a sexy lil slut. Fuck I'm so hard."

Stephen whimpered, or perhaps he moaned, feeling the hardfuckers urgency. Wait, what? Like it, don't like it, like it, don't like it... Stephen felt this whirl around in his mind. This just wasn't right.

"Can you feel my hard cock, slut?" Again, whispered in his ear, it tickled. "Your moans give it all away. You can't control it. I control you."

Stephen tried to protest, but then hardfucker said "Turn around," and with a little whimper, Stephen turned his sweat-pants-covered bottom brushed across hardfucker's cock.

He began to slide down Stephen's sweatpants, whispering in his ear "Tell me you like this, and I'll make you moan some more."

Stephen started to moan, but then stopped himself... This seemed so, inappropriate. "If I do, will you let me go?"

"You're in no position to make requests, slut." He pinned Stephen's arms behind his back and ran one hand up and down his sweatpants covered bottom. "You need to realize you were meant to serve."

Stephen was so tempted to just let it happen... He was so horny right now.

But he was also scared out of his mind, and he wasn't gay! (he kept telling himself.)

"I... I don't.. No.. I can't." he said. "I mean... I'm not gay."

"Right." said hardfucker, sarcastically. "Why do you dress in these sexy cum-fuck-me sweats then?"

Stephen felt his big hand running over the cotton... Becoming desperate, he said, finally. "I mean... I'm in love with someone else."

"Who?" he asked.

"Giulia." Stephen said.

"Giulia? Pssh." said hardfucker.


"Giulia." he repeated.

Stephen nodded.

"Alright, pussy. But you're missing out. When things don't work out with you and Giulia, you come back for old hardfucker, now."

"Al.. Alright..." Stephen said, awkwardly, with some relief. Moving toward the door.

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