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The Epiphanous Spouses Pt. 02

This story is provided from a husband's perspective and certainly does not reflect the mundane experiences of my own journey through the joys and travails of marriage. It could be classed as something other than a Loving Wives tale but I think it fits the genre reasonably so. It is not a tale of an unwitting cuckold or a recollection of burning the dastardly bitch although there is cuckoldry and a bitch or two represented. It is rather long and being presented in multiple parts over a few days of submissions. It is also fiction and not a recount of any real life experiences in my life or in anybody else's life that I know of. I have taken literary liberties with certain aspects of the tale so if there are those who declare "Ayah, there is no way that could have happened like that!" well, perhaps you are right.

I am going to leave anonymous commenting open for now but will probably delete those comments that are not constructive and adding to any fruitful discussion. The story developed via character arching and was written free form i.e. without plot outlining and I have not submitted it to a peer editor.

This part of the story contains violent and dark themes which some readers might object to. If such offends, please do not read the story however the content is essential to the story line.


I could hear the sound of running water in the background and the faint cries of a woman weeping softly. Marylyn didn't speak for a while as I waited on the phone. I really didn't know what to expect. John told me she would have to make a choice this evening and since I had told both John and Stephen that I wanted to keep my wife, I assumed I would want her to make that choice. The only other thing John had revealed to me was that I needed to let Marylyn make her own decision and fulfill whatever was required, to just agree to let her continue with whatever she was compelled to do. I listened silently until she mustered the courage to speak.

"David ... is that you? Are you still there?"

"Yes, Marylyn, I am still here." I paused and she was silent for another long moment. As soon as she heard the name Marylyn, Sarah moistened her lips and pushed them over the head of my cock and engulfed me fully. She certainly had not forgotten how to bring pleasure to a man with her voluntary abstinence.

"David, I need to tell you something... I need to tell you I love you and I need you even though I am not worthy of being with you... I don't know how to do this but I have to. David, the package that was delivered ... oh my god ..."

She broke down in profuse crying unable to form the words as Sarah continued to suck my cock while fondling my ball sack. It was completely surreal. At one point I wanted to tell her to stop but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It felt so good and she wasn't quiet. She wanted my wife to hear it.

"The package had a letter in it and gave me two choices. It also said you were not involved with this but that you would agree with whatever choice I made. David, did you know about this? Will you agree with my choice?"

"Marylyn, it is true I was not involved with these instructions and given the circumstances of the evening and the petition you had me served with, I will agree with whatever that choice is. You have always known I loved you and you should know that regardless of the circumstances, there will always be a love for you. Of course, you must also know that you have turned us completely upside down regardless of your choice. There are consequences for that, yes?"

The weeping was nonstop as was Sarah's mouth on my cock. At that point I couldn't continue.

"Sarah, I can't right now. Please, please stop."

She looked up into my eyes and pulled her lips off me with an overloud smack and teasingly pouted before pushing herself back onto propped pillows, all the while watching me. At that moment, I wanted to drop the phone and fuck her right there.

"Marylyn, did you understand me, that there are consequences to serving me those papers?"

"Yes, David, and regardless of the consequences, I will live with them."

"OK, so what were your choices and your decision and what is next?"

"The first choice was to take my belongings and leave and never say another word to you again, and to never approach you, that you would sign and return the papers to my attorney. Furthermore, I was never to be with another man again so long as I lived and if I were to breach that requirement it would go badly for whoever that man was. I have no doubt every word was meant.

The second choice was to remain your wife, to resume our marriage and to accept whatever changed conditions to our marriage have occurred. I am to answer any and every question you might have or direct me to answer. I am also required to deliver a package to Mrs. Roger Morgan this evening."

She paused and I glanced at Sarah. My mind was turning things over looking for a clue and I had none.

"Marylyn, I am with Mrs. Morgan at this moment."

There was a gasp on the other end and a smile on the pillows. Sarah knew more than she let on but this was not the time to extract that information. Marylyn replied to me after a long pause.

"David, I have to do this. It is important. You told me before but if I have chosen the second option, will you have me back? Will you have me back this evening?"

"Marylyn, I told you I would but things have changed since 7 O'clock and you will have to accept them. As I told you, I am with Sarah Morgan this evening and if you wish to join us to deliver whatever this package is, then you will have to do so."

I looked over at Sarah when I continued.

"I will be staying the night here as her guest and if you wish to stay and join us, you are welcome. I am sure it might be an interesting conversation. "

Sarah jumped up off the pillows and reaching over, took the phone from my hand.

"Mrs. Stone? This is Sarah Stanhope and yes, your husband is staying the night with me here at my father's home. You do know where that is, yes? Good. Now, please make plans to spend the night. I am sure that is what David wishes too. There is lots of room. Now, I will leave the front door unlocked and I want you to come in when you arrive. You can find us, I am sure. Will that do? Good. I look forward to seeing you when you arrive. Goodbye, dear."

So now I am standing in this beautiful woman's bedroom with my shorts at my ankles and with at least a partial erection. I stepped out of them and stood naked in another woman's bedroom for the first time in over 25 years. This after just talking with my adulterous wife who was now apparently on her way over to meet with the wife of the man she was fucking. I remember thinking you just can't make this kind of stuff up. She ran downstairs to unlock the door and came back up returning to her place as before.

