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Tales of Reluctance: Tale 03

Part one

The ripple of quiet murmuring slowly travelled down the line of boys until it reached David who was standing alone at the back. Unlike his peer group he was not really that interested, but he casually registered the triumphant chattering about; "Mrs. Raymond's wearing a short skirt today." David smiled as he saw a couple of girls roll their eyes at this testosterone-fuelled elation. He knew the girls with equal excitement would soon be discussing Mrs. Raymond's choice of clothes or her new hairstyle. To the boys she was someone to lust after; to the girls a style icon, to David though she was just a teacher.

As he walked into the class that day David decided to study her a little more closely as he mused on what the fuss was about. Sure she was attractive, her tall frame meant she was slim with shapely legs. Mrs. Raymond was fond even at school of wearing high-heeled shoes, which toned her legs perfectly. The shoes ensured every muscle in her calves and thighs were sharply defined. Her dark brown hair framed a pretty face with attractive cheekbones and large brown eyes. There was no questioning her attractiveness and many of David's friends had commented on what a lucky man her husband was. The rumor was he was much older, and that he was a villain, or even a big time gangster, but as with lots of things at school David wondered if someone had just made these stories up.

David snapped out of his daze as the headmaster popped his head round the door.

"Sally have you got the keys to the staff room," the headmaster asked, while David quickly found his seat. Mrs. Raymond immediately handed over a set of keys, as the class thought how odd it was to hear their teacher called by her first name. By now everyone was seated and the history lesson began. David had never been a fan of history; preferring practical classes like woodwork and metalwork to the more academic stuff, but Sally Raymond's teaching style made even History an engaging subject. She showed them how to research a topic. To critically assess the facts and draw their own conclusions as to what was going on. Even better they looked at the effect on ordinary people of events like the moon landings, or sporting triumphs, rather than studying historical figures and what they did. This caught David's imagination far more than remembering a list of dates and facts about some grand event.

The past half-terms work had been exactly an example of this. Sally had given everyone projects and David had been told to look at a family called the Raimondi's. David's had found it fascinating learning about how the Raimondi's had become one of the key Mafia families. A Paolo Raimondi had become one of the most feared Gangster's of the forties, and his sons and grandsons (often given the same first name) had continued in the "family" business. He had managed to trace their activities illegal and llegal to almost the current day when they disappeared. The family seemed to scatter around the world, and go completely legitimate. Any remaining dodgy dealings became myth or legend.

It had been great fun piecing this work together and after being reviewed by Sally, she had told him to add a chapter on what the Raimondi's might be doing today. It had been the best task of all, writing a piece on what might have happened to them all. To David's delight Sally had given him an "A" for his project.

At the end of the class their teacher engaged them in a brief discussion about what they wanted to do next week, it was to be the final lesson of the school year. Traditionally the last lesson contained some kind of treat for the class. The unanimous vote was on watching a movie, but there was little consensus on what. Eventually Sally ended the class by telling them she would pick the movie for them and everyone left smiling and chatting. Many of the boys tried to get one last look at Mrs. Raymond's legs as they walked out.

One girl asked. "Where did you buy your ear rings miss?" Mrs. Raymond smiling gave a short concise answer and thanked the girl when she added. "They are lovely miss."

The class was on average nineteen years of age and Sally was only twenty-five so the age gap was not that great. David left wondering if his teacher knew how the class idolized her for their various reasons, and how she was the most popular teacher in school. Mrs. Raymond always gave very little away, so it was impossible to tell what she absorbed from the goings on around her.

A week later the class sat watching, "The Godfather," and Sally Raymond smiled to herself, crossing her legs under the desk as she did so. Her choice of movie had been spot on and the class was fully absorbed in watching it. True it was violent, but it was historical, and many of them like David had recently done projects in the area of organized crime. It also allowed her the opportunity to study David without him noticing. She knew most of the boys lusted after her in the way young men would and she loved it. Sally enjoyed the way they thought up elaborate excuses to talk to her or offered to do menial tasks to help her. Over time the fact she was attractive to her male pupils and of interest to some of the female ones had become more and more important to her. Sally soon realized dressing well helped her gain popularity, so she focused on this more and more. It seemed to create the following from the girls; the boy's interest was of course far easier to generate. Her self-esteem was driven by this popularity, all be it she tried to be a good educator to her pupils too.

David was different though, he was more aloof, but a hard worker. Over the course of the last two years he had gone from bottom of the class to the top, showing real talent as a historian. It was a shame that despite this talent his heart seemed to lie in practical subjects. His woodwork teacher spoke very highly of him and also thought he had real promise. The question Sally pondered whilst watching him was whether he could be persuaded to take further history education and whether he could afford it. Or did he really want to set up his own business in some kind of trade such as building.

Sally wondered why she continued to dwell on David's motives. For her plan it did not matter much, as long as he needed or liked money and who didn't? It wasn't like she cared about the boy. All she had to do was talk him into helping her and he was without question the one she most wanted to ask. For a start he was disinterested in her. This might seem a problem, but it would make it more of a challenge and she liked that idea. He also had the practical skills to support the cover story she had worked out. The million-dollar question was would he be happy to aid her and her husband. She smiled at the idea of him helping her husband. The simple fact that his aloofness made him the right choice also made his response to assisting a difficult thing to predict. Sally thought he might need some persuasion, but she knew from experience she would be good at that. All be it to get what she wanted might require some patience from her and others.

The movie was coming to an end now and the class would soon be leaving. It was at the end of the movie that Sally dropped her bombshell that she would be leaving the school and so would not be teaching them next year. She smiled to herself, delighted at how disappointed they all looked. All that is apart from David, who seemed not to be concerned by the news.

Sally had a lot of marking to do and her daydreaming had not helped her get through it. The goodbyes and good lucks kept going on for ages before Sally was finally left in the classroom on her own with the door shut. Deciding for the umpteenth time that she would go through with her plan concerning David, she took a deep breath and returned to the marking. God how she hated it, but hopefully there was some fun times to come now school was finally over.

At the end of that final school day of the year, David was shocked to get a note to go and see Mrs. Raymond in her class. He wondered what on earth could be the reason, perhaps he had left something behind, but he could not think what. There did not seem to be any way he could be in trouble.