"David, you know you are a beautiful man, absolutely beautiful? Did she tell you why she was coming over here? Was it a confession perhaps and at this hour? How interesting."

"She is delivering a package to you. It was delivered to her first and if she was to remain my wife, the instructions in the package require her to make this delivery. Do you really want her to stay here with us? She doesn't have to, you know. I can have her return home and wait for me there."

"David, you know what we are going to do. I'm going to fuck you. No, let me rephrase that. We are going to make delicious love to each other until morning. Do you know how many times you have watched her and my husband rutting like pigs, well him at least? I've watched it too many times to count and I know something about her now. She is a submissive at heart, or so I think. So, considering how many times I have had to watch them, I want the privilege of knowing she is going to watch us. Will you do that?"

I thought about that. I have never actually done anything like that although both Marylyn and I have had healthy and varied fantasies over the years. Looking at her laying there, her thighs opening up for my gaze, it did not take long.


It was all I really could say. Her thumbs tucked under the waist band of her panties and she pulled them off her ass and lifted them with one hand over her raised legs. Bringing her full thighs back down onto the bed, she had opened herself for me with her fingers playing with the soft, neatly trimmed curls above her vulva. A finger dashed inside and she brought it to her lips, her wetness glistening on the nail. It was intoxicating and I was fully erect just watching her. Climbing onto the bed, I reached over and turned off the brighter lamp so that only the soft glow of the base illuminated the room. I was on my knees before her with my fingers tracing lines on her inner thighs. The head of my cock was only a inches or so from her grasp and the opening of her sex and I could sense her heat rising up from that wet valley.

"Eat the pussy, David. I have waited so long for you. Lick my little pink kitty."

I am a healthy, virile man and I obliged. She was so very different from Marylyn yet at the same time quite familiar. Her sex was neatly trimmed with soft short dark curls on her mound and partially down each side of the valley. The clitoris was full and pronounced and pushed through its protective hood. Her vulva and lips were full with the clit much like an oysters pearl. Just looking at it was intoxicating. In contrast, Marylyn was shaved smooth and silky, completely to her bud and the crack of her ass. She was completely hairless and the lips of her pussy were not nearly as visible and full as Sarah's. They were two very different sensual presentations yet both fully satisfying.

Throughout my marriage and before, I have always loved going down on a woman. Every flick of the tongue and the lingering over the full clitoris brings that soft quiver, a sign and the unavoidable buildup to the reward itself, those crescendos that result in her burying her full sex in my waiting mouth. Some men shy from it but I consume it taking even her ass with the sliding, wet motion of the tongue. Sarah was no different. I tasted her completely leaving no spot or crevice untouched. Her silky mons saturated my nostrils as her hands pressed the back of my head into that valley of sexuality.

It was beyond satisfying. It was satiating to me. She exploded off the bed with her ass fucking my mouth and her pussy gushing its wetness and smearing it on my lips, cheeks, nose and chin. It was the most satisfying experience I had enjoyed in months, since before Marylyn's infidelity. She slipped her arms around my neck and pulled me close, tasting her sex on my face and tongue.

I rose up and on one knee brought my cock to her lips. She wasted no time in taking its full girth and length into her mouth and throat before sucking me gently and fully. It slid in and out of her mouth several times before she withdrew and focused on running her lips over the sensitive glans and blowing hot kisses on the piss slit. I was ready to cum but I didn't dare. I needed to fuck her. I craved it. In all this time I had not cheated on Marylyn and now, when I was ready to fuck her, the sense of infidelity was absent. A week ago I would never have thought of bedding this woman. Now, I seem inexplicably drawn to her. I can only hope I am not consumed by this passion.

So I fucked her. I took her pussy as a lover not one just getting a piece of ass. She could have had that anytime over the years yet she waited for a man to make love to her. I can't understand that but then I do not need to. I simply enjoyed every movement of her body in tune to my own. It was a sensual symphony and nothing else mattered at the moment.

It was in the middle of our fuck and I was burying myself in her with slow and deliberate strokes when I glanced up and turned toward the dresser mirror. I watched my ass clench with each thrust, her breast bouncing against my chest. Her gaze was fixed elsewhere and my eyes followed. In the reflection I saw her. Marylyn was standing silently in the doorway clutching a package of some sort. It wasn't the wrapped package of the earlier delivery. It was the contents.

As I continued making love to this woman, Sarah motioned with her arm and pointed to the nightstand on the other side of her. I tried to pull up and see but she pulled my face down to hers and said "not now" and her hands pulled me down into her white throat. As I continued fucking her gently, I heard her gasp loudly, almost a startled scream. Her arm pulled me closer and I felt her shiver. It wasn't an orgasm. It was another kind of emotional response. She then opened her thighs up as wide as she could, pulled me even closer and hissed in my ear.

"Fuck me, David. Fuck me and take me. I want that beautiful prick to empty your seed deep in me. Fuck ... Oh my god. Fuck it."

One of her hands grabbed a cheek and squeezed hard. She was bucking off the bed and milking me.

"Ohhhhh my gawd ... take it ... Pound me... I'm close ... Jesus lover ... I'm so fucking close OMG."

I fucked harder now and went for the finish. Sarah exploded into the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced with a woman, ever. I couldn't make out what she was saying.

"cock ... Omg ... cut ... fuck oh shit ... He ... oh Jesus ..."

I was just coming to a strong spurt and started painting her pussy. She started laughing uncontrollably as I finished. Bewildered, I raised my face up and looked into her wet eyes.

"They cut his fucking prick off."

As if on autopilot, we both turned and looked at the nightstand. There in a glass pickling jar with a bow on top was a man's penis immersed in what I assumed was formaldehyde. Somebody actually did sever the cock right off his body. There was a label at the top of the jar. It said "Mr. Roger Morgan's Pride".

I rolled off Sarah and if I was a smoker I would have lit one. Instead I laughed like I've never laughed before. Marylyn stood in the doorway again with reddened eyes and tears streaming down her face. For the moment I lacked sympathy. I had just made incredible love with another woman, some of it right in front of her. I could understand her angst but fuck, it was with her lover's wife and the bastard's prick was in a jar next to us. Jesus H. Christ. Sarah just kept rubbing my chest softly and watching Marylyn. I wasn't sure what to do so I did nothing for a while.

At some point, the horror of what John put in motion began to pervade my limited thinking. The choices given Marylyn along with the cost of cuckoldry to Roger Morgan were seeing the light of day or at least the illumination of those wee hours of the morning. It was rational madness with macabre logic. To stop a wife from running off with an interloper is simple. Cut his fucking prick off and let her then choose. It was both hilarious and frightful. I looked back at Marylyn.

Rising from the bed and walking naked to my wife, I took her trembling hand and embraced her. The smell of Sarah, her arousal and wetness was washed over me yet I had no care for that. I needed to give some measure of comfort before I placed her on the rack. She had just hand delivered her lover's cock to his wife and I really had to know how she felt about that. Sarah rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom leaving us alone for a while.

"Marylyn, we have a lot to talk about."

She nodded and bit her lip in an effort to compose herself. I set her down onto the bed. At that point I didn't care about the wetness, the crumpled sheets or any of the evidence of what she walked in on.

"First, I want you to tell me about what happened after I left. You do know I left your papers right on the table?" She nodded again.

"Good. It should be clear that what you have told me about the choices you were given, that I will not be signing those papers. You can do with them as you will. Before you begin, it should be obvious that I know all about your affair with Roger Morgan."

She visibly winced at the mention of his name and her eyes glanced back at the jar on the nightstand.

"So for now, I want to talk about what happened this evening and before you do, No, I did not mutilate Roger Morgan although had I, I would have mutilated more than that. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss how and why you could do this to us later. Go ahead."

At that point Sarah returned, still naked although freshened a bit, and sat down on the bed next to me.

"Obviously this affects Sarah as well so get used to her being here. It is her house, after all."

I laughed briefly at that and motioned for Marylyn to begin. After a nervous pause, she started.

"After you drove off, I returned to the house and sat in the foyer for at least half an hour or so hoping you would return although I knew I was hoping for something that could not be. Before the doorbell ever rang that first time, I regretted what I had done and wanted to stop it but it was too late. While we ate, I knew that you must have known something. Everything was wrong. We never ignore one another yet we did.

When I returned to the table, I saw the separation papers and the unopened package waiting for me. For a while I didn't know what to do. I had no idea who the package was from or for what purpose. I never connected it to this so I sat there holding those miserable papers for the longest time crying uncontrollably. Finally, I wiped my eyes and told myself 'Marylyn Stone, you may be a worthless piece of shit but every stinking bit of this mess is your own doing.' I pulled the wrapper off the package and found the letter inside it and another wrapped glass package. At this point I just set it on the table and began reading the letter. I have it here. I'll read it to you and you can then have it."

"Dear Marylyn Stone,

It has come to our attention that you have decided to gift your married self to a man who is not your husband. In addition that man also happens to be the husband of another woman. We have made it our business to address these wrongs in a manner that seems appropriate for our sensibilities. Your husband and your paramour's wife are not aware of what we have done and are doing but we thought it appropriate to act on his behalf as well as for the benefit of the wronged wife of your new man, so to speak. Marylyn, he is certainly a new man and if you have not opened the package sent you, please set this letter down and return to it after you have composed yourself. We have important, life changing instructions for you."

"David, I did what the letter instructed." She said with little emotion before continuing with the letter.

"You now have two choices to decide from. It is simple, really. One or the other will be your fate so please read carefully and make your selection.

1. You are to gather all your personal belongings and nothing else and remove yourself from this dwelling. You are to have absolutely no contact with your soon to be former husband of any kind. You may not talk to him, visit with him, write to him or interfere in his new life in any manner whatsoever. It would be wise to move away. The only exception to be made in this requirement is with regard to your two children. If something regarding them requires you to contact your husband, that may be permitted only if it is for the children's benefit and not yours. In addition, you are to have absolutely no intimate relationship with any man or woman for as long as you live. You will not have sexual relations nor will you engage with men for the purpose of companionship or personal intimacy. The same holds true for women as well. Any deviation from this requirement will result in that man or woman experiencing a similar result as that provided for your previous lover. Your husband will most likely sign the divorce papers you have presented him with.