When he walked into Sally Raymond's classroom David found her sitting on her desk, legs crossed, looking at a laptop. She immediately looked up and stared at him. He felt himself blush a little as his eyes travelled up from her black high-heeled shoes, up her legs and body, to her face. When his eyes met hers she smiled warmly. Her whole face lit up and David found himself realizing just how pretty she was.

"Hello David, thanks for popping in to see me, please sit down," she said warmly. "I have a favor you might be able to help me with." David sat and listened as she explained what she wanted to see him about. It was hard work though not being distracted by her legs, which were right in front of him, at head height. Sally seemed to be careful to keep her knees close together but it didn't stop David's mind wandering.

However he soon grasped what Mrs. Raymond was saying. Basically with her husband she had agreed that they would build a log house in their garden over the summer. This would then allow them to move the study from the house to the new building, and free up a bedroom to become a nursery. David expressed surprise that Mrs. Raymond was pregnant, but before he could say anything more and assume this was her reason for leaving, she explained she wasn't yet expecting a baby. However, Sally explained she was hoping that she would be expecting soon.

David was surprised. His teacher seemed not the maternal type. He had seen Sally with other babies, brought in by other teachers, and she had always kept very distant. Also she was in to her designer clothes, and was always immaculately turned out, not at all compatible he thought with having a child. She had always talked to the class about loving travel and her freedom so this also seemed doubly odd, but what did he know, he thought.

"My plan to have a baby," she told him very sternly, "was just between the two of them! Not for your friends ears or anyone else's. This is preparation," she explained. "Obviously for a teacher the summer holidays are the one time we can do projects like this. So maybe it's a bit back to front, but there you are. This is the only time I have the bandwidth to take something like this on."

The big problem was Sally's husband, who was going to be building the cabin was not available now.

"He has a job which will take him away for most of the summer holidays," she said, "and I really want to get on with building it." Sally then went onto explain he ran businesses, some of which were in Italy.

"He is Italian you see," she said, "and so he has to go home at the beginning of the summer to sort some things out."

So basically it transpired Sally was offering David the job of building the log cabin for them. The amount of money she offered seemed more than generous to David. What made it even more compelling for him was that she had agreed with another teacher it could be his summer assignment for his woodwork class, and so it would count as homework too.

"Wow," said David now getting really excited, "so I can complete my homework and get paid all at once."

"Exactly," said Sally, "and if a project of that size doesn't get you an "A" then nothing will."

David immediately said yes, thanked her earnestly over and over, and then left with a smile on his face. The following Friday he would come over to the Raymond's house and build the basic frame. Then the following week he would work on completing the cabin and then doing whatever Sally needed to finish the project off. It was a great opportunity and he was delighted. Despite his apathy about Sally, he could not help thinking it would be pretty cool working for her. His friends would be so jealous, many of them were practically suicidal about losing Mrs. Raymond as a teacher. They would be green with envy when they knew he was getting to spend time with her at her house.

Part two

David drank his cold beer with enthusiasm. It had been a long hard day erecting the floor and walls of the log cabin. For one person it had been very strenuous. It had been tough work, but he was confident the rest of the project would be pretty straightforward and far less work than Sally had thought. In his mind he was sure another full day and he would have the job done.

It had been a little distracting for him that Sally had spent most of the day sunbathing in the garden. Although David had taken little interest in her at school seeing her in a two-piece swimsuit had been hard to ignore. Several times from up the ladder he had looked down on Sally laid out on the sun-bed. Once she had even come to the bottom of the ladder and looked up at him. She asked if he wanted a drink, but all he could think of was the view down her top. At that point he had felt a little shaky and he had gripped tightly onto the ladder. Several times he had been tempted to take a picture of her with his cell-phone. His friends would have freaked out if he showed them a picture of Mrs. Raymond in a bikini, but his courage had always failed him at the critical moment. It would be so embarrassing if she caught him.

Early in the afternoon David had watched fascinated as she applied sun cream to her legs. Her left hand started down at her ankle, then traced its way up her leg and as she reached her knee the other hand touched her shin and followed the other hand up her thighs. David wondered what her skin would feel like, soft and silky he imagined and his throat went dry with excitement. She slowly continued rubbing the cream into her thighs, using one hand, then the other, as David's mouth fell open. Her hands crossed and she rubbed her arms and her shoulders. It was at this point she turned and looked at David, and as their eyes met, a big warm smile crossed her face.

"You are staring David," she teased. She rested her head on her shoulder and rubbed at the top of her arm. When she looked back David had disappeared. Sally laughed quietly to herself, not quite so disinterested now, are you young man, she thought.

David quickly returned to work and for the rest of the afternoon he stayed hidden in the cabin. Too bashful to show his face, although the vision of Sally and her rubbing in sun-cream stayed with him. Eventually around six pm, Sally shouted his name and he reluctantly put down his tools and headed back to the house.

Now a dressed Sally was sitting opposite him. She looked relaxed, lounging back in a chair looking at him with a warm smile on her face. It seemed odd that she had called him into the lounge for a chat, when it seemed clear what needed to be done to the cabin. Despite her smile there seemed to be a tension in the air that made him wonder if he had done anything wrong. Surely a little staring could not have annoyed her that much?

Sally began to speak and for the first time he detected a very nervous tone in his teacher's voice.

"David I have something else I would like to talk to you about," said Sally, her voice a little shaky. David fidgeted in his seat, sensing the awkwardness in the air and worrying that she would not look him in the eyes.

"Before I do," said Sally, "Thank you for all your hard work on the cabin and what ever happens please know we will pay you in full, and will still want you to finish the project. OK?"

The only thing David found to say was, "thank you, miss."

Sally smiled, "call me Sally," she said.

"Sorry, force of habit," David replied, also smiling, and then after a silence that seemed to hang in the air, they both laughed. David felt relieved that the tension had lifted slightly.

"Basically, Paul my husband and I have a big problem," said Sally. "We want to have a baby and we can't. You see Paul has a low sperm count," said Sally, blurting her words out and talking across a sharp intake of breath from David.

At this point Sally squeezed her hands together tightly. She let the words sink in for a moment and then continued. David pondered her words as he watched her knuckles go white from the way she was pressing her hands together.