2. You are to return to your husband and obedient to his demands and expectations as your husband. You are to answer any and all inquiries he may have regarding your infidelity. You will extend the same courtesy to the wife of your former lover. Any recompense for your offence regarding the other wife will be provided if you are able and your husband concurs.
Marylyn, the two choices provided are quite specific and clear. There is one other requirement that must be mentioned. You know who the wife of your paramour is. With either selection, you are to deliver the package sent to you to his wife; hand delivered and do so once you have made your choice. If you choose option 1, leave this letter on the table so that your husband will know of your choice. If you choose to remain with your husband, you will call him no matter the hour and let him know of this letter and your choice.

At some point we are sure the police may be involved as you should readily ascertain but be assured we are well on our way toward safe environs. The handiwork of our efforts should speak for itself. There is a time stamped video of the events that transpired following your departure earlier this afternoon. You may or may not be interested in observing it. If so it is contained on the small thumb drive taped to the bow on top of the glass jar.

I trust you will make the right decision for yourself.



She folded the letter and with trembling hands, passed it to me. Her eyes were watery and reddened and to me seemed lifeless. She had obviously been traumatized by viewing the contents of the jar. Oddly, I had not wondered about the police in all this time but then, I didn't expect a man's severed penis to be in a jar on Sarah's nightstand.

"I trust you have not talked with anybody else regarding this?" She shook her head negatively.

"Good. Sarah, please secure that thing, someplace safe I'm sure you know about."

Sarah just nodded and walked naked to the nightstand and removed the curiosity before walking out of the room. I have no idea where she went in the house but she came back after a while and returned to the bed.

'Marylyn, would you like something to drink?"

I gave her a glass of wine as that was all we had in the room and poured one for Sarah and myself. I guess the fountain of tears had dried up because she asked to use the bathroom and came out looking considerably better. Sarah remained naked as before and I excused myself to take a quick shower. It was an odd situation but just as oddly I found myself comfortable with it. When I returned a few minutes later I grabbed a robe out of the hall closet assuming it belonged to Mr. Stanhope and excused myself to go downstairs. Sarah and Marylyn were having a quiet conversation at that point.

I went into the billiards room and reflected on the events of the day. My wife had served me divorce papers and she had been served with the cock of her lover. I had fucked another woman for the first time in 25 years and done so in front of my estranged wife. Is estranged the proper word? I had not come to terms with it yet. She had chosen to remain my wife when given the choice under terrible conditions. Even though I still loved her, I desired the softness and affections of that other woman. Sometimes, the worse feelings are those of a conflicted mind and to settle these conflicts I would need a lot of answers.

I wondered about John. This is not something to have a telephone conversation over and I was sure we would have a discussion eventually. When he told me we were both distant from any connection to these events, I knew that to be true. Sarah and I had alibis, witnesses with both her father and the house staff until earlier this evening. There was nothing to directly connect me to the emasculation of Roger Morgan At this point the only thing I regretted was the absence of his fucking balls in that jar. Regardless of my questions and desires, it was getting late and I was certain the morning would bring a rainstorm of answers and inquiries not the least from the authorities who would be looking into the assault. I was also curious about the thumb drive mentioned in the letter.

When I returned upstairs, the two women were still talking and I interrupted.

"I am sure I will get answers to my questions tomorrow but for now, we are each going to go to bed."

Marylyn rose as to leave the room and Sarah immediately cut her off addressing her directly.

"Marylyn, remove all your clothing and place it on the chair."

She did as she was requested although there was some hesitation on her part.

"Good, now climb into this bed over here on this side, please. David, take off Daddy's robe, you devil, and get into bed too!"

I did as she requested and she climbed in between us.

"Now aren't we a cozy little group." She purred as she reached her naked body across Marylyn's to turn off the lamp. Her full breasts grazed across my wife's face. Sleep was certainly not on Sarah's mind at the moment and to be fair to her, she had forewarned me of the evening's agenda.

Once under the covers, her hand slipped down and found my aroused cock and balls. I suppose lying next to a naked woman like that would be the cause. I certainly made no objection. She was vocal and focused on her task. As soon as I was full in her hand she slipped under the covers and moved her face down to my cock. Her hot breath engulfed me and her head began rising up and down under the covers, almost obscenely yet intensely erotic. With her nails pinching and tugging my nipples she noisily slurped on the dick. I glanced over at my wife and saw her flinch when she noticed. Motioning her closer to my side while she watched another woman under the covers working her husband, I wanted her whoring body pressed against my own while I enjoyed that other woman.

Sarah rose up and mounted my erection and plunged her wet hot pussy down onto me. With her hair whisking my face and Marylyn's shoulders, she began fucking me, riding the dick with long slow strokes. Her breasts were in my face and I sucked one of the nipples as that near perfect pussy milked me near to an orgasm. Our bodies were pressed against my wife and she could feel every motion of our slapping fuck. Sarah dripped sweat onto my forehead and I sucked her lower lip as we stared into each other's eyes.

Somewhere it had stopped being just a fuck and were making love like lovers 20 years younger. We were doing what my wife and I had done for years. Our bodies were one and the sex became blissful. Just before I started my orgasm, Sarah pushed her tongue in my mouth and passionately kissed me as her body began its crescendo and quivered against me. As she began, I started emptying my seed deep into her, stroking a milky white rope of jism into her with each thrust. Exhausted, we lay with each other, her on top, until I felt her drift off to sleep.

Marylyn was still awake when I gently moved Sarah to the other side of me and felt her snuggle to my backside, spooning me. I wasn't sure of what to do at that point so I just took my wife in my arms on the other side, kissed her and whispered to her.

"Things are going to be very different for you now, for us. For now, just go to sleep and we will deal with it in the morning.'

I kissed her gently, unsure of my feelings or intentions, and we all drifted off to sleep until morning.

Early morning light filtered into the bedroom with the first stirrings in the bed. I opened one eye partially and immediately let it close. I could feel Marylyn's naked body next to mine and something else entirely under the covers on my other side. Sarah had taken my cock in her warm mouth and was giving my morning wood a very appreciative blowjob. I continued feigning sleep while she worked it. When I could hold back no longer I gushed into her sucking mouth with no warning to her. She didn't miss a beat. When the spurts ceased, I just lay back continuing to feign sleep although the pretense was absurd. Sarah removed herself from the bed and went to the bath. The shower could be heard shortly after.

After showering in another bath, I dressed and began exploring the kitchen for breakfast. Before I could begin, Sarah came down and stopped me.

"Elizabeth will have breakfast ready for us shortly. I have already woken Marylyn and she is showering now and will join us in a bit. Please, sit down, David."

It was a bit awkward to say the least. While I had known this woman for years, I had only recently come to really know her at all and most of that from the prior evening.

"I will want you to drive me to the Hospital this morning. You do remember my husband, Roger?"

I nodded, the image of his now pickled cock coming to mind. She merely chuckled.

"I want to get there before the police start asking questions. I am sure there will be an inquisition on this one. I have secured the specimen very well and I had a talk with Marylyn last evening about what she was to do. I hope you don't mind. I told her she never saw anything."

Again I nodded.

"Good. I think Marylyn should stay here while we go to see dear good hubby. I am so curious to hear his explanation for his circumstances. Of course, at this point we don't even know what those circumstances are, no?"

She winked and rose from the table leaving me with the distinct understanding that if I ever thought I was in charge of events, I was very much mistaken. She was all business, dressed for the occasion. Breakfast was served shortly and Marylyn joined us and ate her meal silently. She would occasionally glance up at me and immediately lower her gaze when I looked her way. Contrite might be the word but it is probably too polite.


She looked up.

"You are going to stay here today while Sarah is visiting with her husband. You remember him, right?"

I knew the dig was unnecessary but it felt good letting it out. She winced and began to cry before pulling herself together.

"I do not want you talking with anybody until we return. If anybody comes to the house, you are not here. Where is the letter you received last night? I want it destroyed right now."

When she returned with the letter, I burned it in the hearth.

"We will talk more when we return, much more."

It was still early morning when Sarah and I departed for the Hospital. I was not sure if I should accompany her in or not but Sarah settled that for me. I was to escort her everywhere as her father's trusted advisor. I think she just wanted to observe Roger's response to seeing me with her although at this point I still assumed he thought I was clueless about his involvement.

Walking down the long corridor toward his ward at the end of the wing, there was a policeman sitting on the chaise enjoying a cup of coffee. It was only 9 o'clock in the morning and not visiting hours but Sarah was the patient's wife after all. She introduced us and the officer allowed us to enter as if expected. Inside were another officer and what I assumed was a detective. After the introductions, Sarah walked confidently over to her husband's bedside. The policemen watched her with a stray eye catching that magnificent ass.

"Roger, what in the world has happened to you? The hospital called me last night and said you had been hospitalized after some hooligans had apparently roughed you up some. You look fucking awful, Roger. Are you alright?"

Before he could reply, the charge nurse came in and began to whisk the officers away but not before the detective informed us that they wished to talk with us when we were finished. The nurse then excused Sarah from the discussion and pulled her aside to inform her of the injuries and extent of Roger's difficulties. I watched Sarah's performance with considerable interest, especially the gasp of surprise and the wifely look of shock. I glanced over at Roger and he was looking at me with a curious expression on his face.

"Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Morgan asked me to accompany her down here this morning as I was working on a couple of projects for Mr. Stanhope and they can hold off until later this weekend. Mr. Stanhope gives his regards and wishes a speedy recovery as he was called out of town late yesterday afternoon."

Sarah had called the old man on the way over and let him know of Roger's hospitalization without sharing any details.

"I'd like to be alone with my wife for a while, please."

"Of course. I will be right outside if I should be needed." nodding to Sarah as I left the room.