"Its just one of those things," she said, "but it give us a big dilemma. You see David, because Paul is a lot older than me, we cannot adopt and fertility treatment is well, so expensive, and not guaranteed to succeed. So we are stuck."

"I don't understand," said David. "I mean I understand what you have said, but what does it have to do with me?"

"Well I want to talk to you about becoming a surrogate father for a child," said Sally, this time more composed, but still unable to look David in the eyes as she spoke.

There was a long pause before anyone said anymore. Sally got up, walked around the room and then sat back down, allowing David to think for a moment about what had been said.

"I not sure I understand. If you want me to donate sperm or something then surely that involves fertility treatment." He said trying hard to sound calm and measured; when inside his heart was racing and stomach churning. It was turning into a very strange day.

"David, we would have to do it the natural way. We would have to sleep together," said Sally calmly. She had long rehearsed this line in her head, but she still felt she had messed it up. Perhaps there was no good way to ask something so unexpected. It had sounded very casual as though she had asked him something mundane, like would he wash the car? She groaned inside.

"I know it's a lot to ask and a lot to take in," she added quickly, in the hope she could recover control of the situation. Unsurprisingly David looked absolutely horrified. Sally feared he would walk out and so her heart sank and she wished she could start again, but it could not be unsaid. She had to carry on.

"What? No? No way!" said David, blurting the words out, as he absorbed what this meant. Finally he lamely said, "You are joking right?"

"I am not joking David, please, we need you. At least we need you to think about it," said Sally sounding as desperate as she could. "I need you to think about it. I know it's a lot to ask, but you are our only hope." She said.

"But, but, god, you could ask anyone at school," said David, "they all fancy you like mad." He turned red and stuttered at this point realizing he had said too much. She was after all his teacher, well ex-teacher anyway.

"I know," said Sally, measuring her words very carefully, "but that's why I chose you David. I wanted a calm, responsible, very mature student. Not the others who would just want to get into my pants and then not cope with the responsibility of keeping quiet. Someone Paul and I could trust, both to look after me and to keep this secret. Even this conversation could cost me my career David. I think you are an exceptional young man, who is very mature and intelligent," she said, her face showing how serious she was. "I wouldn't ask if I did not think you could cope. We very much need your help David, I am sorry to put this on you, but we are desperate. I need a child and you are our only hope."

David blushed at the compliments throughout Sally's little monolog and for the first time a tiny part of him considered how wonderful it might be to make love to his teacher. As he said most of his friends wouldn't hesitate at such an offer. The word "handsome" made him feel funny inside and he loved the fact she thought him to be good looking. Then the bubble burst and he thought about actually doing it and he realized he couldn't.

"There must be another way," said David.

"Trust me there isn't," replied Sally. "There just isn't." She began to cry.

"Anyway what does your husband think about it?" said David playing for time, embarrassed by the crying, and wishing he could just go home. He could not leave her in tears though.
"He does not think its ideal of course," she said regaining some composure. "What man would want to share his wife with someone else, but he agrees it's the only way out of our problem. So that is really why he has gone away. Although we do need a log cabin and the space for a nursery, but only, if well, you agree." She finished, her voice tailing off a bit as she realized she had talked herself into a corner. Again silence hung awkwardly in the air and this time David spoke.

"I don't think I could do it, Mrs. Raymond," he said. "Its just. Its just too weird!"

"Well all I hoped for today is that you would think about it David." said Sally calmly. "Would you at least think about it? For me?"

David felt like he had definitively made his mind up not to do it, but then and there, it was easiest to say he would consider the offer, so he cowardly agreed to consider it, even though he had no intention of actually fathering a child with her. Anyway she looked so sad that he felt there was no option put to play for time.

"We would pay you twenty thousand dollars and pay for a lawyer to represent you when we draw up the contract." said Sally, "but as I said just think about it. You would have no rights over the child. It would be mine and my husbands."

This David felt was the least of the problems. What on earth would he do with a child? If anything he was relieved there would be no come back on him.

He left for home shortly afterwards, the atmosphere in the room after such a bombshell was strained, so he fled. He had an unusual weekend where he was moody and quiet. His parents thought it odd, but wrote it off to David being a teenager. The friends he met up with were too interested in what had happened at the Raymond's to notice that David was subdued. In the end he told them about the swimsuit and suntan cream, he came close to telling about the baby suggestion, but he just about managed to keep quiet.

Sunday night he lay awake thinking about the events of Friday and how his friends had reacted to the stories about Mrs. Raymond and the bikini. Mostly David kept thinking about the way his friend Mark had commented on how he would give anything to fuck Mrs. Raymond. It was ironic that he had the chance, and he was too scared to go through with it.

Part three

There was only a cleaner at the house when David arrived on the Monday to carry on the work on the cabin. He had been half-excited and half-dreading seeing Sally again, so it all became a bit of an anti climax. Even the cleaner left shortly after David arrived, so David was alone in the garden and left to go to work on the cabin, feeling very confused. He finished its exterior around mid-morning, ate his lunch and then busied himself finishing everything off. All that was left to do was to move the stuff from the house to the study. Around six o'clock he stepped outside and admired his handiwork.

"Wow, you have been busy," said a voice behind him and he turned round to see Sally standing there. She had a couple of shopping bags in her hands.

She was wearing a sleeveless black dress that came down to just above her knees. It was plain apart from a gold band, which traced round the high neckline and there was a tiny teardrop cut out of the material above breast height. The dress complete with high-heeled, black, open-toed shoes meant Sally looked very elegant, even though she had only been on a shopping trip.

David smiled shyly and looked at the ground, the awkward feeling returning immediately. Sally dropped her bags and walked over to him, placing both hands on his bare shoulders. He was aware of how cool and soft her hands felt on his arms and she gently moved her hands up and down in a comforting movement. He felt electricity flow through his body. He slowly lifted his head and looked at her.

"It's so good to see you. I have been worried about you David," she said. "I owe you an apology. I am sorry to have put this baby idea on you. It was wrong of me." As she spoke her voice began to crack and then overwhelmed she began to sob and then to cry. She turned away, composed herself before turning back to David. Her eyes were red and a tear flowed slowly down her cheek, David went to speak, but found he too was choked.