The three policeman were still outside the room when I left and the detective immediately stood up and introduced himself.

"I am Detective Donaldson and we are looking into the, er, unfortunate incident involving Mr. Morgan. I'd like to ask you a few questions that might help us better understand what has happened here."

I agreed and he then asked me a lot of relevant questions concerning who I was, what my relationship was to the Morgan's, how I happened to be with Mrs. Morgan this morning and on and on. I explained everything to his satisfaction including references to Mr. Stanhope if needed. When he was satisfied, he dismissed me and I took a seat along the hallway to tend to emails and other general business while I waited on Sarah. She came out after about 30 minutes and had a similar discussion with the detective and when he was done with her, she joined me in the hallway. There was a tiny smirk on her face that she just couldn't seem to hide.

"It seems some unsavory types decided to take something from Roger when he didn't have anything he could give them. Mexicans, he says. Between you and me, they were too good at it to be just some illegals looking for pocket change. That's what the cops think too."

She winked at me again.

"They think he was hiding something. What do you think, David? " She licked her lips looking at me. Jesus Christ, she is brazen. I just shrugged.

"I am going to go back to the room for a bit. Come with me, please."

I did as she asked and we reentered the hospital room. Roger was propped up in the bed and watched us enter. He had to know that his little married fuck, former fuck that is, served me with divorce papers the previous evening. The pressing question was whether he thought I knew about him. Given his attitude toward me, I assumed he thought I was clueless but I wasn't all that confident of it. Not that it really mattered, I was going to be sure he knew a whole lot more about me at some point and what it means to take something that is mine. Now was not the time or place for that.

Sarah just went for the kill shot with me in the room.

"Don't worry, dear. I'll take care of you. David and I will be picking you up when they discharge you and Elizabeth has a room ready for you at Daddy's."

"I'll stay at the condo if you don't mind."

"Oh dear, Roger, that will not do. You need to be looked after. Besides I closed on the sale of the condo earlier this week and the new owners take possession of it on Monday morning. Movers should be there now, this morning, to move all your things to Daddy's."

Fuck, the look on Roger's face was absolutely priceless. Sarah said it all with a categorically straight face and without blinking an eye. I thought of his absent dick and immediately suffered phantom pain. She was going for his balls.

"Have you seen the morning paper, Roger. There is a story about the takeover of your Daddy's banking firm in it. I'm not sure but I think he sold it to the old Bishop firm yesterday and they had a press release yesterday evening."

Roger's eyes widened and he tried to say something but nothing came out. He pushed the pain button a couple of times and began to relax. I'm sure the mention of Bishop did not go without recognition. Mr. Stanhope was a majority partner of the firm and that meant that the old man and ultimately Sarah were now owners of firm that both he and his former little married woman worked at. Everything was collapsing around him. Sarah just sparkled.

"I think we will have a private duty nurse for you, Roger, until you are up and going at it again and charging about like the good old bull of old. That sounds good, doesn't it? There is so much to do now. I'm going to have Elizabeth see that your room has all those manly touches you enjoy so much so that you can feel at home at Daddy's place. Of course, I'll still keep my own room, dear, just like we have all these years. There is just too much testosterone in your d├ęcor for my delicate tastes but you know all that now anyways. So, in any event, they are keeping you here through the weekend and we will pick you up first thing Monday morning. See your then."

Roger just groaned in the twilight of his medications and Sarah and I excused ourselves from the room. One of the police officers was still on duty while the other two had left. Sarah left some updated contact information at the nurse's station and we moved off toward the parking garage.

She was insatiable. I had just slipped into the seat when she slung her thighs over my crotch, reached down and let the electric seat back as far as it would go and lowered the seat back all the way down. Her fingers tugged at the belt and zipper to my trousers and she reached in, pulling my engorged cock free. It didn't matter to her that we were still in the parking garage. She dropped lower on the seat and took my prick in her mouth and sucked me. When she was satisfied that I was ready and fully compliant, she raised that beautiful ass of hers over my prick and sank it deep into her moist pussy.

I didn't fuck her at all. She did everything including pulling her large breasts free of the constraints of her conservative blazer and pressing them against my face. She was using me to sate her desires following the humiliation of her husband. Whatever wild thoughts she was having worked her into a sexual frenzy and she quivered into a mind blowing orgasm. I could not help it at that point. I emptied my nut deep inside her and settled back, spent, into the seat. She licked my throat and cheeks, nibbling on my ear. Everything we were doing was rash and careless.

"I want this every day" she whispered.

I don't understand why but I said the same thing. We pulled ourselves together and I turned the ignition.

Marylyn was sitting on the veranda when we arrived back at the old man's house. Sarah and I had managed to pull ourselves together and appear at least half decent. After excusing myself to wash and change clothing, we all gathered together for lunch. Not a lot was said but the looks were enough. Following that, the three of us adjourned to the garden where Sarah and I had our previous discussion the day before when all the reckoning was occurring.

"Marylyn, I want you to tell me everything, starting at the first time you were unfaithful to me. Don't leave anything of importance out and I want you to be assured that I will verify all of it. Some I already know but I have a lot of questions as I'm sure Mrs. Morgan does as well. I should say Ms. Stanhope as that is what she now prefers. I will call her Sarah, if you do not mind. I think we are familiar enough now."

"Oh, and please call me Sarah as well, dear" she interjected.

Marylyn nodded and I continued.

"I want to know how all of this started and I want the simple truth. You already know that I have accepted your choice to return to me as your husband. I will not renege on that decision no matter how bad your admissions might be. Now, that might impact how our relationship proceeds but at least have some comfort knowing that I do still love you. Now, give me the truth, from the beginning."

She paused and fidgeted for a bit but then sat straight in her chair and composed herself before beginning.

"David, before I begin, and you too, Sarah, I know I have wronged both of you greatly and for that I am terribly sorry. I knew there could be no good come out of any of this yet I seemed unable to stop any of it. I know that is not any kind of excuse but I needed to say this before I started. I will accept any relationship I can have with you, David. I mean anything. Sarah, I will do whatever you ask of me to try to make amends for what I have done to you.
I hope I have most of my tears out of the way. I know I have fucked up so bad. Anyway, here goes. David, do you remember the weekend you went on that reunion excursion with your old unit? I think you went to the Tetons. Well that Saturday evening was when Denise Judkins had her promotion party at the Sheraton downtown. I remember you telling me to just go and have a good time so I did. I didn't think anything of it. I had gone to parties before when you were tied up with business. Jesus, I wish I had never gone. That was the start of everything, about eight months ago.

If I hadn't been so preoccupied on just having a good time with the girls there, I would have noticed there were several more men than us girls, some of whom I had never met before. In any event, we were all drinking more than we should and some of the girls started doing tequila shots by the time the band started playing. I don't think we planned on staying that late at least I know I didn't. Regardless, one of the guys said they would call for taxis to get everybody home, right? Yeah, right. Everybody including me was getting loose. After a lot of dancing and more drinking,

I didn't really notice and didn't remember until afterwards, that three of us girls, Denise, me and another girl I didn't know from Accounting, were now dancing and partying with about a dozen guys. I don't really remember how many were there then. I'm guessing.

It wasn't long after that when I really started getting hot, I mean hot as in high and really aroused. I'm pretty sure somebody spiked my drink with something. It wasn't one of those rape knock out drugs because I was aware of everything. I was just really high and fucked up. That plus the tequila and I know better than to drink tequila like that. I feel like such a shit to say this. I'm a woman with grown children, for fucks sake. God damn. A lot of good it does now.

As high as I was, I didn't stop any of the touchy feely stuff when we were dancing or sitting around the tables and booths. I remember looking over at the girl from accounting and some guy was sucking salt off her bare nipple right next to me. I already had one guy's hand on my thigh. Well, I guess the employees of the place were nervous or something because the next thing I knew we were all heading upstairs with a bottle of tequila and ended up in a couple of adjoining rooms.

I floated the whole trip up there. The worse of it was that I knew what was going on. They didn't knock me out. I remember there being a king in one room and a couple queens in the other. Both Denise and the other girl were laid out on the bed and guys were doing shots off their naked breasts. After a few minutes of that, one of the guys picked Denise up and slung her over his shoulder and carried her into the other room. Some guy did the same to me and we ended up stripped naked on each of the two beds.

Denise was really getting into it and dancing for the guys. I was just too high so I remember sitting back and watching while a couple men began playing with my nipples and opening my legs. David, I'm so fucking sorry. I didn't stop them. I didn't even make any effort. I was so aroused from whatever they gave me that I opened for them and let them take me. They didn't rape me. They fucked me."

At this point Marylyn began crying again and I wondered if I could continue listening to it. She was doing what I demanded of her, telling me everything. This was unexpected but I knew the behavior had to begin somewhere. I almost felt like kicking myself for leaving her alone, almost but not quite. She shouldn't have been drinking alone with other men especially in a hotel but I have to admit that I felt just a bit guilty for not being there. Marylyn pulled herself together and continued.

"OK, where was I? Yes, being fucked. That is what it was. I wasn't raped and while I know I would never have done that in a million years if sober, I fucked them too and my body responded in ways I can't remember ever feeling. They used me completely, several of them, and I lost count of the number of orgasms, if I was ever counting to begin with. Every time one of them fucked me, I got off on it. When I sucked their cocks, I orgasmed. I don't understand it, even now. There was no love making or love of any kind going on here. It was just men taking a cunt and fucking it until they were sated. Denise was doing the same thing. Each of us must have fucked half a dozen of the men, maybe more, I don't know. What they were doing to the girl from accounting, I have no idea. I could just hear the fucking in the other room.

I remember somebody giving me something else to drink during a break from the sex and the next thing I knew, one of the men had me over the footboard of the bed and started taking my ass. I wasn't ready for it but he just emptied a big tube of something all over my ass and pushed himself into me. At that point, I let loose and took his fuck. When he was done, another one followed in his place. I think they all took my ass and by that time, everybody was coming down.