"Lets at least be friends," said Sally finding a weak smile, and David nodded. "I have fajita's," she said suddenly. "As a peace offering?" She managed another forced smile as she picked up the bags. "I once heard a young man in my class say they were his favorites. "It will take me half an hour. Perhaps a shower for you in the meantime?"

"Um ok, I mean that will be great," replied David. "but..."

"I have laid out some of Paul's clothes in the spare room for you." She said cutting across him, "Go on get ready and I'll get cooking. I am starving," she said. "All this emotional energy I guess."

He hesitated and wondered when she had put the clothes out for him, but she was now busy in the kitchen so he shrugged and followed her.

David walked back to the house enjoying the fact the tension had lifted and Sally and he were friends again. He showered and dressed, the clothes were a little large, but they would do and he descended the stairs to find the table laid, complete with wine and the most wonderful aroma of meat and spices filling the air.

They chatted easily over dinner, ignoring babies, and talking about school mainly. Sally talking about the funny things the pupils did and David telling stories from the student's point of view. The subject moved onto relationships and who was seeing whom. Sally seemed fascinated by this and David fuelled by the wine found himself enjoying discussing the doing of the class. He was in full flow when he suddenly found himself saying,

"So Mark slept with Julie even though she was supposed to be going out with Stephen," he stopped, looked in horror at Sally and then they both burst out laughing.

"So that's why Stephen started that fight with Mark," said Sally, "and you, my brave boy, split it up I hear."

Mark shrugged and blushed. "Well it was all getting out of hand."

"And how about you David. Who have you gone out with?" Said Sally.

Mark went quiet and looked at the floor.

"Still waiting for the right girl to come along?" Said Sally. "Very sensible. I often think for every happy pupil I have in a relationship I have many miserable ones from either splitting up or from having had an argument with their partner. Its all too much, too soon, quite often."

David looked up at Sally staring deeply into her eyes and finding her unashamedly staring back. "I suppose." he muttered. Sally led David over to the sofa and went to fill up his wine glass. He objected, but she filled it anyway.

"Doesn't mean you wouldn't like to have someone special, huh," she gently suggested, touching his shoulder again. David nodded.

"May I ask you a very personal question," she said. David shrugged his shoulders and did not answer.

"Is part of the problem about the surrogacy, the fact that you have not been with a girl before?" asked Sally. "It would be quite understandable, but maybe it would help if we talked about it?"

Sally waited patiently for him to speak. He wondered how she knew he was a virgin, but decided there was no point in arguing he wasn't. Perhaps it was obvious.

"Kind of," muttered David.

"Are you worried that I am experienced and you are not?" She said deciding to probe more. David took a long drink of wine, she could see his hand was shaking, but Sally knew she needed to continue to push the subject, but very carefully.

"Yes and ..." said David.

"And what David? Go on please tell me. I know I am the cause of this huge anxiety for you, but let me help if I can," said Sally. "You can trust me."

"And I want my first time to be special," he said, feeling like it was a lame thing to say. His friends would be unbuckling their belts right now he thought.

"And you don't think it would be special with me?" She said again, as gently as she could. David paused. Sally felt she could see like the few other young men she had encountered, he wanted to discuss his problems, but didn't know how.

"Be honest David. You know how important having a baby is to me," she said. "I won't lie. I want to see if we can find a way to make this work. It breaks my heart to think I will never have a child, but if I end up hurting you, that would just destroy me."

"The truth is," he said quietly, looking at the ground. "The truth is. I don't want my first time to be, go to a bedroom, lie down, do the business and then leave." He had spoken so fast and so softly; Sally barely managed to digest all that he had said, so it took a few moments to fully understand. She welled up with tears and she saw that having seen her tears, he was near to crying too.

"David, I don't want that either," she said slowly. "I never meant you to think it would be that way. I want us to make love. Properly. I want to show you how wonderful sex is and help you understand how a woman wants to be made love to. If you let me I will teach you and I promise you your first time will live with you forever. I can promise you will never forget it!"

Sally reached forward and kissed David on the lips. His lips remained hard and unresponsive, but he did not move away. She smiled at him, held his head gently in both of her hands; she stared deeply into his eyes and then cautiously kissed him again. He still did not respond.

"David kiss me," she said. "I promise I won't bite."

This time he responded and they shared a long passionate kiss. David could not believe how wonderful it felt, the wonderful wet softness of her mouth. He loved the taste of her lips, wondering if that was her lipstick he could taste. The whole thing was incredible. When she pulled away, she looked at him and noted with amusement how wide-eyed he was.

"See? Was that so bad?" she said gently and she moved forward to kiss him again and then once more. He moved his mouth to kiss her cheek and then her neck. He found kissing her neck such a turn on. When he had kissed her neck for a third time she gently pulled him away.

"So you see. Its not so bad making out with your dear old teacher is it?" She said and she gave him a peck on the forehead.

"I still don't know!" Said David, suddenly fearful that the kissing had made it seem like he would go through with the whole surrogacy plan. He got up and walked to the window and looked out. David's heart was racing and he was breathing fast. He was aware how huge his erection was and how a voice in his head was telling him to sleep with Sally, but he was absolutely terrified. He had never felt so confused in his whole life.

"How about we have a date?" Said Sally suddenly, cutting across his thoughts. She had been thinking hard about a way to break the tension in the air. "Tomorrow night? You can take me to the, Sons of the Night concert. I have tickets."

"That's my favorite band," he said surprised and relieved that the conversation somehow had become relatively normal. He took a long slow deep breath wishing his heart would slow down and his erection would go away. He felt like the bulge in his trousers must look huge and David wondered if Sally had noticed anything. She certainly seemed not to have.

"I know." she replied. "I love them too. Bring an overnight bag. We will go to the concert and you can stay here the night." He again wore that scared look. "Look David," she said holding him, "nothing is going to happen unless you want it to. Have the spare room. If we just come home and go to our own beds that's fine, if we have a kiss and a cuddle on the sofa again that would be lovely. It's up to you David. All that matters is we have a good time together."

"You don't expect me to have sex with you then?" Asked David unsure about whether he wanted her to say yes or no.