We all must have crashed at that point because the next thing I remember was some guy pushing his dick in me with the morning light streaming into the room. I didn't fight him. I just fucked him like the whore I had become. I began to realize what I was actually doing as he was just getting his nut off. I screamed for him to get off and he just held me down and finished his fuck. He wiped his cock off on my thigh and got off the bed. At that point I began searching for my clothes which were scatted across two rooms. Somehow I got dressed, found my keys and made my way to the car.

Jesus I cried the whole way home. I was dirty, reeked of sex and my privates ached. My breasts were reddened and my nipples hurt like hell to touch. I knew you wouldn't be home until Monday evening so I told myself I had two days to pull myself together. After cleaning myself up and a long time just crying in the tub, I ate something and then called Denise. No help there. Seriously, what did I expect? She was as big a whore as I was and she proved it when she answered and was still with some of the guys giving them whatever they wanted. I just wanted to die at that point. Who knew what happened to the other girl.

I debated telling you about what happened but this was so completely over the top I didn't have a clue how to begin. So instead, I planned on just burying it. I made an appointment at a health clinic to get tested and they did that Monday afternoon. Everything came back OK but I needed to follow up a week later because it was so soon after a potential exposure. That was the week I had that "yeast outbreak", just to keep you from getting anything in case I was. So that all turned out OK and I put up a brave front for quite a while.

David, I said I would tell you the truth and everything so I will and this is really hard for me. I began thinking of the events of that night and the sex and, Jesus this is awful, I began masturbating about it when you were not home. I began using my secret to fuel really perverse fantasies, of being taken and used like that. It was never in the same horrible way as when it really did happen but it would be with somebody who was really dominant and forceful. I imagined it with you and with others but I would never have done it or at least that is what I told myself. So, anyways, I went on like that for about a month or so and it looked like I could keep everything a secret and never have it see the light of day but for Denise. That fucking Denise.

Denise was fucking Roger or at least what he considered a fuck. She was only doing it because he was the boss and she thought there was something for her in that. Anyway, she apparently had a copy of a sex tape that starred Guess Who. Me, Denise and the Accounting girl along with a cast of about a dozen men. Oh my God I wanted to die when I found out. I thought that was the end of my world but it was just beginning. Denise must have shared it with Roger because the next thing I knew, I was promoted upstairs along with Denise. That was when he hit me with it.

We were having lunch together and he said something to Denise and she just giggled and left us alone. Roger started asking me how I liked the new job and stuff and eventually he got down to his mission, me.

He pulled out his tablet and started a video before turning it to me. It was obvious. It was me being ganged and pulling a train in that hotel room. HD color and sound, up close and obviously enjoying every bit of it. Like I said, I can't claim rape. It was nasty, perverse and I felt helpless. I think I asked him how he got that and he told me to just listen and do what I was told. I didn't know what to say or do so I listened.

He told me this was going to you if I didn't submit to him and I believed him. At this point I figured it was all over. To keep that from happening I submitted myself to him. I don't know why I agreed but I did. The first time I let him have his way was that afternoon in his office. It lasted all of five minutes. Then it would be after work, in his office or at his condo. Every time, it was treat me rough, fuck it for a few minutes and then wipe himself off. I never got anything out of any of it. Well, that is not all true. He has the biggest cock I have ever been with and that helped fuel my fantasies later when the bastard wasn't with me. I hated him but it was worse.

One time when I had to travel with him, he had two other men with him at the hotel bar. We all left together and at that point, the drugs hit me. It was pretty much the same as before. The two men used me like a whore for the night while Roger recorded it all. Like before, it wasn't rape. I fucked them like a whore and got off on it. In fact it was the only time ever with Roger that I got off on any of this misery. He used the recording on me when we got back. Told me I was his bitch and to get used to it.

I believed him and he started pushing me to leave you before he forced it. I knew my marriage was as fucked as I was and it broke my heart. I put up a good front though, right? Good old cheerful Marylyn. Filthy whore and happy housewife. So I did what all good cheating wives do, I started slipping money aside because I knew I would need it. Roger kept pushing me and finally, well ..."

Marylyn fell completely to pieces at this point. None of this made any sense to me. Why in hell would she have continued knowing that prick was going to fuck her over anyway? I couldn't wrap my thoughts around that and I still can't. Suffice to say, I got her a drink of water and held her for a while. Oddly, Sarah was brushing Marylyn's hair with her fingers and kissing the top of her head.

"Marylyn, at this point, I don't want you telling me anything else, at least for now, unless Sarah wants to know more."

I looked over at Sarah and she just shook her head no.

"Marylyn, look up at me. There is one more thing I do want you to tell me about. What did you feel when you saw the bastards cock in that jar?"

"I knew beyond doubt that you loved me but our lives and intimacy would be changed forever. I know you didn't do the deed but I also know it said 'nobody fucks with my man, David Stone'. I didn't shed any tears or shrink in fright when I saw it. I felt relief and hoped the fucking bastard was dead. Like I said earlier, I will take whatever relationship you will give me and be forever grateful for it. I've gone from being owned by a man I hate to being possessed by a man I love more than life itself... Also, so you know, I destroyed the papers you were served with."

We all returned to the house as Sarah rubbed my ass the whole way there. I am sure that was not lost on Marylyn.

End of Part II

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