"David you need to agree the contract and also not to put too fine a point on it I need to be ovulating." she said, kissing him on the cheek. "Like I said, lets just have some fun and go on a sort of date." Then with a serious look on her face she continued, "Maybe you could agree the terms of the contract, but not sign it? No harm in that. If we are going to make love, it will have to be next week for me to be fertile."

"Ok," said David remembering his biology lessons about a woman's fertility and feeling relieved nature had removed the pressure for at least now. There was still a sense of disappointment within him that they were not going to sleep together and each hour that went by, that sense seemed to get bigger. Slowly he was fancying her more and more and he ached to touch her and to kiss her again.

Sally told him he was not to drive home after the wine he had had, and called him a taxi, suggesting that she pick him up for the concert at about five thirty tomorrow evening. They agreed to meet around the corner from his house. It would be a long drive to the concert and so they would need to start early. His car would then be at her house for the morning after the concert. When the taxi arrived Sally pulled him to her and they shared several more passionate kisses.

"Go on, you had better get out of here," she said grinning and pushing towards the hallway. Sally noted the look of disappointment on his face and the way he hung back hoping for one more kiss. After she had closed the front door on him, she spent several minutes with her back pressed against the door. Sally was thinking about how much David turned her on. She had always liked younger men, but she could not help wondering if she was doing the right thing. Also would he get cold feet again and not go through with it. It would be a big disappointment and not just to her, if she did not pull it off. Oh the responsibility of it all she said out loud, and laughed before heading off in search of some more wine. Remember this was meant to be fun she told herself.

Part four

David kept sneaking glances at the sleeping Sally as he drove them home from the concert. He had loved watching her in her short dress, dancing to the music. There was something so sexy in how she moved and he loved the way she kept grabbing him and rubbing up against his body and then kissing him. He had loved the music and had been so surprised at how into the songs Sally was. She appeared to know all the words. More than anything he had so loved being with her, especially when she had told him it had been a "great date" as they were leaving. He strode out of the arena so very happy. The pressures of helping her have a baby were forgotten for the moment. Sally thought as they walked that the idea of the concert had been spot on.

Sally had driven to the arena, but as they reached the car, she threw him the keys and told him to drive home. David loved the sense of being the alpha male that this gave him, and even more so that he got to drive her smart new Mercedes.

Now she sat beside him, with legs folded up onto the seat and her body twisted to the side so she was facing him. Her shoes were lying in the foot well of the car. At one point she had stirred in her sleep and her hand had stroked him arm.

"Are you ok, darling?" she whispered. "You don't mind driving?" David reassured her he was fine and told her to go back to sleep. A thrill coursed through him at being called darling. He wished he could slide his hands up her skirt; he was absolutely captivated by her legs, which were so close to him it was difficult not to be distracted. He moved the car from drive into sequential. Now he would have to manually work the gears. David managed to "accidently" touch her knee as he moved the lever forward to put the car into a higher gear. Her knee felt hard to the touch, but still his body tingled with electricity. When she didn't respond he braved another touch. The third time he reached out, Sally moaned in her sleep and turned away. He thought to himself, the women beside him had offered the chance to sleep with her, and he was trying daft tricks to touch her leg. Very stupid David he said to himself. He moved the lever back to automatic.

A few miles further down the road Sally stirred again, this time moving round to face him again, but folding herself up much tighter, so her knees were almost under her chin. David once again reached out and touched her knee and he immediately felt her hand on top of his. When he tried to remove his hand Sally pressed it tightly but he still managed to pull it away.

"Don't move, that was nice," she said and without opening her eyes she reached out and taking his hand in hers guided it up her skirt and onto her thighs. "Is that what you wanted to do?" she asked quietly.

"I have agreed the contract, with that lawyer," he replied quickly, surprised that he had blurted it out. "Its just needs signing now." Sally already knew this as her man dealing with the contract had e-mailed her, but she kept that to herself.

"Does that mean you will do it?" she said, suddenly opening her eyes, the excitement obvious. There was a long pause and it became clear he was not going to answer. She knew she had pushed too hard.

"Sorry," she said softly. "Lets stick to the date idea and having fun." She carefully turned herself round and extending a leg she pressed her foot on his groin and gently rubbed. David gasped in surprise as Sally giggled.

"Just don't crash," she said laughing, at the look on his face.

"I won't," said David. Loving both the touch of her foot, but also the way her legs were right in front of him now and if he looked quickly, he could see all the way up her skirt.

"David, would you like me to stop?" she said teasingly. "Perhaps it is too distracting? Or maybe you don't like it?"

"No." Said David. "Its fine. Honestly."

"Just fine, David? Is that all? I think you like the view up my skirt?" she said, moving her face so she was looking right at him.

"Yes," said David blushing and trying hard not to look back at her and show his embarrassment. The more he told himself not to go red, the more he believed he was turning scarlet.

So she continued to rub his groin with her foot, enjoying the way David gasped and the feeling of the hardening lump between his legs, as she stroked him. David continued to struggle to concentrate on the road. Eventually she moved her foot back.

"Sorry darling that gets a little uncomfortable after a while," she said. "Give me your hand again," and taking his hand she again put it up her skirt.

"Oh it looks like we are back home," she said and sure enough they had reached Sally's house. David quickly withdrew his hand and drove the car up the drive and parked it by the house. Sally told him not to say anything and grabbing him by the hand she led him into the house. He went to kiss her, but she moved her head away and she guided him into the lounge, making him stand by the sofa.

"Have you ever had a blowjob?" She said simply. He shook his head, his eyes opening wide as the words sunk in. "Well I think its time you did." She said flatly.

Sally smiling looked straight into his eyes, and without looking down, she began to unbuckle his belt. Next she undid his trousers and pulled them down with his boxer shorts. All the time she continued to look him straight in the eyes. Sally dropped to her knees in front of him, pulled his clothing right down and then ran her hands up and down the sides of his legs. His cock was already standing to attention in front of her face.

"Mmmmmmm you have a beautiful body David," she said. Her hands were running up and down the whole length of his legs with just her fingertips touching his skin. She looked up at him, and then a more serious look came over her face as she looked down, and focused on his cock.

Her left hand reached out, grasped his dick, taking it between her thumb and forefinger she lifted it up, before she also grabbed it with her other hand and then she began to stroke up and down his shaft.
"You have a beautiful cock," she said.

She closed her eyes, as though anticipating how great his cock would feel on her lips. After pausing for a moment she opened her mouth slightly and slowly licked the tip of his dick with her tongue, licking in slow circles around the top. She put just the head into her mouth, and then removing it, rubbed the top all around her lips. David for the first time let out a little moan of pleasure. Sally looked up at him with her big brown eyes, smiled and slowly put his cock properly into her mouth. Drawing her lips back over it, so it popped out again, before putting it back into her mouth and withdrawing it again. Her left hand gripped his shaft tightly, to ensure his cock stayed at a comfortable height. From her mouth came a smacking sound as she kissed the tip and began to suck it more rigorously. She began to lick his flanks with low slow movements of her tongue.

"It's so big," she muttered. "You are so much bigger than Paul." Her mouth took another journey all the way down his shaft. Sally looked up at David just using one hand to gently caress his dick as she studied his face, watching his reaction.

"Is this nice David?" She said.

"It's. It's. The best," he replied, holding his breath and then suddenly exhaling. She watched him, looking fascinated as he inhaled deeply before breathing out slowly and noisily. Sally stuck out her tongue and again licked all around the tip in a slow circle and then grabbing his cock halfway down the shaft she sucked on it again. David watched Sally sucking him and while her eyes were closed he cautiously lowered his hand and moved some hair off her face.

"I like it when you hold my head," she said. "Show me what you like best." And David placed his hand gently on the back of her head. She began to suck, taking his cock deeper into her mouth and rolling her hand around his shaft she continued to give him a blowjob. His hand gently touched her cheek and he loved the sensation of feeling her soft skin. She began to suck harder, pulling him closer to her at the same time. Her head was now bobbing up and down in a regular rhythm. After doing this for a while, she paused, and then took his whole cock into her mouth, holding it there before pulling back, her lips running over his shaft. She pulled her head back, and then again took the whole length into her mouth. Now without his cock leaving her mouth, she was moving rapidly up and down the whole length.

"Oh shit that's incredible," said David seeming to especially like what she was doing now. So Sally continued going on and on, in and out, David moaning louder and louder.

Finally she sat back, and looked up at David, rubbing his cock again gently with just one hand as she watched his face.

"Good?" she said simply and he gulped and nodded. Sally laughed. "So you'd like more then?"

She did not wait for an answer, but moved back into position, lifting his cock with her left hand and licking the whole length. Sally began to suck hard on the top of his cock, occasionally pausing to flick her tongue at it.

"Hmmmmm," she murmured, working her hands over his balls and making David moan again, before holding the tip in her mouth as she rolled her hands round his shaft. "Such a lovely cock," she said, almost to herself, as she momentarily sat back, before resuming giving him oral love.

She began to suck him harder and harder, making David gasp and Sally also began to utter quiet little moans, as the blowjob became more and more intense.

Finally using just her hands she worked his cock hard, holding her mouth open over the tip.

David began to moan louder.

"Its ok David. Come for me," she commented. "Come for me sweetheart. That's it all over my pretty face," she said. He immediately exploded, his come covering her mouth and nose. He was breathing hard and groaning as he did. She put out her tongue and rested the end of his cock on it, before giving it several sucks and then she got up, and headed towards the kitchen.

"I just need to clean up." She said.

When Sally came back from the kitchen she smiled at David, and walked over to him, passionately kissing her on the lips.

"Did you like that David?" she said.

He nodded, still feeling a little breathless at overwhelming sensation of his intense orgasm.

"Good," she said and she walked out. "Good night then. See you in the morning."

He stood still, a little shocked by her sudden departure.

David wanted to run after her, to thank her, to plead with her to let him share her bed, but he wasn't brave enough. He so wanted to fuck her. It was then he realized his mind was made up; he would sleep with her next week. He was absolutely smitten with her and there was no longer any part of him that wanted to resist. David knew he would regret not going to bed with her for the rest of his life, if he didn't agree to the surrogacy plan.

He lay for a long time in the spare room too excited to sleep, before finally dropping off several hours later. To his confusion he found an empty house with just a note in the kitchen when he awoke. Help yourself to breakfast it said. To his horror the note also suggested that they should not speak again till next week. Sally finished by saying perhaps they both needed time to think before they took the big step of having sex. David was crushed and utterly bereft. His heart sank at the idea that she might be changing her mind. Why had he not just agreed when he had the chance?

For several days he moped around the house. He texted Sally many times, mostly without response, but occasionally she would reply telling him to be patient. The one time he got very brave and tried to call her she did not answer. As well he tried to talk to the lawyer, who had not sent the contract, so it was still unsigned. He thought perhaps signing the contract would help or at least give him a reason to talk to her. The lawyer's number however did not seem to be working. Gradually day after day his frustration and helplessness built up. Finally on Sunday she called his phone and in a very friendly voice suggested that they meet for dinner, at seven, at her place, that night.

David excitedly agreed, "shall I bring another overnight bag?" he asked hopefully.

"If you want to," said Sally and then the line went dead He had wanted to ask so much more, but the call had ended before he could even get started. All he could do then was wait for dinner and hope it would turn out the way he wanted it too. The clock oh so very slowly ticked round towards seven.

Part five

The dinner had been great, a superb meal, and although David had felt very awkward at first Sally eventually got him relaxed. The wine helped, but mainly she was able to get him laughing. The food was great and when it was all over she made him sit in the lounge while she did a bit of clearing up. He offered to help, but she said it was all being dumped in the kitchen, and the housekeeper would deal with it in the morning.

David sat on the sofa admiring all the nice things around him. He wondered briefly about her husband, realising there were no pictures of him anywhere, in fact there were only the pictures of Sally. There was one picture of her with two friends and that was it. Everywhere though there were nice things. The Raymond's definitely had style and money for the best.

Suddenly a voice called and realising Sally was calling him he went to find her. When he found the kitchen empty he went into the hall.

"I am up here," said a voice from above. He heard footsteps upstairs, but Sally did not appear at the top of the stairs, so with a mixture of confusion, hope, nerves and excitement he breathlessly climbed the stairs.

"Second door on the right," said the voice again.

He appeared at the correct bedroom door and there was Sally.

David gasped in shock. She was wearing a white bra with matching knickers, with suspenders and black stockings. On her feet were very high stiletto shoes. As he came into the room she got up off the chair and walked towards him, wobbling slightly as she walked due to the height of her shoes.

"Do you like it?" she said opening her hands wide to show she meant her outfit.

"Its wonderful," he replied. "You look beautiful."

"I wanted to wear something special for you," she said. "I bought it just for you. To make your first time even more memorable."

She took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom, sitting him down on the chair she had risen from, and taking his hand he got him to touch her legs and to run his hands over her body. She slowly turned around for him as he caressed her.

Sally walked a few steps away from David, turned around to face him and began to slowly unclip her suspenders and then removed them, before rolling her stockings down her legs, bending at the knee as she did. She removed her shoes and then removed the stockings. She then put her shoes back on.

"Stand up," she said and David rose immediately as she walked across the floor. As she knelt at his feet and undid his trousers, he unbuttoned his shirt. Once his shirt was open and his trousers around his ankles she leant forward and began to suck on his cock, as she sucked him he began to rock his hips moving in the same rhythm as Sally was. As she gave him a blowjob he took his shirt off and tossed it away. She gave him a long, slow blowjob, moving at the same steady pace as before. Sally raised her head to look at David with big wide-eyes and then slowly removed her bra. She withdrew her mouth from his cock looked at him with a big smile.

"Do you want to fuck me?" She said. David nodded.

"Are you sure?" she said.

"I need to sign the contract," he said. " I couldn't reach the lawyer again. I tried."

"Afterwards," replied Sally smiling, "Don't worry about it now.

"Are you still fertile?" he said. "Is it too late?"

"You worry too much David," she said. "Right now all I want is to fuck you. Take off your clothes David."

David removed his shoes and stepped out of his trousers and boxer shorts, standing naked in front of Sally, who now lay on the bed. Her arms were across her bare breasts and all she had on were her white knickers and her black shoes.

"Come here and remove my shoes darling," she said.

David knelt at the end of the bed and removed one shoe, he kissed her leg and stroked it with his hand before then removing the other shoe, and this time he kissed Sally's instep. All the time she lay watching him, a grin on her face, arms still across her breasts.

"Now my knickers," she said, bending her leg at the knee to help him.

Sally lay still as David pulled her knickers up her raised thighs, and down her leg. Sally raising each foot in turn to help him remove them. One hand moved down from her breasts to cover her pussy.

"Lick me right here," she said, stroking between her legs and indicating that was where she meant.

David moved into position, as Sally spread her legs wide, her hands now resting on her thighs, she watched David carefully as he began to lick between her legs. He was pleased after just a few licks to hear Sally moan quietly, and so he continued doing exactly what he was doing. Sally's hand moved her hair off her face and then she began to hold and then squeeze her breasts. David moved a little to get more comfortable and then resumed licking her pussy.

Sally gasped a little and then said. "That's right David. Just like that." David looked up and ran his hand over her pubic area, before he again lowered his head and resumed licking. Sally moved her head back, tensing her body and running a hand over her breasts and stomach. She continued to quietly moan to herself as David continued to give her oral love. Sally lay on the bed with David licking, kissing and sucking on her pussy for several minutes.

"Come here. Its time." Sally said and she showed David how she wanted him to support himself above her, a hand on each side of her body and she guided his cock into her. Her legs opened wide to receive him as bent them at the knees. She watched the expression on his face change as his cock slipped gently inside her. David could not believe how amazing being inside her felt.

"Feels good?" she said.

"Fuck," said David.

He slowly withdrew his cock and then pushed gently in again, fidgeting slightly to get into a better position, before repeating the motion and then again and then again .

She ran her hands over his strong arms and then they kissed slowly and passionately as he continued to slowly fuck her. She gripped his arm as they kissed and he screwed her with the same long slow movement. Sally tried to keep him focused on kissing her, trying to ensure he still fucked her nice and slow. He put his head gently on the top of hers.

"Am I doing it right? He said.

"Its beautiful darling," she said. "Do it just like you are, nice and gentle and slow."

She ran her hands over his arms. David getting uncomfortable being in one place, put more weight on his arms and raised his body up a little higher. Their breathing became heavier and they both began to moan in unison.

"Fuck that is so good," said Sally smiling at him. "I love your big cock inside me."

David began to use a sharper faster motion and Sally told him that she liked that. His pride surged as he began to realize not only was he having sex for the first time, but also he seemed to be doing it well. David watched as Sally ran her arms across her breasts, and she stretched her leg out a little. David looking down watched his cock moving inside her, as they continued to make love.

"I can't believe I am doing this," he said.

"Come here sweetheart," she said and she pulled David down on top of her and with her hand behind his neck they kissed again. Sally slowly lifted her legs and crossed them behind his ass, locking her heels together.

"You and your beautiful cock are all mine," she said.

He still fucked her slowly, as they kissed with long passionate kisses. She began to use her heels to push him into her, feeling his cock going a little deeper as she did. He began to move faster, and as he did he looked down at what he was doing and then back at Sally.

"Its ok, fuck me faster if you want to," she said. "You feel amazing inside me." And she kissed him again, lifting her legs a little higher on his ass. Their kisses became short and sharp, each one making a slapping sound, as in-between Sally began to breath much faster, her excitement growing as he fucked her.

David looked at Sally for a while, smiling at the dreamy look on her face as he continued screwing her, moving his head down he kissed her right breast, loving the feeling of the soft flabby flesh in his mouth.

"Fuck me hard," Sally said and David again lifted himself off her and supported by his arms he began to move in and out of her much faster and much harder as Sally lay beneath him writhing with pleasure.

"That's it, harder, you can't hurt me," she said.

"Yes, yes, yes," she began to repeat over and over and the bed began to bang rhythmically against the wall. David shut his eyes and fucked her for all he was worth.

As he fucked her, she noticed his face changing and so not ready for him to come just yet she pushed him back into a seated position and she sat up too, so they were face to face. Her legs now either side of his hips. She flicked her hair off her face as she began to rock her hips as he sat watching her.

"Let me fuck you," she said. "Let me show you how. Kiss my breasts darling."

David lowered his head and began to kiss and suck on her tits as she continued to rotate her hips and fuck him.

"That's it," she moaned, "take them deep into your mouth." As he kissed them she said, "that's a good boy." She leant right back, so he could kiss all over her chest and stomach.

Now she moved him into a lying down position and she sat on top of him in a kneeling position and began to bounce up and down on him. She began to bounce faster and faster, now making David moan, before with a low groan, he came inside her. Sally flopped down on top of him.

She lay in his arms for a while listening to his breathing slowly coming back under control. They lay together for a while in silence. Her phone vibrated, and she quickly got out of bed, walked over and checked it, smiling as she read it.

"Everything ok?" said David concerned at how fast she had moved on hearing the phone.

"Everything's great," she replied, "and as you seemed to enjoy your first time so much, I think it will soon be time for the round two." She walked back to the bed and reaching under the duvet she grasped his cock which was already hardening again, just at the idea of more lovemaking. She began to stroke up and down the shaft, his erection getting stronger and stronger as she did. She loved that about young men it didn't take much to get them ready again.

"David?" she said quietly. "Fuck me again!"

David gulped and nodded. "Ok, but I thought you would want to wait to see if you fell pregnant before we did it again."

"Well I have a little fantasy, that my husband will never let me do," she said seductively and opening the drawer of the bedside cabinet she showed him two sets of handcuffs. "If you let me put these on you I will let you have me again, right here and now."

"Wow," said David, "you want to cuff me?"

"Yes," she said, "will you let me do that? It will really turn me on."

David immediately agreed and Sally put the cuffs on him attaching them to the sturdy headboard. Now he was restrained she further surprised him by standing up and grabbing the remote she turned the television on. The screen began to show a video of them making love.

"You taped us?" said David, suddenly feeling a little nervous and wondering why she would do something like that. She smiled at him as his hands pulled at the cuffs.

His nervousness turned into complete bewilderment when he heard noises outside and two other women he did not recognize walked straight into the bedroom.

"How was he?" said the first one to Sally ignoring David.

"Inexperienced, but very wiling," she said. "Pretty big cock too."

"What? What is going on?" Said David thrashing around, now trying as hard as he could to get his hands free.

"David this is my sister-in-law, Rosa Raimondi, but we call her Rosie and this is her cousin Luigia Raimondi, but we just call her Lou." Said Sally. They have both been really looking forward to meeting you."

"David, they are police-issue handcuffs, they are not coming off," said the lady called Rosie, smiling at the way he was struggling. "So I suggest you keep still." She commented before adding, "Now what do we have here?" And she pulled the covers off him, so he was completely naked

"Hmmmm, as you said Sal, pretty big cock." Said Lou. "This should be fun."

Sally said she needed some water and went downstairs, leaving the other two women to explain to the bewildered David what was happening. It took a while but he eventually realized there was no baby plan and in fact Sally's husband knew nothing of what he and Sally had agreed. Eventually David with lots of help from the women made the connection to the name Raimondi and realized that Raymond was simply an Anglicized version of Sally's real surname.

"Oh my god," he said resuming pulling on the handcuffs in his desperation.

The women then told him what Sally's husband would do to him if he found out he had had sex with her. You will do what we tell you the women said, or her husband gets the tape. Sally he will forgive, you he will kill, very slowly and very painfully. Maybe even your whole family.

"You see he really is a gangster David," said Sally returning to the room. "Not a nice man at all, but you know that from the school work I set you. Which you did very well I must say." She sat beside him on the bed. Her hand moved a strand of hair off his face. "Pity you didn't get a copy of that contract, but without it there is no proof of my little scam. You won't find that lawyer trust me. In fact he wasn't a lawyer at all. Also my love it might be better if you did not suggest to my Paolo if you meet him, I mean Paul, that he has a low sperm count. Italian men get very sensitive about such things. It might upset him more than the fact you screwed his wife."
Sally sat on the bed, studying David, who lay there, looking close to tears. He seemed to be realizing that he was physically trapped by the handcuffs, but more trapped by the way Sally had set him up. Sally smile widened.

You seem to have lost your erection," she commented dryly.

"I don't believe you?" David yelled at Sally suddenly.

"Well take your chance if you like David, but men who screw prisoner's wives get what's coming to them, let alone prisoners that are also Mafia" she said. Sally pulled out of the bedside cabinet their wedding picture and also a story in the paper of Paolo being arrested for attempted murder a couple of years ago.

"Prisoner's wives?" said David in shock and horror. "You said he was in Italy."

"I guess I lied," said Sally shrugging her shoulders, "I tend to do that. However, you need to understand the idea that he will kill you, if he knows about you sleeping with me. Well that's completely true" At this the other women solemnly nodded and then burst out laughing.

"And if he doesn't our husbands will," they said continuing to giggle.

"Now you are going to do just what we want you little prick, or my husband will arrange for some nasty men to make sure you don't have a prick anymore." Said Sally, grabbing David dick and squeezing hard. "Do you understand David?"

"What do you want with me?" Said David quietly, head thrashing from side to side and his heart sinking as he realized he had to do what they wanted.

"I, actually we, want you to be our fuck toy for the rest of this week." Said Sally. "We are going to slowly drain your balls David, and you are going to co-operate, or you are going to live a very short painful life. Now my friends here," Sally said to David firmly, "need their pussy's eating out, so get that mouth of yours ready." She held the glass of water close to his mouth allowing him to take a drink.

David watched in horror as both the other ladies began to undress.

Sally laughed at David's face, confident now that he would co-operate for the rest of the week and then keep quiet. Just like the others had. They had done it again, with their husbands in prison; life was hard, not having a man about the place. Her and her friends deserved a little summer treat, and they liked nothing better than fucking a young man, till he couldn't get it up anymore.

Sally sighed and sat down on a chair happy for now to watch her friends enjoy their first experience with David. She would pay him the money at the end of week just like she had promised, but now it would be worth every single cent.

"I told you would always remember your first time David," she laughed, but Rosie was already sitting on his face and ordering him to lick her.

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